A Quick Guide to Promoting Better Sleep during Unprecedented Times

Promoting Better Sleep

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled countries and has raised a high level of havoc all across the world. Not only has it crippled the economy but also the peace and mental stature of people residing all across the globe. For more information about kids mattresses visit Eco Kids.

It has disrupted the lives of humans and has also gone to the extent of snatching a peaceful sleep. But we need to understand that a proper sleep pattern is mandatory during these unprecedented times as it can help dampen the effect of the pandemic. 

But the truth is that these days’ people are merely struggling to get ample sleep. If you are someone facing the same struggles, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to get over your sleep problems when the air of melancholy surrounds you:

Skip caffeine

It may be pretty relishing having a hot cup of coffee late in the night, but it can affect your sleep pattern adversely. It can cause you to stay awake for an extended period if you have caffeine just before going to bed. 

It is okay to have those brews if you have to stay awake to meet your work requirements; otherwise, always avoid late-night coffee to welcome a peaceful sleep.

Let in the natural light

With the advent of electricity, all we rely on is the artificial lights that we get from tube lights and bulbs. We have forgotten the natural light all over; hardly would we find people who get up from their beds and make way for the natural light to enter inside their rooms. 

But you will be surprised to know that natural light can control our biological clocks. Hence, you should essentially expose yourself to the natural light to maintain a life balance. Also, during these challenging times, when everything seems to be gloomy, natural light can work wonders to fill you up with some new spirits and energy.

The bed should be for sleeping purposes only

It seems quite comfortable to sit back and binge-watch or adopt work from home by sitting in your bed. But going by the words of experts, your bed should never be used for any other activities except sleep. 

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Using a bed solely for sleeping purposes makes an association between your mind and bed and sends in a message to your brain that it’s sleep time as soon as you slip down on your bed.

Experts suggest that if you are facing difficulty in sleeping and tend to toss left and right in the absence of sleep, you should consider getting up from the bed if you have been tossing for more than twenty minutes. 

Further, you can get yourself involved in any other activity and then try heading back to the bed again; there will be a higher chance of getting an easy sleep.

Always have a clean bed

Your beds are the only place where you can unwind yourself and doze off into a deep slumber to get relaxation from your day-long tiring work, and thus it needs to be clean and maintained at all times. 

A clean and well-organized bed stands to be welcoming for a person to drop down and zizz. Frequently change the bedsheets and introduce comfortable and fluffy pillows at your disposal to create an inviting setting for dozing off. Further, also consider replacing your mattress, bed sheets, and pillows when you happen to find that they are no more worth using.

Relaxation Techniques

Usually, what people generally do is to have dinner and head towards their bed to sleep. But this is a wrong practice that most of us have been following for ages. Firstly, you should never go to sleep just after having dinner because your food is not in a digested format and thus may give you difficulty in sleeping. 

Secondly, practicing some relaxing techniques before going to bed can ease down your sleep struggles.

Try doing some meditation, switch on some soft music, read a book, and slowly you will find yourself feeling sleepy. But ensure that you are not reading anything sad or tragic because during these times when you already have a lot of bad news to hear, reading something tragic can make things worse and affect your sleep adversely.

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Adopt a total blackout of electronic devices

Your cell phones and other electronic devices can make it difficult for your brains to doze off and get you adequate sleep as per your sleep cycle calculator. Thus, opt for a complete blackout of all such electronic devices that serves as a hurdle to your pathway of adequate sleep. 

Especially during these gloomy times when there is so much to hear about what’s going around in the world, hearing news before going to bed can create a sense of panic and fear which can end up in sleeplessness. 

Thus, make sure that you distance yourself from all such devices at least an hour before you plan to sleep. All your binge-watch instincts, news, etc., should part ways with you beforehand so that it doesn’t interfere with your body clock and stimulate a hard-to-sleep syndrome. 

Set a bedtime

A bedtime routine is a must for every individual. Sometimes it is okay to stay back late at night to complete your chores, but it shouldn’t become a regular fashion. For this, everyone must chalk out a bedtime schedule that prompts you, ‘it’s time to sleep.’ 

Also, ensure that you set the routine such that it gives you an adequate eight-hour sleep that lets your body have ample relaxation and allows you to wake up without any alarm clock. 


We understand that we cannot take control of the things that are happening all around us. But we need to realize that we are all in this together and should display an attitude that can calm our nerves rather than making us anxious all the more. And, that can come only when we allow our bodies to have enough sleep and relaxation. 

Sometimes, you may have a sleepless night due to some or other reason, but it should not become a daily trend; otherwise, it may affect your body and mind. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you beat the stress of sleeplessness and promoting better sleep during these challenging times. 


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