Pros and Cons of Implementing Outsourced Software Testing

Many IT products enter the market annually, but unfortunately, not all are successful. It is because many developers need to pay more attention to testing. If you want to create a high-quality product to meet your business goals, it makes sense to turn to outsource testers. Today we want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution and what you should pay attention to when choosing a partner.

What is TaaS?

TaaS is becoming very popular today, and you may have already heard about this phenomenon. Before we discuss the benefits of outsourcing testing, there is a point to define TaaS.

TaaS is an acronym that stands for testing as a service. So, today, companies specialize exclusively in providing services for testing various software. Such companies bring together different testers who work in other IT industries. Usually, in such organizations, there are specialists with different levels of experience and knowledge, which allows them to perform tasks of varying complexity.

Why is testing necessary?

None of us are immune from mistakes. No matter how good your programming team is, the probability of errors remains relatively high. Many specialists may notice obvious errors working on the same project, so an outside perspective is needed.

In addition, many, even the most minor bugs, can become big problems when many people use your product. You want to avoid seeing your platform show access errors on the day of the sale.

A tester is an editor in the IT world. This specialist is engaged in a comprehensive study of the program code and tries to identify the slightest errors and vulnerabilities. The main goal of a tester is to understand whether your product can perform the functions for which it was created and how pleasant it will be to use.


Benefits of outsourcing testing

Practice shows that outsourcing testing has many advantages:

  1. Saving money. Hiring outsourcing employees is, on average, 30% cheaper than hiring them on staff. It is because you pay only for those hours when you need the help of an individual specialist, and there are no associated costs (office rent, bonuses, sick leave, or vacation pay).
  2. Save time. The search for a ready-made well-coordinated team takes much less time than the search for individual specialists and the coordination of the group.
  3. Saving other resources. Complex tests require special equipment and tools. When you hire outsourcing specialists, they already have everything you need.
  4. Access to unique knowledge. If you already have a team of testers, they may encounter a problem requiring more specific knowledge to complete the work. More experienced outsourcing testers can quickly solve this problem.
  5. Qualitative result. Outsourcing testers guarantee the excellent quality of the services provided because the reputation of the entire team depends on it.
  6. You can develop your business. When you outsource some tasks, you can take some of the burdens off managers so they can focus more on developing other business ideas.

By outsourcing testing, you can delegate some of the responsibilities of your team to specialized specialists and allow your employees to focus on equally important processes. On the site you will find more information about how the outsourcing quality assurance team works and you can find a large team of qualified specialists.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

As good as outsourcing is, this type of collaboration can have several significant drawbacks:

  • It is challenging to determine specialists’ competence levels at an early stage.
  1. Privacy and security issues. You need to provide access to your developments, and there is a possibility that they may fall into the hands of intruders or competitors.
  2. Work across borders. Collaboration with specialists from India or Indonesia is a good solution because the cost of a tester’s services here is much lower than in the US or Canada. However, you may encounter communication problems due to language barriers or time differences.
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Choosing a partner is a rather complicated process. Considering all these aspects, you can reduce the risks of the above problems to a minimum.

How to choose the ideal partner?

To make cooperation with outsourcing testers as pleasant and effective as possible, you must devote more time to choosing a partner company. In the first stage, you must carefully study what projects it has collaborated with before and what received feedback. You can also ask your friends what companies they work with and their impressions.

Involving a team of testers is essential in the early stages of software development. It will keep them current and catch errors before they lead to problems. Fixing bugs in the early stages takes less time, effort, and money than before the project’s release.

Before you start cooperation, you need to define the goals and objectives that you want to achieve. When you determine the scope of work, it will be easier to understand what skills testers need and how much such services will cost.

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