Is it better to move on or stay together after a fight in a relationship?

There are two types of decisions we often make in response to an emotional situation. One that we call “too early” and other that we call “too late”. But there is another option that we call “take time before you act”.

Alas! there are very few people who understand this and perhaps that’s the reason why many of us are unhappy in our relationships.

You shouldn’t make a decision instantly nor too late. Except if it’s about free spins, then you should always take advantage of what life has given you for free. Whenever something wrong happens, sit calm and think about everything that leads to your relationship at this stage.

Always remember the answer to your question is always within you. It’s always you who either avoids accepting it or denies finding the answers. Today’s article is concerned with the decisions that we should take in a relationship after things started getting worse. Whether you have stuck with your partner or not after a bad day but if you have come here, we will advise you to keep reading this until you find your answer.

What are the most common reasons of fights between couples?

As like everyone has their own recipe for happiness, they also have their own reasons for sadness. None of us can’t measure everyone on the same scale but there is something we call “mutual.” It means we cannot say the particular reason for someone’s pale face but we can speculate the reason. Similarly, let’s figure out the most common reasons that bring a fight scene between couples.

  • Timing Issues

Whether you are an adult or a youngster, everyone needs time from their loved ones. Being busy every time in your schedule is somewhere making your partner feel alone even in your presence. Your absence seems equivalent with your presence to your partner. You must understand one thing in life that nobody is that busy that they can’t give even few minutes to their loved ones.

It’s all and always about the priority that we give to someone or something. Try to add “time for my love” to your busy schedule so that whenever you see the to-do list of your day, you can also consider this as a part of your work. If you will avoid this timing issue in your early stages, it will probably take your partner away from you. Maybe physically or mentally.

  • Hiding things
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Before you started screaming at your partner as they have caught you hiding things from them, just think yourself at your partner place. You will be questioning the same to your partner or will you be sitting silent? If you are in a relationship, you are not supposed to hide things from your partne.

Apart from this, if you keep hiding things and justifying them as having your personal space, it will ruin everything in the end or perhaps someday you will also get to know some stuff about your partner that they hide from you as you did earlier. Another reason for the fight or the end of the relation.

  • Less conversation after an argument

The main problem between couples is that they hesitate to talk after every fight. Either the ego comes in between them or the anger. But it’s always important to talk as there can be some misunderstandings between the couples. You will keep thinking about what you have heard or assumed about your partner which can be true or might be not.

It is advisable to come and talk in order to figure out what’s going on in each other mind so that you can justify yourself and solve things before they turn worse. Always remember if the fight has started from sharing some words, it will also get resolved in the same way. Everything will happen when you share your things to your partner. Less conversation can lower the validity of your relationship.

  • One side effort

How long can you run something all alone if it is supposed to be run by two? A relationship is like a boat that needs two ores to propel it, if one stops working the boat will sink gradually. So, it’s important for both partners to add efforts in order to nurture the relationship.

Try not to make your partner feel that he/she are the only one who is taking forward this relationship. Because if one of the partners started feeling this way, it can ruin things and ultimately it will break the expectations which one has from their partner.

  • More possessive nature

Everything either is it love, jealousy, hate, or possession when crosses a limit, always ends up with the worst consequence. Being possessive is not wrong as none of us want to share our things. But when the possessiveness started taking away the personal space of your partner then it is somewhere wrong. You need to trust your partner instead of taking everything the wrong way.

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If they get close to someone that does not mean they are cheating on you with that person instead the one your partner is meeting can be their friend or relative as well. The important thing to notice is whether your partner talks about the one they meet to or hides things. If they hide, then it becomes a point of discussion otherwise let it go easily.

  • How to resolve the fight you had?

Understanding, faith, and believe are the three important factors that either build a relationship if it is good or destroys it if these things are not there.

Understanding means you need to figure out when to talk with your partner when they are sad, what can they expect, when you need to step back when you need to come back again, and moreover.

Faith means that give them your words that if everyone is questioning you, I’ll be there standing by your side with my hands tangled in yours. You need to show faith in your partner until and unless you don’t find them on the wrong side.

Believe, means to consider your partner’s point of view. If you show that you believe in your partner’s decisions, it will boost their confidence and thus create a feeling that security and respect in their heart.

Is it good to wait or move on in life?

It’s always your call to make a decision. But never make any decision which you have to regret later. If you do not feel equality in your relationship, if it harms your mental peace, and if you are tired of putting effort, love, and care.

Then yes, it’s time to move on. It’s neither good to wait even if you feel broken every time nor bad to move on if you think that it’s stopped working. Make your decision calmly and with a silent mind.


Nobody can give you the answer “Is it good to move on or wait after a fight?” as no one knows your connection better than you. Anyone else can just show you the causes and the solution but the decision will always be yours. Take time before you act.

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