How to promote a travel blog on Instagram

promote a travel blog

In order to run the blog, the author needs to have high communication skills, be able to take high-quality photos and videos, own special processing programs, and also understand how advertising and promotion work and how to promote a travel blog .

If a person maintains a travel blog, then this indicates that he travels a lot, moves often, constantly gets to know new countries and people and easily meets various circumstances. The audience of such a channel is also specific. Most likely, viewers either live the same life, or would like to explore the route of their favorite blogger and visit the places where he was.

Since now there are already a huge number of creators in all niches of social networks, it is very difficult to catch the attention of the audience with your content and become more famous than those who have been publishing information about their lives for a long time. If you think that just posting interesting content will be enough for you and you will get a big response for it, then this is far from the case. First of all, you will have to work on promotion, which also requires certain knowledge and skills.

In this article, you will learn how to promote a travel blog in order to order ads and buy Instagram followers as little as possible, and what are the specifics of promoting a travel site.

The most effective ways


To rank well on the search engines, you need unique content. When compiling a technical task for a copywriter, uniqueness is the first requirement that is on the list. However, even if you are trying to rewrite existing material, it should be as relevant to your blog as possible and comply with your account policy. Otherwise, you will lose part of the audience due to its distrust of you.

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Blog articles should be relevant, informative, and in no way copied. To check the uniqueness, you can use special programs that are freely available for download, or one of the online text analyzers. With the help of such services, you can make sure that there are no analogues of your text or its individual fragments on the network.

Publication plan- promote a travel blog 

Develop a publishing plan so that articles appear on the site at regular intervals. The fact is that social networks do not react well to violent bursts of activity, therefore, such actions can be considered as an unnatural development of the resource. Publish content at a set interval and gradually increase the number of publications.

The main thing is to capture the user’s attention, give him answers to questions of interest through his materials, and in this case, this person will become a regular reader.

Social networks

You can cover a significant part of the audience with the help of social networks (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), where users of different age categories, regions, with different interests and preferences spend their free time.

Travel topics and notes in a live journal format may be of interest to many users: some will be attracted by the visual component, others by practical advice and interesting articles, and others by honest facts from the first mouth of the traveler.

Social media can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. A thematic community dedicated directly to your blog is a personal platform where an audience will form over time, which can be lured to the site. Here you need to follow the same principles as on the main resource: activity, feedback, unleashing communication, answering questions and everything that can create a friendly atmosphere and arouse the desire to go on a trip.
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Use themed hashtags for posts where you can be found. Determine the best time to post (for example, at 6-7 pm, when everyone is driving from work and can hang out on social networks). In this case, the likelihood that your post will be noticed and appreciated increases;

  1. Announcements in other people’s groups will also help the development of the blog. Pick up a few pages on the topic of traveling and agree on a post, or leave an entry in the comments (just don’t turn this process into mindless spam, as you may be banned). Write comments in the topic, leaving a link to your article.

To develop a blog in social networks, you can organize contests, liketimes, giveaways. All this will lead to a revival of the public and an increase in activity. This method will bring doubly more effect if you pre-advertise the event so that as many people as possible know about it.

Traveling is an entertainment topic, so this is one of the most popular blogging areas that are in demand on social networks.


If you decide to seriously engage in a travel blog and make money with it, then you need to work hard to earn a stable influx of visitors. For rapid progress, you will have to develop an action plan that involves regular publication of quality materials, working with the audience (feedback), holding events that activate existing visitors and attract new ones, buying links and much more.

If you only blog about travel on the days when you have inspiration, then you should not expect great results. If you don’t have the necessary skills yet (for example, you don’t know how to edit videos or optimize your articles for search engines), then all this will come only with practice.


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