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Alix Earle gained popularity from TikTok and generated a huge following within a short duration. She is famous for her ‘GRWM’ or ‘Get Ready with Me’ videos. Her social media personality has increased curiosity about her life, and just like you, I want to know what is Alix Earle net worth.

With more than five million followers on TikTok, She gained her name It Girl and Hot Best Friend. If you are curious about her, check out the details below to know her family, age, career, and of course Alix Earle Net Worth.

NameAlix Ashley Earle
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Model
DOB16 December, 2000
Parent(s)Thomas ‘TJ’ Earle ( father), Alisa Maniaci (mother) , Ashley Alexandra Dupre (stepmother)
Years active2020- present
Alma MaterUniversity of Miami (BBA)
Height5’8 Feet
Instagram Account@alix_earle
Instagram Followers3M
Twitter Account@alix_earle
TikTok Account@therealpesopluma
TikTok Followers5.7m
Youtube ChannelAlix Earle

Childhood and Early Life

Alix Ashley Earle was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  She is the daughter of Thomas’ TJ’ Earle. He is a construction magnate in Wall Township in New Jersey.

He married Alisa Earle, and they had two children. The couple, however, divorced in October 2013.  Later, Alix’s father married Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a former call girl.

Education and Masters

Alix Earle attended her high school in Red Bank Catholic High School in New Jersey. As for the university, she graduated in May 2023 from the University of Miami. Alix got her degree in marketing from Allan Herbert Business School.

Earle endowed the Alix Earle Scholarship for business school students in August 2023.

Career and Breakthrough

In 2020, Earle started to share her reels on TikTok. She was in her freshman year at the University of Miami during that time.  Alix posted videos like dancing, lip-syncing, comedy, etc.

In her first video, she showed her outfits with her friends that were made of trash bags. Apart from this, she has a list of hit videos, including I’m Not Like Other Girls, When Your Crush Texts You, and Reacting to Hate Comments. She worked with TikTok stars like Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, and Tyler Wade.

In her interview with The Howard Stern Show in 2023, Earle stated that she attempted to have a perfect and idealized persona.

Earle said there was no idea when she started, but she wanted to be perfect as it was the only way to go, according to her.

Apart from TikTok, she is also a strong presence on Instagram. She shares lifestyle photos, modeling shots, selfies, and more. Alix shares posts and stories promoting items and brands on her account.

The Popularity Of ‘Acne And ‘GRIMM’ On TikTok

In the summer of 2022, there was growth on Earle’s TikTok account. During that time, she was going through acne stemming from the facial cyst.  Her manager told her that she had to do a sponsored video on her platform.

While she felt relented due to acne it turned out to be her breakthrough. She felt this would help others feel related and help those who feel confident even with acne. Earle described that the video received a lot of support and positive response.

After that, she started to post her ‘GRMM or Get Ready With Me,’ where the influencer discussed her makeup routine and daily life.

The idea worked for her and she gained popularity among the viewers. She gained around 2 million new followers on her TikTok by the end of 2022.

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The Rise Of ‘It Girl’ And Forbes

Alix Earle broke up with her boyfriend, Tyler Wade, in December 2022.  This led to more audience and followers on her TikTok. In January  2023,  Earle became the It Girl on her platform.

After a few weeks of the breakup, there were more than 2 million followers, and in April 2023, she gained 5.6 million. On average, per post, she received 2 – 30 million views, which made her famous and she gained recognition all over.

Earle was also announced as one of the content partners of The Unwell Network by Alexandra Cooper in August 2023.

In 2023, Alix was also listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

The Alix Earle Effect

Gaining popularity and loyalty from her fans helped the influencer to create The Alix Earle Effect. The story behind it is that any product gets sold fast when Alix promotes it on her account.

As per Ubiquitous, Alix’s marketing company said one of her videos resulted in a 100% product search in a day. Earle earns around $40,000 to $70,000 for her sponsored videos. It is massive when considering the amount of money influencers struggle to make every day all across the globe.

Alix Earle’s Parents and Siblings

Since her popularity increased, people have become more and more curious about Alix Earle net worth, lifestyle, and parents.

During an interview with Elle in August 2023, Alix said she has a modern family where it’s normal for them to hang out together and go on trips with her dad, mother, and stepmother together.

While there isn’t a lot of details regarding their equation, we can assume that they are quite supportive of each other. Her birth parents are amiable and that keeps Alix quite sane.

Alix and Her Stepmother

Alix is his first daughter from his marriage with Alisa Earle. But after the divorce, Thomas married Ashley Earle. Even though Ashley is Alisa’s stepmother, they have a good relationship.

Talking about multiple occasions about her relationship with her stepmother, Alix said they are close and found a common point. No matter what happened in the past, they have gotten past it and now live as a family.

She said there was a time when Alix felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. Her father asked her to talk to Ashley as she has more experience in dealing with situations like the media. Because of this, both Alix and Ashley developed a good relationship.

She added that her stepmom helped her overcome many things and guided her through tough situations.

Alix’s Siblings

Alix has an older sister, Ashtin Earle, who also gained some popularity on social media because of her. Apart from her, she has three step-siblings, Izabel, Penelope, and Thomas Earle.

There are a lot of times when her family makes an appearance on her account. Social media now knows all of them through Alix.

Alix Earle net worth

Alix Earle, a 22-year-old Influencer, is making headlines for her popularity. People are curious about her and the Alix Earle family net worth.

Since her popularity skyrocketed, her followers on TikTok have become 4.2 million from 1.2 million. Earle has an authentic approach, which makes most products she recommends sell out within a few days.

The prime source of income is her social media platforms, sharing content regarding fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. In her ‘GRWM’ vlog, Day in the Life, shopping hauls-like videos gained a lot of views.

This helped her create a collaboration with some of the biggest beauty brands, like Rare Beauty, owned by Selena Gomez.

Alix Earle Net Worth 2023$7 Million
Her Annual Income$1 Million
Earnings From TikTok$630,000
Earning From Modeling$100,000
Inheritance$3 Million

Alix Earle Parents Net Worth

Alix’s Father is a rich and successful owner of a construction company. He earns millions, thanks to his real estate ventures in New York.

Thomas is also known for being a close friend of Former President Donald Trump. Alix spent her childhood in a luxury house with 7 bedrooms in New York.  Alix Earle dad net worth is $15.7 Million.

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Relationship Status and Dating History

Fans also wanted to know if the TikTok star is in a relationship or not. Alix was spotted together with Braxton Berris, an NFL player.  They have been spotted together in different places throughout May 2023.

They also hung together at the Palm Tree Festival, hosted in Westhampton, New York.  The official Instagram page of the music festival shared Alix and Braxton’s photos. But there is no confirmation from both sides regarding them dating.

Alix Earle and Tyler Wade

Before Braxton, Alix made headlines when she published her relationship with Tyler Wade. But they ended their relationship within three months.

Talking about her relationship with Tyler, she shared on TikTok Live. Alix said they were never together after that.  She didn’t want to disclose it publicly as she didn’t want to deal with things.

Furthermore, some aspects of their relationship made her unhappy. Talking about an incident, Alix said he never posted her photos. The couple went to a wedding and took some good photos together. But he didn’t share any of her photos.


The 22-year TikTok Star was also involved in some controversies. Here is a list of things that put her in bad light:

Black Community Beauty Products Recommendations

In December 2022, Alix uploaded a video recommending Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Oil to their viewers. The product was from Mielle Organics, which is a black-owned product. The product was ideal for the particular community and for textured hair.

But after being suggested by Alix,  it sparked concern among the black community as it’s one of their products. Also, it would be sold out and not accessible to those whom it was originally created for.

Not just that, it raised a concern regarding the brand as they might change the product’s formula or might increase the prices. However, the brand published a statement on Instagram denying all these claims.

Maybelline Concealer Shade

Earle faced criticism when she shared her video using a darker shade of Maybelline concealer as a contour. She used her Amazon storefront and recommended the Maybelline Fit Me in Cocoa shade to their followers.

Due to this, concern among people was raised about the product not being available to those with that skin tone.

Kissing A Minor

Alix Earle found herself in controversy for kissing Sebastian, a minor who is 17 years old. However, the influencer took her social media to address the controversies.

Defending herself, she commented that she didn’t know about that. Further, she claimed she discovered it simultaneously as the audience did.

Slammed For Flaunting Leftovers

Alix Earle was also slammed when she flaunted her drunk orders that were enough to feed more than 45 people. But she only eats a tiny portion.

Sharing it on TikTok, she proudly talked about how she over-ordered for two people. The food had many things like burgers, pizzas, onion rings, nachos, and fries.

The social media users commented, sharing their disbelief and disappointment to praise such food wastage. The comments also mentioned that doing such a thing is a red flag. The behavior should not be praised or promoted.

On and Off Relationship with Tyler Wade

Alix’s personal life also made headlines, especially her relationship with Tyler Wade. He is a Yankee player, and they both dated. However, Alix shared that they broke up, but later, they found each other. Not Just that, it was also rumored that she cheated on him while being in a relationship.

Flaunting Wealth and Toxic Behavior

The TikTok star is accused of flaunting her wealth in her TikTok and posts. Also, she has been seen over-purchasing even though she had the item before. The comments pointed out that she purchased Dyson Air Wrap twice and the product cost $600.

Apart from this, some commenters pointed out that Alix has a problematic and toxic influence on the young generation who copies what she does.

Final thoughts

Alix Earle is gaining popularity among social media audiences. From creating content on TikTok to being listed in Forbes, The influencer is becoming a successful personality online.

She started making videos in 2020, creating a strong fan base. Due to her authenticity and true self, Alix created her market where her audience will buy no matter what she sells.

It helped her make the first choice of brands, celebrities, and famous names to promote their products.


1. Why is Alix Earle famous?

Alix is a famous TikTok influencer who gained popularity for her ‘GRWM’ videos.

2. How old is Alix Earle?

She is 22 years old this year.

3. Who is Alix Earle’s boyfriend?

Alix is rumored to be dating Braxton. She was previously in a relationship with Tyler Wade for three months.

4. How much money does Alix Earle charge for promotions?

Alix charges more than $45,000 for each promotional video.

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