How To Find a Song With The Help of Best Apps & Service Providers 

how to find a song


How to find a song is the most asked question among all the music lovers. Therefore, today I’ve gone through everything to research every topic to provide a few most wanted answers on finding a song. At the end of reading this article, you will get the satisfaction of finding the song. Moreover, you will get the opportunity of suggesting to others very similar things. Therefore, it’s a handy & long-lasting way & you should bookmark this article for future reference. That’ll help you to grow more. So, why are we waiting? Let’s start right now.  

What Can You Expect from this Article

I should declare these from the beginning because I don’t want to waste your time. If I value your time, then you will stick with my future writeups. Therefore, declaring what I will provide through this article & what I won’t. Your desired answer to the question of how to find a song will be indeed mentioned. If you want only that answer & not any allied information, then head towards the heading named how to find a song. However, I’ll tell you about a different kind of Genre & their origination. I might suggest you go through any specific Genere to clear your taste. It’ll enhance your musical experience.

Moreover, I’ll work as a guide in the journey of the near future. These guidelines can also result in a more severe outcome as you might teach these to your child or grandchild. You should even know that my theories can be presented at any formal occasion where you can lead every people more about different sides of music. You can provide a full-blown lecture on the history of music & also about the traditional music of other tribes & countries. 

So, you might be reading my article from America, Europe, Asia, or distinct region of Australia. Or based on the type of people, you might love liberalism; some love communism. Desired music choice reflects your inner choice or what you do in daily life. The choosing of any specific music also depends on your mood and your family or in the structure you have grown in. All these factors will be mentioned in the later sections and the most wanted things of this arena. You are staying, right? The go-ahead in the journey. 

Current Scenario First Half

In this section, I will mention what kind of scenario we are in right now. In your busy life, you might not get the time to research your whole life & surroundings. Moreover, in Covid-19, where safety is more important than anything & earning money is more challenging than ever, where the time exists to research new things? Therefore, I’ve researched because I honor your time. And based on this situation you will get to know your favorite song. So, let’s understand how to find a piece based on your Current Scenario.

There are three types of government can be seen all over the world. Those are monarchy, democracy, communist countries. You don’t even know that your taste of songs changes from the base to the base of your living place. If you live under any central monarchy, then you most likely use to songs of hailing the kings or requisition of throwing out the king from the throne. This might be the result of your life long oppression you have faced due to the existence of monarchy in your region. 

Current Scenario Second Half 

If you are from a communist country, then you might love the songs where everyone can feel happy with whatever they have. You might love the song of care. But if you have the potential of going higher in the rank but due to this communism rusine you are not getting the opportunity then you might attract to the songs where you can get the motivation of breaking free that area & can live happily ever after fulfilling your desires & getting at the top of your potential. 

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In the end, democracy, where capitalism & liberalism is everywhere, most thinks about them & their family— where the scale among rich & poor are large & distinguished by looks. Where people are continually hunting others in pursuit of getting their life’s pleasure back, there you might feel what kind of songs will run. The songs what will remove all the pains from the heart of the resident. All the life long sadness will be gone & you might get the best experience. These are needed in a democracy. Songs on liberalism & mindset are most popular among them. 

There is also another scenario that is common in every culture. Those are the festival. If you are searching for songs for any celebration, you should know that you will want the songs that match the event. Therefore, you will have to search by the name of the song or either by this format, songs for the cultural festival- mention any culture in the artistic portion. It can be independence day of USA or UK. Or It can be the festival of the ceremony. What you have to do is just making the right choice based on the right moments. Let’s know about the classifications in the next section. 

How to Find a Song

How to find a song is our main agenda. Therefore, you will know about how to find a song here on. I will mention the names of various software, websites that you can see in the future. Moreover, you will get a small brief where you will know about the usages of this software. Nonetheless, you might get a few extra advise what will be worked as a shortcut. These shortcuts are especially very lucrative when you are on the go. These on the go topic are most necessary because we search most of the song while we are in the traffic. 

Software You Can Use 

 Here are the Softwares that you might use to solve the answer on how to find a song- 

  • Shazam 
  • Sound Hound 
  • Google Sound Search
  • Siri & Alexa Asking 
  • Genius/ Searching in Google 
  • SoundCloud 
  • Deezer 
  • Savan 
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Prime Music

Shazam to Find a Song

Shazam is a well-renowned software & these are mostly used searching the songs that are already on the go or up in the trending. If you are into trending songs, then go through them & you might make a significant profit. Just know these things that you might not get those in there if you want to search deep songs. 

Sound Hound 

Sound hound is also a useful search option on how to find a song. Because you might record a song from the nearby area & can get the songs instantly. But there is the reason for not using it. There is a paid option where you can unlock all the opportunity, but in free versions, you can’t get everything under one roof. So, you can guess what is waiting for you if you choose this option. However, it’s great if you are rich.

Google Sound Search

This is the cheapest but quite unreliable for the time benign. But Google is developing its AI for quite a time. Therefore, you will get an advanced search option in no time. When It comes as developed, it can go up on the billboard as the top music search option. You know we are talking about what we need in this era & google can predict them easily. Moreover, Google is almost a man now, so, he can manage to learn & develop so quickly. So, your one search will upgrade it by one version.

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Siri & Alexa Asking 

We often use Siri on our iPhones. But it’s not as reliable as google’s one for how to find a song. But if you are an Apple user, then it will be quite convenient. So, search with it whenever you want. Now it’s time for Alexa. Alexa is a product of well known Amazon. Therefore, quality is up to mark. You can buy a few set up containing Alexa or install Alexa on your phone. It’ll help you do many easy searches what will eventually solve the issue of how to find a song.  

Searching in Google 

If You know a or two lyrics of any song, you can search them on google. This is a right place for learning more about these topics. Therefore, you will find the song in the shortest amount of time & luckily if it’s in trend, you will get the name of the singer & you might check more songs of him. Eventually, you can become a fan of him & also google for this kind of helps. 


In the pursuit of finding a song, sound cloud plays a great role, but why? Because it’s free & it has a dedicated app for the mobile phone. Therefore, it becomes convenient for the people who love to hear songs in the well-established area & love to search song by the Genre. This is a heavy gift for them searching for this kind of app for a long time. In the end, you have found the song & your life will be comfortable from today with thousands of loves. 

Deezer to Find a Song

Deezer is my personal favourite. It won’t help in how to find a song specifically. But if you have a Genre in your mind or topic then just through that word in its search box, then you might get the best songs ever. That will make your life happier even it can make your life so easy that when you feel depressed, then you might get life in a better position with this app. So, why are we waiting then? Let’s find what we need to make your life happy. 

Savan/ Spotify/ Amazon Prime Music

These 3 are prime music app for the Indian subcontinent are & also popular among European. If you are a European, then consider this as the best choice. You will find your likeable songs & also songs that will make you happier than ever. So, why are we waiting? We need the best app & here it’s in front of you. You have to grab it & have to do something useful with it. So, why are you waiting then? Grab it right now & make your life happy like me. So, you are so glad now just like me? Then I’m also excited for you. Let’s see the FAQ section & also the conclusion for final review. Then that’s all. Feel free to knock us anytime anywhere. I can provide extra suggestions & for that check other posts.

FAQ to Find a Song

How to find a song?

Just follow the instructions of this article & you will know how to find a song. 

Name 3 software for finding a song?

Deezer, Savan, Spotify are the best software for finding songs. 

What should I see first before finding a song?

Pick a Genre & think about what kind of song you need for the festival you are having. 

What else you need in terms of becoming a good adviser on advising on music? 

You have to settle down with the things in your hand & read our article, how to find a song. That will be enough.

The conclusion to find a song

Finding a song was the main agenda of this article and look, what we already have accomplished. We have prepared all meals at the house where you wanted just a drink. We have also provided the list of critical ingredients of songs & the market addresses where you can find these curries or songs so easily based on your taste. Aren’t all these easy enough & therefore, I should pay a visit to you one day when you will advise thousands of people on music & mention my name on the desk? It’s your time boy, go & hunt your trophy right now. Good Luck. 


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