How to (Stylishly) Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is here, and while it does bring with it parties and good cheer, it also brings some pretty bitter cold weather. If you want to know how to stay warmer inside and outside of your home, then it’s time to rethink how you dress. You don’t need to bulk up and walk out with enough layers to emulate the Michelin man, but you do need to be more mindful of how you layer, the materials you use, and other tips and tricks to keep warm. 

Start with Your Underlayers 

The secret to staying at a comfortable temperature in the cold is to invest in good base layers. Undershirts are back in, and while you’re at it, consider investing in long johns and good socks. For extreme cold, look to the sports section and find the underlayers that sports professionals wear. 

Underlayers are so important when it’s cold because they trap heat in and keep it close to your body. If you wear loose clothes, not only can a bitter wind travel up, but heat will dissipate quickly. 

Best Materials to Keep You Warm 

The best materials are those that wick water away from you. The last thing you want is for humid air or sweat to stick close to your skin when it’s cold outside, as this can make you clammy and cold in a way you can’t really escape when out and about. 

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That’s why wools and linens are two of the best materials to consider. Wool, in particular, is very warm, and not all options are bulky. You will need to invest in high-quality materials like cashmere or merino wool, yes, but they will keep you warm without bulking you up. 

Waterproof Your Shoes 

If your feet get wet, you’ll stay cold no matter what you do. While you should always wear appropriate footwear, go the extra mile and work to waterproof them. You can do this with shoe wax or spray. Even with this, however, puddles are still your enemy so avoid them. 

Tip: Bring extra socks with you in case your feet do get wet and you’re out all day. 

Cover Your Wrists, Ankles, Neck, and Head 

If you’re cold outside, work on warming up your wrists, ankles, and neck with the right accessories is a must. As for the head, hats are your friend. While the notion that we dissipate the most amount of heat from our heads is technically untrue, it’s still accurate when you’re outside bundled up but without a hat. 

Get Pocket Warmers 

For those very cold days, you’ll want pocket warmers. There are many options out there that are reusable. There are some pocket warmers, for example, that you snap a metal disk inside, and it crystalizes over to generate a nice comfortable heat. To return it to its original state, you just need to boil them for a little bit when you get back indoors. 

Whether you use specially made pocket warmers, or just heat rice up in a sock and tie it off, pocket warmers are a great way to stave off the cold.

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