The Forest Crafting Guide

the forest crafting guide

Make guides for all the forest crafting guide in remote areas.

Production is an interaction, including the process of making new things by combining production materials the forest crafting guide. To make things but essential parts of things into inventory by right-clicking on each thing individually. After the right thing is done, an item will appear under the items in the list. Right-clicking on this thing will become the ideal thing, and you can right-click again to put it in the stock.

For example, to create Molotov, place fabric and alcohol on the crafting mat in the material’s center. When this content appears (as long as it is effectively completed, it will be displayed in an instant), right-click on it, and then right-click on the displayed Molotov instead of Cloth and Booze.

All recipes

So far, you can find a complete summary of all accessible creative materials in the game.

The making of the defensive layer

Reptile Skin Armor

Reptile skin

The most important enhancements in the game can be obtained by slaughtering reptiles-you only need to be prepared on the character. A total of 6 characters can wear this protection.

Warm clothing

Raccoon skin + 4x wild boar skin + 6x deerskin + rabbit fur + 2x cloth + 2x rope

Can meet the needs of comprehensive protection, in addition to blocking viruses.

Confidential Armor

Reptile skin + 15x leaves

An enhancement of the cautious ability similar to that obtained from reptiles but provided additional rewards for stealth. When you stay in the bushes, the enemy is less likely to spot you. A total of 6 characters can wear this cover.

Bone Armor

6x bone + 3x cloth

Provides a protective layer twice as thick as lizard leather armor. The character can wear a total of 6 bits of this enhancement.


5x stick + 2x rope

Shoes used on rest days can make the character move faster in the landscape. They cannot be worn with Rabbit Fur Shoes.

Rabbit leather boots

3x rabbit fur + 2x rope

Shoes made of hare skin can protect against cold or keep secrets. They cannot be worn with snowshoes.

Holder handicrafts the forest crafting guide


2x rabbit fur

Allow the character to store berries and mushrooms so that they can be swallowed or potentially used later (if not, the name will burn them once they are collected).

Stick bag

Hare fur + 2x rope + 3x cloth

Allow the character to transmit 20 (instead of 10).

Rock bag

Pigskin + 3x rope + cloth

Allows the character to teleport ten stones (instead of 5).

Throwable rock bag

Hare fur + rope

Allows the character to teleport 25 throwable rocks (instead of 10).


3x rabbit fur + rope

Allows the character to teleport 20 additional bolts.

Spear bag

2x wild boar skin + 2x deerskin + 2x cloth + 3x rope

Allow the character to communicate five spears (instead of 1).


2x Buckskin + Rope

Allows the character to store and move water (usually to be swallowed once collected).

Weapons, shots, and bombs



An indispensable ax, used for fighting and felling trees.


Rod + cloth + electrical tape

An indispensable and easy-to-create de-weapon, using a small amount of shaking as ammunition.

Bow created


An important bow and arrow can be used to fight barbarians and pursue them in the right way.

Redesigned stick


We redesigned the adaptation of Stick, slightly increasing the damage.

Updated rock


The variant of Rock has been updated so that players can use it to bargain the damage.

The rock has been completely overhauled, and players can use it to bargain for significant damage the forest crafting guide .

Weak spear

2x stick

An indispensable spear that can be used in combat and fishing.

Redesigned spear

Weak Spear + 2x Cloth + 3x Bone

The Spear variant has been redesigned to be surprisingly feasible when managing a single barbarian.

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Combustible spear

Updated spear + cloth + wine

Upgrade to an upgraded spear, which allows you to make enemies burst out suddenly.

Bolt (5x)

Stick + 5x feathers

A pack of elemental bolts can be used as ammunition for elegant bows.

Bone Arrow (5x)

Stick + 5x feathers + 5x bones

A pile of bone bolts, 40% higher than ordinary bolts.

Toxic substance arrow (5x)

5x arrows + 4x double berries

5x arrow + 4x snow fruit

So, 5x Arrow + Amanita Mushroom

5x Arrow + Jack Mushroom

Many injured bolts-when hitting an enemy, the enemy’s attack and development speed will be reduced for a few seconds.

Rockets (5x)

5x arrow + cloth + wine

Flammable bolts will burn the enemy.

Molotov cocktail

Material + wine

A dangerous thing that everyone knows is an advertising bomb filled with wine. Equipment is used to put all enemies into the fire. Note: You need to ignite (detonate) the “composition” of the mixed drink with a lighter!

bomb the forest crafting guide

Alcohol + circuit board + coin + watch + electrical tape

An indispensable bomb that can be made. The most vulnerable of all explosives in the game, but enough to kill most opponents in a single explosion.

Head bomb

Bomb + head

The updated variant of the bomb is the most impressive danger in the game. The equipment is used to perform almost all enemy attacks in a single explosion.

Sticky bomb

Bomb + juice

A sticky bomb that can achieve its primary goal. Surprisingly resist barbarians and freaks.

Redesign crafts

Harm escalation

Teeth + juice + weapons

Expands the damage of the Weapon by 0.1 focus while reducing the attack speed by 0.05. Redesigned weapons that can be used in various situations.

Damage upgrade+

Wine + juice + weapon

Build weapon damage with a focus of 0.2 while reducing attack speed by 0.1. Redesigned weapons that can be used in various situations.

Speed ​​upgrade

Quill + Juice + Weapon

It speeds up the Weapon by 0.1 and reduces the damage by 0.05. The update can be applied to weapons on various occasions.

Toxic substances upgrade

4x double berry + Weapon

4x Snowberry + Weapon

1x Amanita mushroom + Weapon

1x Jack Mushroom + Weapon

Overhaul of weapons using toxic substances. After some time, the Weapon will bargain while reducing the enemy’s attack and development speed.

Fire upgrade the forest crafting guide

Materials + weapons

An update that allows the Weapon to burn opponents.

Fire + Upgrade

Materials + wine + weapons

An improved and updated version of the previously described update.

Spotlight upgrade

Spotlight + electrical tape + chainsaw

Also, Spotlight + electrical tape + modern bow

Spotlight + electrical tape + handmade bow

Spotlight + electrical tape + Flintock pistol

Allows players to add flashlights to the overhaul of weapons. Therefore, you still want to illuminate the surrounding area while holding the Weapon.

Different item making


7x Cloth

Allows you to make ropes.

Blue paint

2x blueberries + juice

Allows you to make Blue Paint.

Orange paint

2x marigold + juice

Allows you to create orange paint.

Blue painted Weapon

So, Blue paint + plane ax

Blue paint + upgraded version of rock

Blue paint + upgrade stick

Allows you to paint one of the three weapons blue. It does not have any additional advantages.

Orange painted weapons

So, Orange paint + plane ax

Orange paint + upgraded version of rock

Orange paint + upgrade stick

Allows you to paint one of the three weapons oranges. It does not have any additional advantages.

Repair tool

2x sticks + rocks + 2x cloth + 10x juice

Allows you to make equipment that can be used to repair damaged structures.

Energy mix

Chicory + Coneflower

A caffeinated beverage that has precisely the same function as soda water and can rebuild energy.

Energy mix+

Chicory + Coneflower + Aloe

The caffeinated beverage was redesigned to rebuild the entire energy bar.

natural medicine

Aloe + Marigold

Re-establish the lost part of happiness.

Natural medicine+ the forest crafting guide

Aloe + Marigold + Carnation

Completely re-establish the happiness of the character.

The accompanying weapons can be overhauled: aircraft ax, refined axe, rusty ax, modern axe, cue, elegant cue, and upgraded wooden stick.

How would you make things in the backwoods?

Making is an ongoing interaction highlight where new things can be made by consolidating creating materials. To make a thing, place the thing’s essential segments in the stock by right-clicking everything independently. When finished with the right stuff, stuff will show up beneath the things in the store.

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What is the most grounded Weapon in the timberland?

The Crafted Club is a skirmish weapon in The Forest and a standout amongst other accessible. It has everyday details, being a sluggish weapon like different clubs. This Weapon will bargain seven harm for every hit and a speed of 2. However, what’s remarkable is the square estimation of 9, giving it comparative qualities to the Modern Ax, making it productive.

What weapons would you be able to create in the backwoods?

Weapons, bombs, and shots

Item Materials

Created Bow Stick + Cloth + Rope

Redesigned Stick Stick + Cloth

Redesigned Rock Rock + Cloth

Feeble Spear 2x Stick

How would you fill a Waterskin in the woods?

Utilize the old pot to accumulate dirtied water, place it on a lit Basic Fire or Fire Pit. Whenever it has bubbled, select the waterskin and press/hold E. This will move the substance from the old pot to the waterskin. Ensure you gather your old bank before leaving.

Does SOS do anything in the woodland?

SOS Signal – an SOS signal made with rocks. Setting it on the ground makes a plane show up in the sky. Right now (adaptation 1.0), players can’t interface with the plane in any capacity—family – four unique developments that show up after you beat the game.

What is the most grounded reinforcement in the woodland?

Dreadful Armor

Unpleasant Armor is the most grounded shield in The Forest. Frightening Armor decreases the player’s sneak capacity, making them more straightforward for Mutants and Cannibals to take note.

Would you be able to get bones in the quiet mode in the woods?

Playing in quiet mode can make it hard to acquire bones. Since there are no adversaries, bones should be found. … Thump down man-eater likenesses and discover legs and arms, copy them to get bones from them. Use Console Commands in the fundamental menu type developer mode on

FAQ of the forest crafting guide

Where is the Katana in the woods?

The Weapon is situated on the left, at the knees of the financial specialist. The cavern one exit can be utilized as an easy route to get the Katana all the more without any problem.

Where do you discover turtles in the woods?

While turtles may just be found along the southern portion of the island on the coastline, turtles can be found across most of the island close to the stream and different inland water groups, save for the mountains. This makes them the most dependable wellspring of turtle shells for players who adventure inland to construct.

Where do you discover water in the backwoods?

There are three sorts of water in the game:

Saltwater, found in the sea close by. It is undrinkable.

Contaminated water, found in lakes. It is drinkable yet will harm the player’s wellbeing.

New or clean water, made by getting precipitation in water gatherers or by bubbling contaminated water.

How would you rest in the timberland?

The activity for dozing begins when the player holds down the ‘Z’ key at that point, followed by a dark screen.

On the off chance that a savage is close by, endeavoring to rest will be fruitless. A savage moving toward the sanctuary will hinder rest.

Foes can’t slaughter you or assault you while you rest.

How do I cancel the protective layer equipment of the woodland?

There is currently no real way to eliminate protection definitively, but placing different coverings on top of the maximum reinforcement arrangement will eradicate other surfaces. Equipping warm clothing will get you out and put it back in your inventory because cold reinforcement replaces the defensive, protective layer.

Where did you find Timmy in remote areas?

Stage 2: Go to the red circle on the guide, then enter the cave, you will find the scuba. Stage 3: Go to the red process in the direction, then enter the cave. You will find the key card for the door. Stage 4: Go to the red circle on the guide, then enter the cave, you will find Timmy.

Can a cannibal swim in the woodland?

Barbarians and most freaks can’t swim, but by the way, they can enter the water without kicking the bucket. In any case, although the distance they avoid is much deeper than that of the middle basin, they can still walk a little into the water. The swimming creatures are fish, sharks, turtles, and crocodiles.

What is the role of red paint in remote areas?

The red paint formed an independent, non-antagonistic state among the barbarians, who would sit down and bend over or take a step back anyway. Dr. Cross knows about using Red Paint to indicate that the barbarian is inactive. Red paint can be seen everywhere on the island, especially in the three unique huge camps.

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