Marijuana in Spain



In today’s blog, we will touch on marijuana in Spain. It’s illegal? Can I go to jail for possession/selling? What solutions have been implemented there?

Marijuana in Spain

Spain is a very interesting case when it comes to cannabis legislation. Is marijuana legal there? short answer – no

However, this is much more difficult than just saying that marijuana is illegal there. It is worth decomposing it into primary factors and looking at individual aspects. 

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What exactly is prohibited?

Trade and marketing of marijuana is strictly prohibited. If caught, there is a severe financial penalty, or it could lead to criminal prosecution and imprisonment. 

The same applies to the use of marijuana in a public place. If caught, this is associated with drought forfeiture and a financial fine or criminal prosecution.

It is common for vendors to offer dried cannabis to tourists at various tourist spots, such as city beaches or the vicinity of historical monuments. Please note that this is an illegal activity. Both the sale and purchase of such dried fruits is against the law.

What exactly is allowed?

Spain takes personal freedom very seriously. In this regard, it is allowed to eat and eat in the comfort of your four walls. Interestingly, growing (up to two plants) for personal use at home is also allowed. One of the requirements is that the plants must not be visible from the outside. This means that plants cannot be placed on a window or balcony.

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Hemp clubs – what is it and how does it work?

Cannabis clubs are an extremely interesting and innovative solution introduced in Spain. They can not be compared with the Dutch “coffee houses”. Unlike the Netherlands, there are no shops that function as points of sale. As described above, the sale of marijuana is strictly prohibited. 

However, there are also closed “hemp clubs”. Membership is required to use this option. Different clubs offer different price caps for their membership. It can be assumed that on average it costs about 10-20 euros. After paying and getting a membership, you can go to the cannabis club and collect the drought that we are as members. Due to the fact that these are closed clubs (not public places), this does not violate the legal regulations regarding eating in a public place. It also does not violate the legal provisions regarding the prohibition of sale. Instead of paying for a product, membership simply pays off. It is also worth noting that clubs such as Circulo Barcelona and others like it do not have outdoor advertising. 

This is an interesting decision, because different clubs often offer their own options. As a result, clubs are diverse and should strive to be attractive to their members.

Marijuana in Spain – Resume

Barcelona is called the “sunny Amsterdam” for a reason. Even though marijuana is officially illegal, the applicable laws are extremely favorable to cannabis enthusiasts. The law attempts to attack trade, distribution, public consumption or the black market and often associated organized crime.

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The emphasis is not on punishing users. The high respect for personal freedom also ensures that consumption in a closed private environment, such as the privacy of your own home or local cannabis club, is not penalized. 

Hemp clubs are also an unusual and very interesting solution. They can create an infrastructure that allows marijuana enthusiasts to access marijuana without breaking the law and in a private space.


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