Professional Guide on Cleaning Laminate Countertops

Cleaning Laminate Countertops

Interior trends tend to change from one decade to another. But, laminate countertops are not likely to go extinct from the interior design of houses. Though granite countertops are in demand, laminate countertops are equally being used. Laminate countertops are one of the most reasonable and attractive choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Laminate is a material with a combination of board, plastic, and paper, and you can also call it Formica. The laminate countertops of your home might have to deal with too many stains. And, those stains can get very annoying when you can’t get rid of them, even with commercial cleaning products.

If you are one of those who are tired of trying everything in getting clean and sparkling laminate countertops, then you should try this guide. Cleaning laminate countertops will be the easiest job if you readily wipe up after anything has spilt. 

Let’s take a tour regarding laminate countertops, their cleaning, and the caring procedure.

Cleaning Laminate Countertops: 3 Easy Steps

Before you start cleaning, here’s one tip from Maid service Dubai experts — Remove every utensil or anything else off the countertop. It will decrease the mess. Don’t forget to take down your appliances and anything else that might cause nuisance while cleaning. Now, what will you need for cleaning a laminate countertop?

Ensure that you have a sponge, dish soap, baking soda, white vinegar, a soft brush, dish towel, and water. Now, here’s what you have to do:

1. Begin with Dry Dusting

First, you have to remove all debris from the countertop. There might be bread crumbs, cereals, or something dry that might act as debris. Use a soft sponge to brush them away from the countertop.

2. Get into Action with Soapy Water

Why would you need this? Well, the laminate countertop might have accumulated grime. The only way to eliminate grease from laminate countertops is to combat them with soapy water. Squeeze out some dish soap in a bowl of water and make a foamy solution. 

Use a sponge and dip it into the soapy solution, and then gently scrub the countertop. After that, you have to rinse the sponge with normal water and wipe out the countertop till it gets free from the slippery solution.

3. Make Use of the Baking Soda and Vinegar Duo

If you’re trying any DIY cleaning solution for your home, then this combination can save your day. If your laminate countertop has several stubborn stains, then you can sprinkle some baking soda on these spots. 

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Add a few drops of water and make a paste. Let the mixture rest on those spots for at least five minutes. Afterwards, you can scrub those stains away with a soft brush. Make sure that you don’t scrub the countertop for longer. Otherwise, it can cause streaks.

When it completes, wipe out the countertop again with a semi-wet sponge. However, the countertop needs to be dry. Use a clean, dry towel to soak the excess moisture from the laminate countertop. Now, the next challenge is how to let the countertop not lose its shine.

Pour one tablespoon of white vinegar in a bowl of two cups of water. Mix it thoroughly and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the solution all over the laminate countertop. Give it some time to dry. Then, you have to wipe the countertop again.

So, these are the very basic steps that can turn your boring laminate countertops into luxury and shining ones. Try them at home and keep your laminate countertops beautiful as brand new.

How to Avoid the Fear of Streaks while Cleaning Laminate Countertops?

The major con of having a laminate countertop is that you might encounter wear and tear soon. While using harsh chemicals or sharp cleaning materials, there are chances that the laminate counter gets unwanted streaks. However, you can minimize them if you consistently use mild products.

For example, if you switch to mild dish soap and mix it with lukewarm water for cleaning, then the chances are less. On the other hand, using a microfiber cloth can give you an advantage in cleaning the countertop without getting streaks. Consider rinsing the cloth with water as soon as you are done wiping the countertop. Thus, it remains free from unnecessary harm.

Still, you are not done yet. Make sure that you let the countertops get dried naturally. You might consider another microfiber cloth to wipe out excess moisture from the countertop.

Ways to Take Care of your Laminate Countertops

When it comes to laminate countertops in your kitchen and bathroom, then only cleaning will not help. You need to take care of the laminate countertops. After all, you have to make them sustain for a considerable time to justify the investment. 

Here are some prime points that you should keep in mind while handling laminate countertops.

  • Don’t cut or chop vegetables directly on the laminate countertop. Instead, you should go for a butcher block or chopping board when you are using knives.
  • It’s not a good idea that the laminate countertops get in touch with hot objects. Use trivets and placemats to safeguard your countertops from heat.
  • If your countertop has got a stubborn stain, you might feel tempted to use bleach. It’s a big no for laminate countertops. Never ever use bleach on laminate countertops. It will lead to the discolouration of the countertop.
  • There are some specific cleaning and caring recommendations from the manufacturer’s side. Try to follow them if you don’t want to ruin your laminate countertop.
  • You should avoid the use of powdered learners such as suds. Avoid steel wool and scrubbing brushes to clean your laminate countertop.
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Is Laminate Countertop a good choice for your Household?

You are already aware of the fact that laminate countertops are prone to streaks. Additionally, you have to work hard to keep them shiny. Still, laminate countertops are affordable and stylish. 

Let’s go through the ups and downsides of laminate countertops:

Perks of Choosing Laminate Countertops

Countertops of your kitchen should be strong and versatile enough so that they can last for years. Laminate countertops can withstand much spilling and scratching. If you consider quality laminate, then they are resistant to scratches and stains, as well.

On the other hand, laminate countertops don’t catch fire easily. So, there are fewer chances of damage when they come in contact with heat and fire. Such laminate countertops can be easily handled for cleaning and can go a long way. Additionally, homeowners can select their choices from a variety of options, colour, and quality.

Disadvantages of Choosing Laminate Countertops

There is no controversy regarding the potentiality of laminate countertops against spilling and other accidents. The damage can go minimal. But, once the damage initiates, it’s almost impossible to reverse the damage. In addition to this, the damage tends to spread more and more. 

The layers underneath the top layer of the laminate countertop are prone to catch damages very easily. For instance, if there is any seam on the countertop, and you just glue it, it won’t work. And, if you apply glue over it, then the glued seams can be noticed. 

On the other hand, house owners have reported that swelling occurs in laminate countertops. The repair cost can go hefty on you. Moreover, you need to act swiftly; otherwise, the damage will engulf more room on the laminate countertop.

Daily Cleaning Regime for Laminate Countertops

There is no need to try the above-mentioned cleaning procedure every day to maintain your laminate countertop’s sanity. However, you have to maintain a daily cleaning routine for your laminate countertop. After all, you are cooking, spilling, and placing hot things on countertops. Hence, it’s usual that your countertop might catch streaks, stains, and heat. Additionally, it’s getting grease and grime.

And, for daily cleaning, you can rely on a soft cloth. If you think that grease is stubborn, then you can use mild dish wash and water. Make sure that you let the countertop dry completely. Or else, water might seep through the seams or joints in the laminate countertops.

What to do if your Laminate Countertop gets Damaged?

If you notice seams and scratches on laminate countertops, then you can visit your nearest hardware store. There’s a special paste available for addressing such seams on laminate countertops. And, there are different colours available that you can choose accordingly. If those damages are minor, try to address them as soon as possible.


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