How to Clean a Bedroom Top Tips


How to Clean a Bedroom Top Tips.A clean and comfortable bedroom is essential for a good night’s sleep and a place to relax. Follow these easy steps to keep your bedroom top-to-bottom clean and presentable.

Your bedroom should be your haven – a place where you can rest, relax, and recharge. So keep it clean and pleasant by following these ceiling-to-floor cleaning steps and extra cleaning tips.

Start at the top and work your way down. Dust the ceiling fan blades and light fixtures. Then move on to wiping down the walls, baseboards, and windows. Don’t forget to clean the inside of your closet and vacuum or sweep under your bed.

For extra freshness, open the windows to let in some fresh air, add a diffuser with essential oils, or light a candle with a relaxing scent.

Dust the Ceiling Fan

Use a cleaning cloth or paper towel dampened with all-purpose cleaner to wipe the edges of the fan blades from center to tip, being extra gentle with the fan blades. You can do this weekly to keep up with regular touch-ups.

If there is a lot of dust on the blades and you’re worried about making a bigger mess, place an old towel or drop cloth on the floor or bed below the fan to help corral any dust that may fall.

Clean Walls and Artwork

To clean your bedroom walls and ceiling, start by dusting with a cloth or dusting wand to capture dust and spider webs. Be careful not to spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass of framed art, as it could seep around the edges and damage the artwork underneath. Instead, lightly mist a paper towel with cleaner and wipe the glass.

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If you need a deeper clean, mix 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of white distilled vinegar, and 1/2 cup of ammonia into a gallon of warm water.

Clean Lamps

Use a lint roller or lint brush to whisk dust off of fabric lampshades. With the lamp off, dust the base and bulb with a soft cloth or dusting wand.

Clean Bedroom Furniture

Start by clearing off all items from the top and shelves of any dressers, bookshelves, or nightstands. Next, give each piece of furniture a thorough dusting, from top to bottom. Be sure not to forget the sides and feet!

Use a thin cloth moistened with cleaner appropriate to the furniture’s material (wood, glass, plastic) to get into the fine crevices, carvings, or fluting. Pay special attention to areas such as drawer fronts where fingerprints like to linger.

For a deeper clean or to maintain fine wood furniture, rub lemon oil or other polish onto the surface of the piece using small, even strokes.

Clean Mirrors

Eliminating streaks from your mirror can be easily done with a quick spritz of glass cleaner and a few strokes with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

For an environmentally friendly option, dip crumpled newspaper into a shallow dish of distilled white vinegar and wipe the mirror until it begins to dry. Give it a final shine with a soft cloth or another piece of dry newspaper.

Refresh Beds and Bedding

At a minimum, strip your linens and wash them every two weeks in the hottest water temperature recommended on the care labels. In between linen changes, be sure to wipe down your headboard and footboard with a cloth using a cleaning solution appropriate for the bed’s material.

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For fabric-covered surfaces, use a lint roller or lint brush. If you have a vacuum with a brush attachment, give the entire bed frame a once-over – making sure to vacuum under the bed, around the edges of the mattress and box spring, and in any crevices where dust or dirt could accumulate.

Extra tips: Check your pillows’ care labels for washing and drying instructions. Many pillows can be put through a medium- or high-heat dryer cycle to freshen and fluff them.

Clean Wood Floors

For hardwood floors, a weekly sweeping with a dry mop or broom should do the trick. However, if you’re looking to do a deeper clean, you’ll need to put in a little more effort. A floor that’s sealed with polyurethane can be damp-mopped.

If your floors have been treated with other sealants (such as shellac or varnish), use a cleaner or polish and wax mop. Be sure to rub in the direction of the grain!

Clean Carpet

A weekly vacuuming using the crevice tool attachment to reach those difficult corners and edges will help keep your living space clean and dust-free.

If you have notice heavy furniture leaving marks in your carpets, don’t worry! A home hack to help fix this problem is by placing an ice cube in the depression, allowing it to sit overnight to melt. As the water evaporates, the carpet fibers will plump up, returning your carpet back to its original state.


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