iPhone 12 Tips and Tricks: 15 Cool Tips and Tricks to Explore

iphone 12 tips and tricks

Apple launched iPhone 12 series back in 2020. Many old Apple users have already replaced their old model with this new one or buy the new one. If you are counted in that figure, then how many tricks and tips you explored till now. Meanwhile, we want to inform you the latest iPhone 12 series brings some eye-cache features. Don’t worry, your phone still in your hand so that you can try now. So, what do you need to do about that? Nothing special, go through our discussion on “iphone 12 tips and tricks”. So, let’s get started with the discussion. 

15 iPhone 12 Tips and Tricks

1. Smart Measure Party Trick

Attaching the LiDAR sensor in the rear, honestly, let you do some exciting tasks. For instance, the LiDAR sensor keeps your night photography and portrait shots to the next level. During the photo session, that sensor aid in getting the person’s height and room dimension.  

2. Dark Mode Feature

The dark mode isn’t new in this series, and instead, the previous iPhone 11 series introduced that feature. If you have little idea about iPhone 12 features, you know it is designed with a Super Retina XDR OLED display. That display and the dark mode feature, hopefully, a great combination. 

Now, you can minimize the power consumption using dark mode, and the OLED display turns off the dark pixels. 

The dark mode enabling isn’t complex- all you need to navigate “Display & Brightness.” 

3. Back Tap Feature

What will happen when you tap double or triple in your iPhone 12? Well, although nothing dramatic incident takes place, you can enable custom action or shortcuts. It isn’t in service all time, so you need to follow those steps to bring it. 

  •  Locate the Settings and then Accessibility.
  •  Now, go to “Physical And Motor” to access “Touch.”
  •  After getting on the “Touch,” now scroll down to choose Back Tap. 
  •  Finally, the process is complete, and now you can check it out by tapping on the back.   

4. Allow Dolby Vision Videos Recording

Surprisingly, today the videographer doesn’t need to carry additional instruments for Dolby Vision Videos Recording. That facility is now enlisted in the iPhone 12 features. To get the test, you need to enable it at first. 

Navigate camera settings => Record Video => enable this recording system => toggle HDR Video

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5. Switch on the Reachability mode

iPhone offers a large-screen facility; simultaneously, it enlisted Reachability mode in its feature. That feature aid in the full use of the entire screen in one hand. The latest iPhone 12 Pro max came with a large display, like 6.7 inches; here, you will find this handy. Here are the steps of enabling this mode.

Head over Settings => Accessibility => choose Touch => toggle on the Reachability to turn it on. 

Once you finish the setting, you need to locate the gesture area in your display to touch. 

6. Fake eye contact on Facetime

Would you like to maintain eye contact during Facetime? Continuing it is a troublesome task, but fake eye contact hopefully makes it easy for you. That feature will correct your eyesight via the true depth camera system. Therefore, the opposite person thinks you always look at them. So, to enable that, 

Go to Settings => Facetime => Eye Contact. 

7. Facilitate in the low light photos capturing

iPhone 11 series came to light with a giant leap in its camera section. Thankfully, the latest iPhone 12 can successfully overcome slightly. The previous iPhone series offered the Night mode capturing facility using only the primary camera. 

Surprisingly, the latest iPhone 12 allows night mode photo capturing using its Ultra-wide lens also. This series can capture 27% more light than its predecessors. 

8. Personal Photos Hiding Facility

Now, we use our phones to keep personal assets like photos, videos, and so on. We don’t want to keep those visible by other persons. Most of the Smartphone doesn’t allow such facility without using 3rd party app. Thankfully, the iPhone 12 aid in hiding your photos in a separate hidden album. To keep that in service, you need to.

Locate the Photos app => choose Select to your wished photo => press Share => choose Hide.

Afterward, all your selected photos will hide in the album named “Hidden.”

The disabling method also simple; all you need to

Head over Settings=> and then Photos => find Hidden Album by scrolling => press on the toggle next.  

9. Use Quick Take to shoot videos faster.

Similar to other exciting features, Quick Take also makes the iPhone 12 eye-catcher to the user. To start your video recording instantly, you need to hold the shutter icon to access Quick Take. 

After pressing, your recording will start. Also, you can switch to a standard video recording by swiping to the right. 

10. FaceTime calls at 1080p using 5G

iPhone 12 has introduced the 1080p Facetime calling facility via 5G for the first time. If you need this feature, navigate to Settings => then Cellular => then Data Mode.

Now, you will find the option Allow More Data on 5G to enable this feature. You will find the HD video calling facility using a Wi-Fi connection. 

11. Stream HDR content on Apple TV using AirPlay

If your Apple TV (2nd generation) or Smart TV has an AirPlay facility, then you will find the option to stream HDR content using iPhone 12. 

12. SOS feature

To keep you tension-free in an emergency, iPhone 12 offers an emergency SOS feature. This feature helps you to call emergency services. The Side button needs to press and hold; then, a countdown will commence with an alert sound. If you hold that button within the countdown, your phone will automatically contact the local emergency. 

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13. Voice controlling feature using Siri

Apple attaches voice assistance named Siri to its Smartphone device. This feature’s popularity has spiked recently. Interestingly, the latest iPhone 12 allows the user to establish complete control over the phone using this Siri. For that, you need to command Siri to take action on behalf. To enable a special voice control mode, you can follow two ways.

One method: Press and hold your phone’s side button. 

2nd method: You can say, “Hey Siri, turn on Voice Control.”

For the normal vice control mode, you need to comply with the following path:

Settings => Accessibility => choose Voice Control=> choose Set up Voice Control. 

After following that path, you will notice something download on your phone. Once the download has finished, you can start using that. 

14. Sound Recognition

Detecting the surrounding environment’s sounds hopefully an attractive feature for the iPhone 12. So, what type of sound can it recognize? Well, in that list, you will find animals, fire alarms, running water, household sound, people, door knock, etc. Once your Smartphone identifies the sound, it will notify you through notification. Remarkably, that feature aid in detecting low heard a sound like a smoke alarm or door-knocking while you have an earphone.   

If you want to enable, then follow those steps.

  • Go to Settings and then Accessibility.
  • Then, scroll down to locate Sound Recognition. 
  • Now, introduce your phone with which sound you want to recognize.

15. Allow editing home screen.

Now, move on to another exciting feature named home screen editing. It may seem to you widgets, but it isn’t like that. Surprisingly, the latest iPhone 12 offers a home screen editing facility. You can keep your Smartphone screen clutter-free and minimal by removing unnecessary items using this feature. 

iphone 12 tips and tricks

So, how can you do that? Let’s see in the following.

· To begin with, you need to press and then hold your finger on the home screen. 

· Now, untick the items from the screen which you want to remove.

Your removed items won’t delete completely; instead, you can get those back from the App Library. 

FAQ of iPhone 12 tips and tricks

1. What new features will the iPhone 12 have?

So, here are the features you will get in the latest iPhone 12.

  • Water, Splash, and Dust resistance capability.
  • In the chip section, you will get A14 Bionic.
  • Dual (Ultra Wide and Wide) 12Mp camera.
  • Dolby Vision HDR video recording system
  • TrueDept Camera, Face ID

2. What will the iPhone 12 look like?

iPhone 12 comes with the latest flat-edge design. Moreover, the edge section is rounded. Rounded edge isn’t new; instead, it has been using since iPhone 6. Interestingly, the design is quite similar to the iPod Pro models. 

3. What Can I do with iPhone 12?

Here are 12 tricks that can do in iPhone 12.

  • You can take a screenshot by tapping back. 
  • You don’t need to use default email and browser apps; instead, you can change those. 
  • If you don’t like to see new apps on the home screen, you can stop that.
  • How many apps your phone has, you can see in a list.
  • You can create your widget. 

4. Is the iPhone 12 Charger different?

Sorry to say that, iPhone 12 doesn’t provide a plug for charging so, you need to manage yourself. Also, the previous model charger can’t charge your iPhone 12 because the connection is different. 

5. Will the iPhone 12 have a home button?

Whether you see it on YouTube or your hand, you already notice the iPhone 12 has no home button. Instead of the home button, now you have an additional half-inch display. 

Final Thought

Unlocking the new features is hopefully an enjoyable task for anyone. Luckily, we can introduce you to “iphone 12 tips and tricks” in our previous section. However, if you find this helpful discussion, don’t forget to share. 

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