Nev Schulman Net Worth : Exploring the Influence of Catfish

Nev Schulman Net Worth

In the list of television personalities, one name that has gained significant recognition is Nev Schulman. The creator of MTV’s popular show Catfish, Schulman has made his spot notable in the entertainment industry. Apart from his popularity, many people are curious about his financial success. In this article, we will delve into Nev Schulman net worth and the sources behind it. As well as we’ll explore his career journey, and where he stands today.

Who is Nev Schulman?

Nev (pronounced Neeev) Schulman is the creator, host, and producer of MTV’s hit series, Catfish. Born in 1984, in New York, Nev grew up in the Upper West Side, Brooklyn. Growing up, Schulman developed a passion for photography and filmmaking from a young age. His passion for capturing moments and telling visual stories became the foundation for his future endeavors.

Nev Schulman Net Worth

Schulman’s career took off when he co-directed and starred in the 2010 documentary film “Catfish.” The film gained significant attention and sparked conversations about online relationships and deceptive identities. This breakthrough project marked the beginning of Schulman’s rise to fame.

How Much is Nev Schulman Net Worth?

As of 2023, Nev Schulman owns a net worth of around $2 million. This impressive figure is a result of his diverse career achievements. That includes his work as a television host, producer, author, and public speaker. Schulman’s worth has steadily grown over the years due to his various endeavors in television.

Key Points to Know About Nev Schulman

Net Worth $2 million
Full Name Yaniv Nev Schulman
Born September 26, 1984
Birthplace New York, United States
Nationality American
Profession TV host, Producer, Photographer
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Sources Behind Nev Schulman Net Worth

The Catfish host, Nev Schulman has built his impressive worth through various sources so far. Let’s take a closer look at the key sources contributing to his financial success.

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“Catfish: The TV Show” – Host and Executive Producer

One of the main sources behind Schulman’s earnings is the popular show “Catfish: The TV Show.” It’s an MTV hit documentary series that premiered on November 12, 2012. The show focuses on the truths and lies of online dating. It is, in fact, inspired by the 2011 film “Catfish”. Schulman’s involvement in the show made a huge impact both in his fame and fortune.

Nev Schulman Net Worth

Schulman co-hosts the show alongside Kamie Crawford. However, for the show’s first seven seasons, he worked with Max Joseph as a co-host. Max Joseph’s last episode aired on August 22, 2018. After that Crawford appeared as a guest co-host in several episodes of season seven. And eventually, he became a permanent member of the main cast starting from the 8th season.


In May 2018, filming of season seven of the show Catfish was temporarily suspended. It was due to sexual misconduct allegations against Schulman. However, after an investigation, the allegations were found to be “not credible.” And the suspension was lifted. Hence, Schulman restarted his role as the host and executive producer of the show. And he continued guiding participants through the emotional journeys of uncovering the truth behind their online relationships.

Salary From the Show

The success of “Catfish: The TV Show” has contributed significantly to Schulman’s net worth. According to various sources, Schulman along with his co-host, Kamie Crawford made between $50-$100K per episode of the show. The show’s unique concept, combined with Schulman’s relatable personality and genuine concern for the individuals featured, has resonated with audiences worldwide. The series continues to enjoy high ratings and has aired numerous seasons, ensuring a steady stream of income for Schulman.

Podcast Extention

In 2020, MTV and Wondery recognized the popularity of the show. And they began releasing episodes as podcasts titled “Catfish: The Podcast.” This extension of the brand further expands Schulman’s reach. It also provided additional avenues for revenue generation.

Book Sales and Royalties

In addition to his television career, Schulman has expanded his reach through writing. The book, titled “In Real Life: Love, Lies & Identity in the Digital Age,” is the first one Schulman wrote. It offers insights into the world of online relationships based on his personal experiences.

The book received positive reviews and resonated with readers who were intrigued by Schulman’s journey and the themes explored in the digital age. Sales of his books have also contributed to Schulman’s worth; even though in a small portion. As the book gained popularity, his fan base went up and beyond.

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Royalties from book sales are another source of income for Schulman. As readers continue to discover and purchase “In Real Life,” Schulman earns a percentage of each sale. That ensures a steady stream of revenue from his writing endeavors.

Photography and Filmmaking

Before The TV Show Catfish, Nev Schulman followed a career as a photographer and filmmaker. As the youngest member of Supermarché, his work appeared in prestigious magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, The New York Times, Lucky, New York Magazine, the New York Sun, and Dance Magazine. Schulman’s creative eye and talent for capturing moments through his photography played a significant role in his transition to becoming a television personality.

What is Nev Schulman doing now?

Today, Nev Schulman resides in Los Angeles, continuing to work as a host and producer. He has just finished the eighth season of his show Catfish on April 25, 2023. Additionally, the TV host is advocating for understanding and navigating the digital landscape of relationships. He is also focusing on different film projects as an executive or assistant producer. Additionally, he has the plans to extend his writing journey in the future. Till then Nev is enjoying his time with his family and engaged in social media activities.

Real Estate

In 2019, Nev Schulman bought a 1,300-square-foot condo for under $1.88 million. It’s near Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. The property includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a beautiful interior. Schulman enjoyed the stylish residence along with his wife and two children before selling it. He listed the apartment for sale at $2.195 million in 2020. Also, Nev owns a house in Los Angeles.


Did Nev and his wife split up?

No, Nev Schulman and his wife, Laura Perlongo haven’t split up. Nev and Laura are still married and together.

Is Nev Schulman a Millionaire?

Yes, Nev Schulman is considered a millionaire. As a successful television personality, host, and producer, he now owns a fortune of two million.

How much did Nev get paid for Catfish?

Schulman reportedly earned between $50-$100K per episode of the show. Though they never disclosed the exact figure of their salary

How old was Nev when he got catfished?

Nev Schulman was in his mid-20s when he became the victim of an online catfishing incident. The events surrounding this deception were documented in the 2010 documentary thriller Catfish.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Nev Schulman’s journey from victim to advocate has made him a well-known figure; specifically in the world of digital relationships. Through Catfish and his personal experiences, Schulman brings awareness to the complexities of online dating. As we navigate the digital landscape, Schulman’s voice is a reminder of trust in online interactions. His success in various sectors has solidified his financial status. And Nev Schulman net worth proves that.

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