Motorhome For Sale Near Me – How To Find Out?

Motorhome for sale near me

While occasion generally means savings, you should not take the operation lightly. Indeed, even more than in the context of the purchase of a new model. Intangible rules condition the successful acquisition of a second-hand motorhome. Here is the information of Motorhome for sale near me, and what must be observed before the purchase.

Buying a used motorhome is prepared before you even rush to the classifieds or push the used fleet gate of the first dealer you come across. Indeed, you must establish a specification to know what and where to look. Taking a moment to reflect is never a waste of time. Better, this period will allow you to save time. So, let’s know more how to find out the motorhome sale near me.

Before buying: Motorhome for sale near me

Estimate your needs

The first thing to do is figure out what type of vehicle you need. Before even thinking about the brand or location, write down your idea of ​​using your motorhome. Will you be leaving as a couple, as a family? In all seasons or at specific times? For long journeys beyond our borders or rather for short but frequent escapades? Do you want to take bikes or scooters? Each of these questions must provide an answer: number of beds, arrangement, and equipment of the kitchen, size of the hold, water and gas autonomy, heating system, etc.

Define your budget and your payment method

At least as important as defining your needs, this step, you can imagine, should not be overlooked. Here, the question is to know how much you have or can have recourse to a loan. In any case, keep a small reserve that will allow you to face some unforeseen additional expenses or which you will not have thought of (such as the vehicle registration document or insurance, a possible minor repair).

Find your ideal motorhome for sale near me

Armed with your list of essential specifications and the budget you want to devote to your purchase. You can then define your ideal motorhome by starting with the template to be determined according to various criteria, such as your license category, ease of use. The steering wheel of bulky machines, where the vehicle will park (wintering), the desired versatility. Also, consider the location, the size of the living spaces, the number of beds (permanent and extra), etc.

Buy from an individual or a pro?

Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. Your research will undoubtedly require prospecting in both fields. Prospecting with individuals via classified ads on the internet will offer you a vast panorama of models of all ages and all categories at “sometimes” exciting prices.

It is essential to meet the owner to know the history of the motorhome. The negotiation is then simplified. However, you will only be able to see one vehicle at a time. And the coveted model probably won’t come with a warranty unless it’s a very recent vehicle still under the manufacturer’s contractual warranty. That means that you have very little recourse in the event of a problem.

On the other hand, with a professional, these safeguards exist. Also, a dealer generally relies on his used fleet of a large number of models available immediately. During your visit, you will be able to compare and benefit from the advice of experienced sellers. Another advantage of contacting a pro, he can take care of the assembly of accessories, if you wish, before the actual delivery.

Research on Motorhome for sale near me

After you’ve blackened sheets of paper, frantically browsed the classifieds and dealer sites on the internet, established your budget, and, finally, precisely defined your future motorhome, it’s time to go hunting. Here again, the path can be strewn with pitfalls. So, don’t get carried away by what seems like a big deal. And take the time to get to know the vehicle before making any decisions.

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Check the papers

In the context of purchase from an individual. It is essential to verify that the vehicle is in order and that the seller is indeed the owner. Start by looking carefully at the gray card, which must be in the name of the person you are talking to. If the latter sells it for a friend, cousin, or distant relative, flee. Also, check the correspondence between the serial number written on the title deed and that of the motorhome (usually stamped in the door frame, sometimes in the gas box or on a step, etc.). Also, ask for a certificate of the administrative situation (formerly certificate of non-pledge), which will guarantee that nothing stands in the way of the sale of the vehicle. It is no longer claim for the registration application,

Ask for a technical inspection and leak tests

Indispensable to obtain the registration certificate of a vehicle over four years old, the technical inspection valid for less than six months must be given to you by the seller. This document is essential because it informs you, at least partially, about the state of the mechanics and their proper maintenance.

You can very well buy a motorhome that has failed the technical control but has passed a check-up. It means that the seller has carried out the essential repairs mentioned in the first report. If the absence of a check-up report (to be carried out within two months following the MOT) indicates that the repairs required by the technical control have not been carried out. In this case, we cannot advise you too much unless you are a knowledgeable mechanic to go your way.


Auscultate the wearer

Of course, it is difficult for a neophyte to judge the state of mechanics. However, there are some things that you can learn from close observation. Start by going around the vehicle and looking for dents, scratches, and other broken lights (some models are complicated to find). Be vigilant, also, on the condition of the windshield. In particular.

On the integral where the prices can climb very high (specific models of the windshield, on old and rare vehicles, no longer exist at all).

Lift the hood looking for any leaks or weeping, especially from the injectors. Do not hesitate to look under the vehicle to track down oil leaks, deformed crankcases. It perforated or dented exhaust pipes, torn or full of grease Cardan bellows, and all traces of shocks or friction on the frame structure.

Do not forget to examine the tires either:

  1. Level and regularity of wear, date of manufacture, tears, or hernias.
  2. Remember to check that, on the same axle, the two tires are identical and that, if the rims are fitted with anti-theft bolts, the appropriate key is present.
  3. Check the presence of some essential tools on board (jack, crank, etc.).

Get on board and check that all the equipment is operating correctly (electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning, radio, articulation of the seats, etc.).

Examine the cell

The method to be used here is almost identical to that used for the wearer. You will therefore begin the visit with a visual and olfactory inspection. A damp or musty smell is a strong suspicion of infiltration.

You will ensure the excellent surface condition of the furniture. Check that all the doors and drawers are easy to handle, that their locks are operative, that the table slides and lowers effortlessly.

Lifting the mattresses will allow you to check their condition as well as that of the box springs. You must check the correct functioning of all the equipment and accessories. Like a refrigerator, stove, water circuit, lighting, heating and water heater (possibly television) everything must pass without forgetting the electrical outlets.

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Try it: Motorhome sale near me

It is unthinkable to buy a used vehicle without getting behind the wheel. During this test run, you will make sure that once warmed up. The engine takes its turns without hiccups or hesitation. The gears must pass everything without forcing or cracking, and the steering must not have any hard point or blur. Let go of the steering wheel in a straight line to see if the motorhome swerves.

Any suspicious noise coming from the mechanics or the running gear should alert you (clicking, squeaking, whistling). The clutch must not slip or graze, the first signs of expensive intervention. If in doubt, start in third with the handbrake applied. The engine should stall. Also, do a brake test in a straight line, making sure you are not being followed. Stall at 50 km / h and brake vigorously.

Finally, also have the salesperson drive to take the passenger seat. It will allow you to judge how the other person has handled their mount, and you will be more attentive to detect suspicious noises.

Take a look at the warranty!

In the context of a purchase from a professional, the latter plays its reputation. And it must offer quality opportunities. The motorhomes on sale logically checked and revised. Usually, they offer a guarantee. It must peel the conditions of the latter with care. Indeed, some are content to cover the engine, gearbox, and axle. In other words, not much as these elements rarely break. For example, the engine peripherals, such as the turbo or the injection rail, excludes.

Some dealers offer more comprehensive coverage. Particularly the signatories of the Pro-CampingCar charter, devised and enacted by the Dica (National Federation of Leisure Vehicle Distributors). Among these professionals, second-hand vehicles (less than 5,000 kg GVW, less than ten years old, and showing between 1,000 and 120,000 km) have undergone more than 80 checkpoints before being put on display. The potential purchaser can test them, and they have a warranty that covers the entire vehicle for a maximum period of 18 months.

FAQ on Motorhome for sale near me

  1. How to negotiate the price of a motorhome?

You can realize this by consulting the trade magazines as well as the internet sites of the dealers. That at some point they sell cc of 59900 euros with a “customer benefit” of 5000 euros. That means that if you have no resumption to be made, you have the possibility of discussing the price.

  1. Who buys Motorhomes?

If you want to resell your leisure vehicle quickly, contact a YpoCamp dealership to study our express buyback solution. The principle is simple: we study with you the argus cost of your vehicle. And establish a buyback proposal free of charge.

  1. How to pay for a Motorhome?

You can, of course, finance your motorhome by taking out a personal loan from your bank or a credit organization. Some company also offers a special motorhome financing offer. The rates are fixed, and the maximum repayment period shorter (around one hundred months).

  1. How to finance the purchase of a campsite?

If you want to buy a campsite, bank credit remains the most common financing solution. Depending on the type of acquisition, the duration of the loan is variable. As part of asset purchases, the loan for acquiring a simple business carry out over seven years.

Conclusion on Motorhome for sale near me

Also, note that professionals check and revise the motorhome before selling. These services are certainly not free. But they allow you to leave with peace of mind at the wheel of your motorhome. Besides, a concessionaire is a merchant who has overhead costs and who must run a business. The prices applied by professionals take these criteria into account. That explains why they often compare to those displayed on the private market.

Finally, to put an end to the administration, the vehicle must insure, if only to test it on the road, and its technical control must be up to date.

The seller must also present you with an up-to-date maintenance booklet or invoices attesting to the monitoring of the vehicle. Do not neglect either the instructions for the equipment of the cell (heating and water heater, refrigerator, blinds, gas detector, etc.) and that of the wearer.

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