Where Can I Watch American Underdog

Where Can I Watch American Underdog

If you are looking for a family movie with a powerful and encouraging message, look no further than American Underdog. It is a biographical movie made on the life of famous NFL player Kurt Warner. His story is heartwarming and inspiring. Despite the ups and downs in life, this movie reminds us that success is inevitable with persistence, hard work, and a relentless attitude. So where can you watch American Underdog?

American Underdog is streaming on Hulu. It is also available to buy or rent from digital retailers. Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Vudu, AMC On Demand, Youtube, DirecTV, and Redbox have American Underdog in their library. You can choose any of these platforms and stream the movie online.

Streaming Sites to Watch American Underdog

In the movie American Underdog, the struggling journey of Kurt and Brenda Warner is beautifully depicted. The characters are amazingly portrayed to the extent that it makes people forget that it’s art imitating life. The movie is truly inspirational for those who dream of something big for their lives.

Where Can I Watch American Underdog

Let’s see in which streaming service the movie is available:


The movie is about Kurt’s career, perseverance, and determination to become a great football player. He had to go through a lot of hardships in life to live his dreams. This is not a sports action movie. It’s about the real struggle of a regular guy. Even if you are a non-sports fan, you can enjoy the film because of the emotions and uncanny development of a true underdog.

If you are a Hulu subscriber, you can check out American Underdog. If this is your first time trying this streaming platform, you can take their 7-day free trial and stream the movie for free. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. First, go to the Hulu website and click on the “Start Your Free Trial” tab.
  2. You will have to enter some basic information like email or phone number there.
  3. Once you complete the sign-up process, you can enjoy the vast library of on-demand titles.
  4. At the top, there is a search bar. Look for the movie name there.
  5. Once you find the movie enjoy watching it.
  6. You can even add it to your watch list and watch it whenever you want.
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Happy watching!


iTunes offers the 4K and HD quality of the popular movie American Underdog. You can purchase or rent the film online through iTunes and enjoy it whenever you want. This platform charges $9.99 to buy the movie. Here’s how to watch American Underdog on iTunes:

First, go to the iTunes Store app on your Apple device. Next, search for the title. You will see American Underdog at the top of your search result.

Click on it to go to the movie page. On that page, you will find the “Buy” option. Please select it and enter the payment details.

Once you’ve made your purchase, the movie starts to download to your device. You will find it in your iTunes account’s “Movies” section.

Now sit back and have a great family time watching American Underdog.

Google Play

American Underdog is a real-life story brought to life by great acting and direction. The cast did a fantastic job portraying the movie’s characters and made the story as realistic as possible. The audience could relate to the film as all the emotions came from the screen to the heart.

Kurt Warner was a man of honor, integrity, and perseverance. Not many people got kicked in the teeth for so long as he did, and he still worked hard to achieve his dreams.

Fortunately, American Underdog is available on Google Play. Here’s how to watch it:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and select the “Movie & TV” section.
  • Search for the movie American Underdog.
  • The film will appear at the top of your search result. Select it.
  • On the movie page, you will find several related information about the film. At the top, there are two options “Buy” and “Rent.”
  • Choose one according to your budget and entertainment needs and complete the payment process. If you want to buy the movie, you will have to pay $10.99. On the contrary, with the rental option will have to pay just $3.99. Both of the alternatives offer 4K quality film.
  • As now you have paid for the movie, click on the movie and enjoy watching it.


American Underdog is an excellent story of an athlete and the struggles he went through along with his girlfriend, who later becomes his wife. He and his family had to face hardship to make day-to-day needs meet. Even in such circumstances, he didn’t stop dreaming of being a footballer. After overcoming all those wrong phrases, he finally succeeded in changing his life. Overall, it is an excellent and inspirational movie.

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Where Can I Watch American Underdog

Redbox is a popular digital retailer to buy or rent movies and TV shows online. American Underdog is also available on this platform. You can rent the film at the lowest price from Redbox for just $1.99. However, to purchase the movie, you will have to spend $9.99.

Redbox also offers on-demand streaming. For the classic movies, they charge $2, and for the latest movies, they charge $4.

However, let’s see how to stream American Underdog on Redbox:

First, go to the Redbox website and search for the title American Underdog. It should appear at the top of the search bar. Now select it. On the movie page, there are both buying and renting options. Choose one of them and complete the payment procedure.

After this, the movie will start to download on your device. You can start watching the film once the download is finished.


Frequently Asked Questions on Where Can I Watch American Underdog

Can I watch American Underdog On Disney Plus?

If you are a Disney Plus subscriber looking for American Underdog to watch on Disney Plus, you are out of luck. The movie is not on this platform. To watch American Underdog, starring Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, Ser’Darius Blain, and Dennis Quaid, you will have to head toward Hulu or other digital retailers.

Can Kids Watch American Underdog?

There are several strong languages, drinking, violence in the football course, and a little bit of sexual content. All these can be disturbing to the children. So it would be better if parents consider all these things before letting their child watch the movie. But it should be ok for older teens like 14 or above.

Was American Underdog a Success?

There are mostly good reviews for American Underdog, but it was not a box-office hit. The movie grossed $26 million against its production budget of $25 million. It was nominated for the Inspirational Film/Series in 2022. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds 75% ratings.


There are plenty of options if you are looking for a way to watch the inspirational movie American Underdog.

If you prefer a streaming service, then there is Hulu. You can get a Hulu subscription and watch the movie there. It is also available to buy or rent from digital retailers. You can check Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Vudu, AMC On Demand, Youtube, DirecTV, and Redbox. American Underdog is available in all these digital platforms’ libraries.

You can choose any of those options and stream the movie online with your family and friends. I’m sure you will end the film with an inspirational spirit in you.

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