Kevin Samuels Age, Net Worth, Life, Controversies, and More

Kevin Samuels age

The name Kevin Samuels itself stirs a lot of controversy to date. But it all ended in May 2022 as he breathed his last. Kevin Samuels age at death was 53 and that man made quite a name and fortune for himself before that. Let’s dig deep to understand who he was and what made him famous.

The American YouTuber adorned his hat with colorful feathers. He was a social media influencer, image consultant, dating guru, and life coach.

The man was mostly known for his divisive material covering fashion, lifestyle, and relationship advice aimed largely towards women.

He rose to prominence in 2020 as a public personality owing to his YouTube and Instagram live streams discussing modern society and relationships.

His YouTube channel continues to have around 1.77 million subscribers, while his Instagram handle boasts 1.2 million followers.

NameKevin Roshan Samuels
ProfessionYouTuber, Image Consultant, Dating Expert, Life Coach
Kevin Samuels Age53 (at the time of his death)
Height6 feet 2 inches
Birth PlaceOklahoma, United States
EducationChemical Engineer (dropout)
DOBMarch 13, 1969
Years active2015 - 2022
Net Worth$4 million
ParentsBeverly Samuels (mother) Father (not known)
ChildrenOne Daughter
YouTube channelKevin Samuels
Subscriber1.77 million
Instagram Account@kevinrsamuels

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Well aren’t we all intrigued to know about Kevin Samuels age, net worth, personal life, and career growth? Interestingly, Kevin Samuels stayed active through his social media handles, but he maintained a private life.

Many of you might be curious as to how this internet celebrity built his fortune. Samuel’s primary source of income was his YouTube channel, where he built an image of a dating advisor, life coach, and fashion expert.

He even hosted several podcasts such as The Kevin Samuels Show and The High Value Man Show. Reports claim that he earned a monthly revenue of $5,000 through his YouTube channel.

However, not many know that before becoming a famous YouTuber, Kevin Samuels began his career as an image consultant. His company Life and Style by Kevin Samuels helped clients to improve their appearance and style. If sources are to be believed, he charged a staggering amount of $10,000 for a consultation.

Though most of his income came from YouTube, he also generated money from brand integration, merchandise sales, and motivational speaking gigs.

As per various reports, Kevin Samuels net worth is believed to be $4 million as of 2023.

Kevin Samuels net worth 2023$4 million
Kevin Samuels net worth 2022$3 million
Kevin Samuels net worth 2021$2.2 million
Kevin Samuels net worth 2020$1.3 million
Kevin Samuels net worth 2019$1 million

A Glance at His Early Life

Today Kevin Samuels is known as this internet sensation who rose up to prominence with his uncensored relationship advice and unusual approach towards modern dating. However, this success and fame didn’t come easily.

Samuels, born into a humble family in Oklahoma, was always interested in fashion and lifestyle. Who knew back then that he’d be living his dream one day?

Samuels attended Millwood High School, where he set the groundwork for his future ambitions. Later he went on to pursue chemical engineering from the University of Oklahoma, but had to drop out soon due to his medical condition.

As destiny would call, he decided to shift his focus and hence forayed into the dynamic world of marketing. This transition marked a turning point in his life as he ventured into a field where his ability to communicate and understand consumer behavior would flourish.

Samuels too had his share of personal struggles. His parents split when he was a youngster, and it had a significant impact on his life.

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During one of his media interactions, he mentioned being close to his mother. However, his connection with his father remained strained till the end.

Career evolution

Kevin Samuels age suggests that any young aspirant would want to hear motivational lectures on life from a successful person like him. His work on relationships, business strategy, and fashion influenced millions of young people. He may not have graduated as a chemical engineer, but he surely left a mark on people’s lives.

Kevin Samuels net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. His YouTube channel continues to enjoy 1.77 million subscribers. His live streams are one of the most viewed content on the internet.

Numerous YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels from his live streams continue to reignite debates. His unabashed and unapologetic approach to his audience set him apart from his competitors.

Before making his presence on YouTube, Kevin Samuels explored various professional fields that impacted his later days. He began his professional career 2006 when he joined Office Depot as a Business Development Manager.

Over three years, Samuels explored the corporate sector, gaining valuable expertise that would define his future endeavors.

In 2009, he pivoted into the media world by joining Supermedia as a Sales Manager. Later, he switched to the advertising profession as a Consultant at The Real Yellow Pages in 2011, marking yet another shift in his career. His understanding and ability to leverage the power of advertising made him an essential asset in this field.

The most crucial moment in Samuels’ career arrived when he started his image consultancy firm, Life and Style by Kevin Samuels. This entrepreneurial experiment enabled him to provide various services like style, coaching, and unique business strategies.

As Life and Style by Kevin Samuels grew in popularity, so did his impact on the field of lifestyle counseling. Realizing the importance of digital platforms, he created his own YouTube channel, Kevin Samuels.

On this channel, he offered informative content on lifestyle improvement and motivation, which resonated with a large audience looking for direction and inspiration.

Growing Media Popularity and Success

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, very few personalities stand out. Kevin Samuels is one such personality who managed to carve a niche.

When he started, his digital presence was relatively modest. But he built a massive fan base over the years through engaging videos on dating and lifestyle.

Before the digital explosion, Samuels discreetly released videos on YouTube, sharing insights on fashion trends and offering guidance to help men boost their confidence and enhance their appearance.

It was a long and steady progression marked by his commitment to imparting information and empowering his audience.

The turning point arrived when one of his videos went viral on World Star. Consequently, his views spiked, and the digital spotlight was suddenly fixed upon him. As a result, his presence on social media gained traction.

Samuels rose to national prominence in 2017 after appearing on the BET News program The Mancave. This appearance was a significant moment in his career, validating his position as an influential figure in the field of lifestyle coaching. He didn’t limit himself to video content alone. He went on to expand his creative endeavors by authoring a book and releasing a mixtape titled The Godfather of Style.

Samuels even made a name for himself in hip-hop by interviewing important personalities such as Nicki Minaj and T.I. He also became a popular guest on platforms such as No Jumper, Joe Budden TV, and VladTV.

In addition, he served as a dating advisor and therapist in the music video for rapper Future’s track Worst Day. Samuels interacted with many guests, including prominent Instagram models such as Brittany Renner and reality TV personalities such as Tommie Lee.

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Samuels made his television debut in 2022 with a cameo role on the critically acclaimed series Atlanta in the episode Rich Wigga, Poor Wigga. This was another breakthrough moment in his career, demonstrating his ability to acclimatize across numerous media platforms smoothly.

Kevin Samuels Lifestyle

It is no secret that Kevin Samuels led a lavish lifestyle. Kevin Samuels net worth and assets indicate the YouTuber led a high-profile life. This is also evident through his massive car collection.

Samuels owned some of the most expensive car models, including;

  • BMW Sedan
  • Mini Cooper
  • Tesla Model X
  • Mercedes Amg G-63
  • Lamborgini Urus

Although he did not own a house, he rented a luxurious apartment in Atlanta for $2,000 monthly. Within its 915 square feet, the flat offers a spacious bedroom and a bathroom.

With his appearance, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that he spent a hefty amount on his looks. From grooming himself in fashionable clothes to a unique footwear collection, he was a style icon for a reason.

Personal Life

While Samuels had disclosed portions of his personal life, he had also retained some privacy, especially with regard to his family. He has, however, emphasized his strong relationship with his mother on occasions, allowing a look into the woman behind the public figure.

As per media reports, Samuels was married twice. However, both marriages didn’t last long. It is also reported that he has a daughter, but not much is known about her.

Kevin Samuels Death

Kevin Samuels’ death came as a shock to everybody, especially his fans. On the May 5, 2022, Samuels passed away in his Atlanta apartment due to cardiac arrest.

Kevin Samuels age was 53 that time. The life coach stayed with a friend in his apartment the night before when he complained about chest pain. His friend immediately called 911, but it was too late as he left his breath before being treated.

Various reports claim that Samuels suffered from hypertension, which might have been the leading cause of his untimely death.


Kevin Samuels might be a celebrated figure among his audience, but a specific section considers his content extremely derogatory and provocative.

Over the years, he has garnered eyeballs with provocative titles such as:

  • Why can’t modern women handle the truth?
  • Are modern women out of time?
  • Are modern women doomed?

Samuels has also received backlash for his sexist and objectifying attitudes towards black women. He often rates women on a scale of one to ten and gives tips on attracting high-value men.

He outrightly advocates for traditional gender roles while criticizing feminists. Critics have accused him of creating a toxic atmosphere and encouraging hatred and violence against women.

A petition on had been launched to remove Kevin Samuels from YouTube and Instagram, alleging harm to women’s mental health and self-esteem due to his videos.

The petition also claims that his supporters have engaged in physical violence and sexual assault against women who disagree with him, and it has received over 10,000 signatures.

However, Kevin Samuels had never responded directly to any of these charges. Despite the allegations, he continued to conduct live streams on his social media channels, claiming that he only gave them honest advice to help them improve their lives.

Kevin Samuels on Social Media

Kevin Samuels had a remarkable presence on social media. Most of his income is generated from his YouTube channel, apart from other ventures. Even after his death, Samuels’ social media pages are still running. In other words, these media channels continue adding value to Kevin Samuels net worth. Check out his profiles from the list below:

YouTubeKevin Samuels

Final thoughts

Kevin Samuels age was 53 when he passed away. The man had hypertension and was rushed to the hospital due to cardiac issues. Unfortunately, he passed away on May 5, 2022. While he had a controversial personality, many people gained insights from his teachings which transformed. It is for your to judge if you remember him for the good he did or the mistakes.

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