The best Mac games 2022

Since the earliest days of home computing, games have played a large part in the technological revolution. From the computer scientists that created the first video games to the early adopters that drove demand for them, gamers have always driven the demand that has led to the success of the gaming industry today.

As the internet became more and more accessible, smartphones became ubiquitous, and home computing went from an idea to an expectation, gaming was always a part of the process of evolution.  The last couple of decades have seen gaming go from a niche hobby for those few that used computers to a mainstream pastime with billions of players worldwide. 

The rise in the number of gamers has seen mobile gaming grow swiftly which has had an impact on the number of people gaming from home. However, as new players are taking up gaming every year, the demand for home computers is still high and users have high expectations of their equipment.

While mobile gaming might be convenient, there is no substitute for the immersive experience of playing on a gaming spec computer from the comfort of your own home. The most avid gaming fans set their gaming space up to optimise their experience, with special furniture, accessories and gear to give them the best all-round sensory gameplay. 

Home computing for gamers

Hard-core gamers tend to invest heavily in their gear to enable them to experience the very best that their game has to offer, from high-definition graphics to studio-quality sound. Most tend to have some variant of a PC or Mac, and most will synch their devices to ensure that they have access to all their accounts, wherever they may be.


Mac users can download a wide choice of games from the app store, including popular favourites such as:

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Shooters: Always a popular choice among gamers, shooting games have always featured in the top games available. The Call of Duty franchise has become one of the most popular in this genre, and the latest version, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been no exception. Fortnite is still popular but has also been joined by others including Borderlands, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Metro Exodus. 

Although the overriding theme is that of shooting, the games all have distinct stories, whether that’s fighting mutants on a train in post-apocalyptic Moscow, defending a beautiful underwater city, or just shooting everyone you can see to survive.

Casino games: This is another of the most popular genres, with millions of players enjoying their favourite games online whenever and from wherever they like. Players can log on and play all the classic casino games including:

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Texas Hold ‘Em
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Slots

As with brick-and-mortar casinos, slots are among the most popular of all the casino games and players can find a wide variety of options and themes. Players can also find a great range of online slot providers offering a variety of promotions such as free spins to redeem against their slot games. 

Role-playing games: Those that appreciate a more gentle approach to escapism often enjoy role-playing games with achievable goals and engaging gameplay. Stardew Valley has continued to be one of the most popular well into 2022, with many gamers falling for the charms of owning and running a virtual farm: tending crops, feeding animals, crafting items for your house and more.

Life is Strange 2 is another role-playing game that follows the experiences of two brothers who are fleeing some unknown danger. The storyline is engaging and the graphics are amazing, giving gamers a chance to immerse themselves in the game and develop an understanding of the characters’ motivations. 

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Puzzle games: Putting players through their mental paces are several popular puzzle games including Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead in which players have to safeguard themselves against zombies by building structures such as bridges and traps.

In puzzle-lovers’ favourite Machinarium, you play as a small robot that’s trying to find its way back home  and the classic ‘point and click’ format is ideal for anyone that likes this kind of adventure. Goroga uses the same format, but players are tasked with protecting a magical beast, moving from one location to another using comic-book style navigation. 

Strategy games: For those that enjoy a little forward planning, strategy games are ideal and the Civilisation franchise has earned thousands of fans. Earlier versions saw players having to coax a group of settlers through their evolution and the most recent version, Civilisation: Beyond Earth, is based on a similar idea, but with spaceships that are going to colonise other planets to find somewhere for the human race to live.

Whatever kind of game you like playing, you can find one to play on your mac that suits you perfectly. You can also synchronise your devices to allow you to play some games on your mobile devices as well as a home computer. 

Although mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular, there are still those that prefer the comfort of playing at home. A well set-up computer in a well-chosen location can be a comfortable choice for anyone that wants a more luxurious option than playing while out and about on their mobile device.  



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