Reasons Why You Should Add a Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan to Your Home

Exhaust Fan

The primary function of wall mounted exhaust fans is simple: drive unpleasant air out, leaving fresh, clean air inside, such as when you’re cooking and dealing with a lot of odours. This functionality is well understood, but many homeowners overlook the other essential function of a wall mounted fan, which is to remove moisture from the air. 

 What Are Exhaust Fans & How Do They Work? 

Your home wall-mounted exhaust or extraction fan can assist you in maintaining the appropriate temperature and air quality in an enclosed space. For instance, you will find wall mounted exhaust fans in most bathrooms and kitchens in Australia. These fans transport odours, contaminants, and moisture from inside the house to outside. This ensures that musty, unclean, or even damp air is extracted to help ensure that your home stays pleasant, whether you’re cooking up a storm or have a steamy shower. 

While most wall mounted fans are operated by a switch and the discretion of the user, there are more advanced models that come with a monitoring program or sensor that alerts the device to turn on the exhaust when predetermined temperatures in the zone are surpassed. 

A large part of the appeal of wall mounted bathroom exhaust fans is their ability to deal with increased humidity and moisture quickly and efficiently in a space. Moisture issues caused by high humidity are one of the leading causes of structural decay. When you have a shower or bath, you are likely to see steam appear, if the water is warmer than the current room temperature. It is this temperature difference that generates the steam. 

Unfortunately, a steamy bathroom is the ideal breeding habitat for mould, fungus, and mildew, resulting in a foul odour and eventually decaying and deterioration of drywall, timber frames, furniture, and fabric. Thankfully, wall mounted exhaust fans are a perfect mechanism for removing humid air before it has a chance to condense, as well as to eliminate the unpleasant stench that may also persist. 

Similarly, exhaust fans can also quickly cool off spaces that have been hot because of activities such as cooking or bathing. Hot air is vented outdoors without activating the air conditioning system, moderating the temperature of that part of your house at a lower energy cost. 

What Are the Benefits of a Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan?

Saves Space & Keeps People Safe

Exhaust fans installed on the wall take up no floor space. As a result, they are great for locations where you must move around freely, such as gyms, warehouses, or workshops. They’re also perfect for smaller spaces, like bathrooms and kitchens, where you need to make the most of your floor space. 

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At the same time, wall mounted fans are also great when you have minimal ceiling space. This may be because of a vaulted or industrial ceiling, or simply an oversight when the building was obstructed. But this can be a real boon to DIY experts, as you don’t need to worry about ducting or a difficult installation. In fact, many wall mounted exhaust fans can be installed by the average Joe in a short amount of time. This can really save on money, while helping you get an enthusiastic sense of accomplishment.

Reduces Odour & Humidity

Wall mounted bathroom exhaust fans can help remove undesirable scents in the bathroom, making the next user more comfortable. Similarly, wall mounted extraction fans in kitchens can help remove odours and smoke from cooking, ensuring that the room does not smell like frozen fish or barbecue for very long. 

As well as removing these unpleasant odours, these wall mounted extraction fans help lower the humidity in spaces, helping prevent mould growth. Mould is not only unsightly, but it can also have extreme consequences on our health, including causing or exacerbating wheezing, nasal congestion, skin infection, itching and asthma. At the same time, excess moisture may also harm furnishings and structural components in the space, making the place unpleasant and even unsafe. 

Provides Optimal Air Circulation

Wall mounted exhaust fans can also help cool a space. This is particularly true if it is an outdoor wall mount fan that can be used to bring air in, as well as expel air from the space. As a result, you can get a cooling, fresh breeze into a space that does not otherwise have a lot of ventilation. 

How to Choose a Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan for Your Space  

There are several factors to consider while selecting an exhaust fan. Everything from the size of the space to the climate you reside in might influence the sort of exhaust fan you require. 

The Type of Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are available in three configurations: ceiling mounted, wall mounted and remote. Ceiling exhaust fans are placed in the ceiling and bring air in and out via the roof. Alternatively, a wall-mounted variant might be employed. For instance, if your restroom is on the first level, a wall mounted exhaust fan may be appropriate. When installing numerous vents in a big bathroom, inline or remote fans are employed. Choose and select your solution depending on the type of room you have and its requirements or restrictions. 

The Size of the Fan

To select the appropriate-sized exhaust fan, you must first determine the size of the room. To make room for fresh, breathable air, the exhaust fan must first remove dirty and musty air. As a result, it stands to reason that the size of the space is related to the power of the fan required. 

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One air change occurs each time the exhaust fan removes the whole volume of air in the space. The number of air changes to strive for is determined by a range of factors, including the type of room. In a restroom, for example, we recommend aiming for 15 air changes every hour. 

Look at the fan product’s specification to discover how much air it can remove in an hour. Divide the fan’s power by the size of the room to determine how many air changes it will accomplish. The amount of air changes achievable with this configuration is the answer. While there are additional aspects to examine, this data is a solid starting point to get the perfect size of an indoor or outdoor wall mount fan. 

Your Climate

In places where it is regularly colder outside than inside, you’re going to be seeing more condensation develop, particularly in warmer areas of the home like the kitchen or bathroom. As a result, you may need a more powerful or durable wall mounted exhaust fan for the space than someone living in a drier and warmer climate. 

Efficiency of the Fan

Some energy-efficient bathroom exhaust fans use significantly less electricity than standard models. Some bathroom fans also have an on/off timer, which saves power, and a moisture sensor, which causes the wall mounted fan to turn on only if there is moisture present in the air. There are also motion sensors added, which conserve energy by instantly shutting off the fan when someone departs the room. Look for these extra features when choosing a wall mounted exhaust fan for your house, as this can help improve the efficacy of the fan. 

Your Budget: 

When selecting an exhaust fan, consider the cost of both the device and the installation. Luckily, there are high-quality fans available at moderate costs. There are plastic exhaust fans and steel fans, both of which include additional features such as motion sensors and humidity detectors. Exhaust fans with lighting and LEDs are also available. But it all boils down to your budget and how much money you want to invest in a wall mounted exhaust fan. 

Will You Be Installing a Wall Mounted Extraction Fan in Your Home?

Ventilation is critical in any space. Without it, you may have issues with dampness, smells, and poor air quality in your house. For instance, a high humidity level indoors might encourage the growth of mould. Similarly, without sufficient ventilation, unpleasant smells will not disperse and will persist in your house. Aside from that, airborne pollutants can build up and create health issues. This is where a wall mounted exhaust fan is ideal to use. 

If you’re ready to improve the air quality in your home or space, and are looking for high-quality wall mounted exhaust fans, look no further than MJS Electrical Supplies. They have a wide range of quality exhaust fans, including wall mounted options, and additional ventilation systems available at affordable prices. 

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