Why are apps finding ‘Sugar Daddy’ or ‘Sugar Mommy’ trending?

The terms ‘Sugar Daddy’ or ‘Sugar Mommy’ are already popularly known, they ceased to be a joke or a meme to become status in those adults who have the financial capacity to meet the different needs of their partner, who is usually quite a bit younger thinking of you gifts than him or her.

They recognize themselves in this way and they have no problem with it, since more and more applications are used in which, through a profile, people who want to establish a relationship with a ‘ Sugar Daddy’ or a ‘Sugar Mommy, who show themselves as they are, they can do it.

More and more young people today are interested in this. Many do it due to find financial help, others for love, some for curiosity and some for pleasure.

Although most of them are looking for sexual encounters, others are looking for company, whether it is for dinner, going to an event or simply sharing their time. 

With this panorama, these types of applications have become a trend to get a ‘Sugar Daddy’ or a ‘Sugar Mommy’. Which is the most recognized?

  • Cougar: it is an application exclusively to get a  ‘Sugar Mommy’  and it is also not only for use by heterosexual people because there are also interested in the same sex.
  • Sugar Daddy:  An app very similar to Tinder. Where in addition to charging you membership, you have an option to download it to your computer and not necessarily have it on your cell phone.
  • SugarDaddySeek:  in this sugar dating website you can find both, although most of them are looking for minors, but above the legality.
  • Sudy:  similar to Tinder and one of the most used, it allows the user to ‘like’ whoever is interested and also has data such as location and age.
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