Top Puppy Housetraining Tips to Save Your Sanity


Puppies are the most adorable beings you will find. They come with fur and endless kisses! But one thing the puppy owners dread is the accidents. They just seem to disturb everything in the homes.

When you adopt or buy puppies, you should make up your mind about the accidents they will create. Further, there are two things related to puppy care. You must take your pets for walks regularly. Secondly, keep the pups within your sights in the initial months.

This will bring happiness both to you and your pup. There are other things you can try out as well.

Housetraining Tips for the Pups to Save your Sanity

  1. You Should Control Their Diets

When you housetrain your dogs, diet plays such a crucial role. It’s best if you feed your pups twice a day. There is no limit to their eating but you don’t want to make them obese. Some vets tell about three feedings per day.

Whatever you plan to choose, it should be comfortable for your pup. Adjust the diet and others will fall in place.

  1. Give a Schedule to Your Pups

Not just the feeding schedule, but make other schedules for your pup as well. Your pup should know the play timings and also nap time. Further, if your pup keeps on sniffing, then take them outside. They want to pee or potty. You can take your pups for a walk after the following:

  •         After food
  •         After nap
  •         First in the morning, etc.
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 3. Give Your Pup Potty Training

This is the most difficult thing to do. When you give potty training to your pups, their lives become manageable. An underground fence is mostly used while giving potty training. When they are 12 weeks of age, they will understand a lot of things.

But they can’t hold their potty for a long time. There are potty training pads you can keep inside the fences. When they are old enough, adjust their crate size. Put them outside and teach them potty training outside.

  1. Avoid Punishments for Your Dogs

When you punish your dogs, they get scared of you. Even if they mess up things, treat them nicely. Scolding is simply non-productive and it confuses your pup. When they do something nice, always praise them.

When you present them with treats, they will show good behaviour over and over again. Prevention is the only key to protecting the mess your pups do. Try to understand their body language and work accordingly.

It takes about 4 to 6 months to fully house and train your pups. The size also depends on when you plan to puppy train. When you are giving training, there will be mishaps. But you should include a management program. Your pup should remember the training you give them.

When to Begin With Puppy House Training?

You should start with puppy training when they are about 12 weeks old. During this time, they can control their bladders. Also, they learn how to hold their bowel movements. If you bring your pup after 12 weeks, the house training might take longer.

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Pups if trained properly, will listen to everything. Accidents are common when it comes to 1-year-old pups. But when you can prevent it, you should try. Consult with the vet regarding the processes you should take up.


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