Top7 educational TV shows you should watch.

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Parents are often thrust into the educator role as their children learn from home in the middle a new educational structure is emerging.

So parents are now under increasing pressure to make sure their child is learning, have fun, and keep them interested. Many parents find it difficult to manage their child’s education and work.

It’s okay for homeschoolers to take a break and use the television as a distraction. You don’t need to watch TV and learn simultaneously. This list contains the top educational TV shows that children can enjoy to support home education, we have also prepared a smart writing service review for you.



David Attenborough’s dulcet tones will transport you on a magical journey through oceans and amazon rainforests as well as polar climates. No matter your age, Planet Earth is sure to delight. The series uses stunning state-ofthe-art definitions and clever storytelling techniques to teach viewers about our planet.

The language used is simple and slow enough that children of all ages can understand it. Many people will love the scenery and animals.


Raj Singh, a real doctor, hosts ‘Get Well Soon’ and helps children learn how to stay healthy. The show features five puppets that help children to see the doctor and helps them understand how their bodies work.


Arthur, a beloved children’s TV program that has been airing for over 29 year, has been around since then. While many people may not see this show as educational in its traditional sense, it is a great program that addresses real-life issues such as friendship, family struggles, grief, and pursuing one’s goals and dreams.

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Some critics were raised in 2019 after the show aired an episode in which Arthur’s teacher Mr. Ratburn was married to his male partner. The majority of parents applauded the show’s ability to seamlessly and sensitively incorporate modern progressive views.


The Lingo Show is an offshoot of the Cbeebies site, and focuses on teaching children vocabulary in different languages. Each episode is focused on one language. Lingo, his team of talented bugs, teaches around ten words (hello, thank you) and also shows the sights and sounds from other cultures.

This program is ideal for children who are very young to learn about second languages.


Many children love Dora, Boots and Swiper the monkeys. They are bright, loud and friendly.

Dora embarks on an adventure every episode and asks children for help. They solve puzzles, teach numbers, shapes and colours, as well as basic Spanish words. Some episodes of Dora the Explorer can be found on the Nick Jr YouTube channel if there is no TV broadcast.


Sesame street is no longer airing, but this beloved US program from the creators the Muppets blends children’s education with entertainment and friendship. Bert, Bert, Elmo, Ernie, Bert and the Cookie Monster are all still on the air. Its ability to teach children sensitive issues such as death and failure has been highly praised by many.

Parents can still access SS’ wisdom on the Sesame St YouTube channel.


Horrible Histories is based on the best-selling books for children. It’s an entertaining and informative TV series that examines various periods of human history, starting with the horrible Victorians through to the funky Greeks.

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The show is a combination of comedy and brightly costumed actors, and it has the same snappy, crude humor that the books have.

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