Impact of Online education on today’s youth

Impact of Online education

In the last two years online classes have become the new norm for students when it comes to learning and acquiring education. It is through the use of these classes that students today have become better learners and have developed a lot of interest regarding what they do. Thus, it is through online classes that students have learnt to become independent. Students today are more comfortable in online classes than they could have been in offline classroom. One of the reasons that can be listed for such behavior is that online classes have helped the students in becoming flexible where they can have access to online educational content at any time of the day, multiple times. Moreover, these contents are available to the students 24 hours a day which makes it easier for the students to have access to these videos. Impact of Online education-

Reasons for sudden popularity of online classes

There are several reasons that can be outlined for the sudden rise in online classes with more and more students availing these services to help in their daily lessons. The major reasons of Impact of Online education has been identified as:

  • One of the first reasons that can be identified is the current pandemic situation. Covid 19 has made it impossible for students to go to schools and sit in their classroom to attend classes. The reason being that of safety. In such a situation, online classes have been the only easy way through which the schools have been able to continue the education of the students. Thus, it can be stated that the pandemic situation has kind of forced schools to make use of online classes to teach their .
  • Another significant reason for the sudden popularity of online classes is the level of variety that is being presented in these platforms. Today, students across all ages have the ability and opportunity to take classes in management and data analysis despite not belonging to these fields. Through these classes, the individuals are provided with an opportunity to l;earn new skills which are useful when it comes to the job market. Therefore, the skill training provided through these classes makes it easier for individuals to learn something new which they can put on their CV.
  • Learning from the comforts of one’s home is a major reason why online classes have become so popular. Especially in the current scenario, the safety of one’s well-being is important. In such a situation, online classes provide students and learners with the best of both worlds where they can learn something new and as well as do it from their home.
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Therefore, it is because of the following reasons why online teaching has become so pop[ular in the last few years. 

Benefits of online classes

The benefits of online classes are many as it helps provide the learners with best opportunities which are otherwise not available in offline classes. The benefits of online classes have been outlined below.

  • Individual attention: One of the major cons of offline classes is that it is impossible for the teachers to provide attention to a single student in a class of 40. However, in the case of online classes, this issue is easily mitigated. Through the use of these classes it becomes easier for students to gain attention from their tutors through the help of one-on-one interactions. This helps in reducing the mistakes committed by the students and helps them have a better understanding about their subject.
  • Meeting new people: An important aspect of online classes is that it provides students with the opportunity of meeting new people. Considering the global nature of these classes, it is possible for students to attend classes that consist of students that are outside the geographical boundaries of their countries. Thus this helps the students develop new friendships which helps in their social development.

Case of convenience: Another major advantage of online classes is convenience as an Impact of Online education, the reason being that students are provided with the option of attending classes when they want to and from anywhere across the world. All they need is a device and an internet connection. This helps the students concentrate on their studies and thus helps them become more efficient.

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