Is Your Window Sill To Boring To Look At? Here Are Some Decorating Tips


Whenever you think about spaces of your house that can benefit from styling, a homeowner often misses the small nooks and crannies. The window sill is one of them. Unfortunately, these spots are barely noticed by homemakers and get lost entirely behind the curtain.

 But honestly, you are not releasing that window sills can completely transform your house if you learn to decorate and manage them. That is why, to make your window sills stand out and utilize them in the best possible ways, here are some decorating tips for you. Go through it and properly use your window sill.

1. Design a daybed or reading nooks for your window sill

With imagination and creativity, you can quickly transform your window sill into a cozy seating area with an adorable reading look. Thus, to add comfort, your window sill should be 46 to 50 centimeters with a depth of 40 centimeters. 

You can add soft cushions, a decorative pillow, and a round table to complement the décor. It will provide you with comfort and coziness. Besides, windows will offer you natural light to take advantage of and sounds perfect for reading books. You can also add reading lamps or floor lamps.

2. Create a mini garden

If your window sill is not deep to convert it into a sitting area, then another option you have is to turn it into a mini garden. No doubt all the plants need natural light, which makes the window sill a perfect place. You can add mini plants such as booming flowers, bonsai, fresh herbs, cacti, succulents, etc. It will not only intensify your window sills but also add beauty to your house.

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3. Place creative and artistic accents

The window sill can be the perfect place for spending time with your partner. You can decorate the sill using colored glasses, candles, flowers, tiny décor, or antique pieces. It will make you and your partner happy and relieve your mood after a stressful day. Thus make sure you keep the design simple and elegant and do not clutter your window sills.

4. Show off your book collection

Are you a bookworm? Do you have so many books on your bookshelf? Then use your window sills as an overview shelf. In this way, your books will remain organized, and they can act as decorative elements and will always remind you of reading books. You can display your favorite sections on the window sill. Besides, you can also add lamps and an eye-catching display to make your window sill look more alluring.

5. Set up extra storage 

If you have a window sill in your home and office, consider using it for storage. You can add boxes, jars, and folders to organize the space. In the kitchen, you can also use the window sills to store vessels, cutting boards, and spice jars. Find some glass vessels and piles them at the top of the window sill to add a quirky and fun look.

With these decorative tips, you can quickly transform your window sills into something useful. It will not just occupy the space in a better way but make your house look nicer and more pretty.


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