How AI Can Help a Common Person: High Technologies in Our Lives

AI Can Help

Hey! Today we will talk about what is so special about artificial intelligence, AI can help and , how it is useful to us, ordinary people in everyday life. You may not even notice them at all, and they are around you and help you a lot. Well, let’s get started!

Let’s start by defining how AI Can Help :

Artificial intelligence is, in simple terms, a system or machine that can mimic human behavior to perform specific tasks. She can learn over time using the information she receives.

Today the term is widely used to refer to applications and complex tasks that previously could only be performed by humans. This could be, for example, customer service or a checkers game. Quite often it is used as a synonym for the following expressions: “machine learning”, “deep learning”. They are, in fact, subsections of the science of artificial intelligence and have their own specifics.
Here’s an example: machine learning focuses on building systems that learn and evolve by processing and analyzing data. Artificial intelligence does not always imply machine learning, unlike machine learning, which, gladly, always implies the use of the Artificial Internet.

Where AI is used in everyday life:


One example of the use of artificial intelligence where most people know for sure about it. The complexity and effectiveness of artificial intelligence in video games have grown tremendously. Over the past decades, it has become possible to improve characters from games, creating additional functions of behavior, character, appearance, and similar attribute for them. Video games are actively using innovation to promote their characters, who are able to analyze their environment to find objects and further interact with them. They are also capable of hiding, exploring sounds, using various maneuvers, communicating with other characters, and so on.

Self-driving cars

Autonomous cars are getting closer to reality. There is even an algorithm that can learn to drive a car in the same way as a person does – to comprehend with experience. The idea is that ultimately the car will be able to look at the road and make decisions, and it will be based on what it sees, just like a person.

Fraud detection

Have you ever received an SMS with the text that you burned out in some kind of competition, although for the first time you even heard about it and definitely did not take part? Maybe you received a suspicious notification on the Internet or just on your mobile?
So, some banks send warning messages if there is a suspicion that there is a possibility of fraud in the direction of your account and want to make sure that you approve the purchase before your money is withdrawn from the card and goes into obscurity. After some training, the system can detect fraudulent transactions based on the signs that he learned through training.

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Online customer support

Many sites now use chatbots to support communication with customers or just site visitors. They invite customers to talk to a support representative at the moment when they scroll through the site feed. In many cases, you are communicating with AI – just these chatbots, which are configured to communicate with you in this way. Many of these are not very different from autoresponders, but some are really capable of extracting knowledge from the site and providing it to customers when they need it.

News portals

Did you know that AI programs can write the news? Yes, yes, they are capable of writing simple stories: financial reports, sports reports, and similar texts. Of course, such a system needs human help, but it’s a matter of time. In the near future, AI will be able to write full-fledged articles that will not differ from those written by a human hand.

Video monitoring

Let’s agree that it is quite difficult for one person to observe several cameras at once, and even more so, to carefully monitor what is happening on them, recording events. This is why computers with AI have been developed, they can help in monitoring these cameras. First, the system accepts input from CCTV cameras, then determines if there is a danger. If he “sees” it, then he notifies the security personnel about it.

Films and Music

AI systems are quite simple compared to other intelligent systems, but at the same time they perform a very useful task: they offer music and films based on your interests. Observing your actions, they learn and, as a result, give you recommendations that will definitely not leave you indifferent. Most of these functions depend on the person, because if you like “rock” and you have indicated this characteristic in your profile, then it would be logical to assume that you like other songs that include this characteristic.


Netflix, for example, uses this technology based on behavioral experience the consumer can be offered a film that is interesting to him. With the growth and expansion of the base of films, this technology only develops and grows. But, despite all its advantages, it also has disadvantages: small films, deprived of attention, remain unnoticed, while large projects with a huge number of views only replenish the number of their audience.

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Smart House- AI Can Help

Many home devices can already recognize your behaviors and help you save money with their smart features. This can be, for example, monitoring and changing the settings of a thermostat or other devices that will help save energy. The thermostat, knowing that you are at home, can set the optimal temperature and adapt to you, while you will pay less than usual. AI is also used in lighting, garden watering, and other uses of water.
Now there are entire cities with such a smart system in their homes. For example, Barcelona is a famous example of such a Smart City. The technology for recognizing and analyzing faces with outdoor cameras is one of the great examples of using AI and the Internet of things, for example.
Smart systems in homes are as convenient as using ICOholder as a site for monitoring cryptocurrency. There is news, current exchange rates, and everything for the convenience of users. This page on the Internet has taken care of the comfort of its users and made the site easy and pleasant to use. You can check and be convinced of this.

The medicine- AI Can Help

Now artificial intelligence is doing a fairly good job of diagnosing diseases, it can even detect dangerous infections in the blood using a special microscope. In a study last year, artificial intelligence was able to diagnose metastatic breast cancer faster than radiologists. It’s hard to imagine that, roughly speaking, a computer is capable of this. It’s incredible.
But, I would like to note that despite the promising potential of artificial intelligence, there are still those who oppose it.


So we figured out about AI and how it helps us. And, if you still have a question whether you should use it for your own needs, we can answer that it will definitely help you and make your life easier. Technologies are everywhere now, they are improving every day and can make our life much easier. It is worth looking at them and trying to take advantage of these opportunities.

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