Twitch marketing trends that you should focus in 2021

Twitch marketing trends

Streaming was invented for gamers, but it’s evolving and evolving. It’s easy to infer this if you look at the Chat tab on Twitch – it rarely has less than 100,000 viewers. The streaming market is now valued at over $10 million and continues to grow. Marketers cannot ignore such a big piece of the pie and use Twitch as one of the platforms to promote. Let’s talk about the benefits of this approach and the possibilities for advertising your brand. Today we will talk about the beauty of the Twitch. The streaming is the space where you can easily place any product. The Streamoz team will help you to get better Twitch marketing trends and services with the fast delivery and customer-oriented process. We will cover every little aspect of success on the platform. 

Why marketers have to use Twitch

Ignoring sites with huge traffic and loyal audiences is a bad idea. Now we will show what we are for – just look at the statistics.

  • Twitch is popular. Checking on gives 144 million views per day and 32 million visitors over the same period. According to the Alexa ranking, this is the 33rd site in the world. An excellent base for sales.
  • Users are loyal to ads. For viewers, the statement “a streamer cannot survive without advertising” is an obvious reality. If financial pyramids or various fraudulent schemes are not promoted in the broadcast, there will be little negativity. And viewers of small streamers will perceive the brand as the savior of their idol.
  • The audience is solvent. Twitch users are mostly male (81.5%), 55% of them are in the paying age from 18 to 34 years old.
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Audience Twitch – who are these people?  

Such a question is almost always met with skepticism. Like, “On twitch youngsters are sitting without money.” Well, this is partly true – Twitch’s main audience is gamers between the ages of 14 and 26. 80% of users are men. They are mainly interested in games, computers and IT.  According to a SimilarWeb report, Twitch has a monthly audience of 28 million unique users, with an average user spending 95 minutes a day on the streaming platform. These people regularly buy monthly premium subscriptions and subs to access unique emoticons and other benefits. The average price of such a subscription is $7-9. The report also says that 22% of the traffic on the site is from the United States, followed by Germany, Korea and France. 

With gamers sorted out. However, this is not the entire Twitch user base. In addition to players, adults are actively involved in online broadcasts. This applies to non-game streams: cooking shows, Q/A programs, psychologists’ streams or conversational programs. You should not immediately abandon this audience, because it is she who, in the end, may turn out to be the target for the product.  With such an audience, advertising on Twitch is a fairly effective tool for promoting goods. Let’s take a look at successful examples of foreign brands.

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