Animal Crossing Switch Bundle: It’s about the game you love

animal crossing switch bundle


In today’s world, everyone is busy with their lives. No one has any time to waste. But technology has blessed us with many gifts. So, we can spend our free time doing what we love to do. There are lots of games right now. And these games give us pleasure. So, we spend our free time playing these games. Even there are many kinds of games. So, you can choose the type of games you love. And you can enjoy your free time playing that game. Animal Crossing is a famous video game series. And this game requires a console. So in this article, we are going to talk about the Animal crossing switch bundle. Because it is about the game, you love.

 Video games for fun

In this covid-19 pandemic, we all are in mental stress. We all are having a really tough time. Because we can not hug the person, we love. Even if that person gets sick, we can not touch him. We have to keep our distance from them. Also, many people are in-home quarantine. In this situation, it is very important to take care of our mental health. And the only medicine for our mental health is happiness. So, everyone should do what makes him happy. For example, if you love to paint. And painting makes you happy. Then you should spend your free time doing paintings. And if you love to watch movies, then you should watch movies in your free time.

And if playing video games makes you happy. Then video games are the medicine for your mental health. There are tons of video games that you can play. For example, Mario, Minecraft, call of duty, animal crossing, etc. 


Animal Crossing

Maybe you are thinking, “What is animal crossing?”. So, in this part of the article, we are going to discuss about animal crossing.

It is a video game series. And you can describe animal crossing as a video game series that deals with social simulation. A Japanese video game company Nintendo Co, Ltd., published this amazing game. On the other hand, engineer and game designer Hisashi Nogami and Katsuya Eguchi created this game.

In this game, you are a human being. And you have to carry many tasks. For example, bug catching, fishing, and fossil hunting. In this game, you live in a village which is full of various animals. There are some great things about this game. And these great things made the game more enjoyable. The open-ended kind of gameplay made this game notable. Also, the heavy use of its famous gaming console attracts users. 

Nintendo published this fantastic game on April 14, 2001. And after that, the company released many versions of the game. But in 2001, this game was only available in Japan. Because the company did not release the game worldwide. But the reality has changed. This game has become famous through time. And a study states that Nintendo sold around forty million units of this game worldwide. Also, crossing animal is a critically and commercially successful game. The latest release date of animal crossing is march 20,2020. In the upcoming sections, we will talk about different versions of the animal crossing game. 

Different versions of Animal Crossing

Nintendo released its first version of the animal crossing game in 2001. But they did not release the game worldwide. They released it for Nintendo 64 in Japan. Also, this game was modified and released in the same year for GameCube. But the good news came in 2002. Nintendo released The first animal crossing game in North America in september of 2002. And it was released in Australia in the following year. Also, the company released Animal crossing in Europe in september of 2004. 

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The second version of Animal Crossing is called Animal Crossing Wild World. And this version of the animal crossing game was released in 2005. But Nintendo decided to release this game at different times in different regions. And Nintendo first released Animal Crossing Wild World in Japan. Nintendo released the game in November, 2005. Then they released this game in North America (December 5, 2005). Also, on 8th December 2005, it was released in Australia. And finally, on 31st March 2006, Nintendo launched “Animal Crossing Wild World” in Europe.

Nintendo released the third version of the game in 2008. The name of this version of the game is “Animal Crossing: City folk.” It was a global success. As a result, Nintendo launched this game in many countries. For example, Japan, America, Australia, and Europe. Even Nintendo released the game in South Korea after 2 years of the actual releasing date. 

The last two versions of Animal Crossing 

The 4th version of animal crossing is called “Animal Crossing New Leaf.” And this version of the game was for Nintendo 3DS. In 2012, Nintendo released this amazing game in Japan. Then in 2013, Nintendo released this game in North America, Australia, and Europe. And for the first time in the history of Animal Crossing games, the player is the Mayor. Hence, it was a huge update in the game. So, people loved this version of the game. And that leads this game to international success. 

The 5th and the final version of the animal crossing game are “Animal Crossing New Horizon.” Nintendo announced this game in 2018. Also, Nintendo introduced this game to the Nintendo Switch. As a result, the term “Animal crossing Switch bundle” became famous. Because this refers to the animal crossing switch bundle, which you can use to play the game. But Nintendo released this game in March 2020. 

And just in one month, 5 million copies of this fantastic game was sold. The covid 19 pandemic caused social distancing. So, people started to spend their time inside their home. As a result, people wanted something to do in their free time. So, Animal crossing was the perfect way to enjoy their free time. Hence, we can see that it brings huge success to the fifth version of animal crossing.

The spin-off of animal crossing

The animal crossing is a huge success. And this is famous around the world. So, along with the main series of the game, Nintendo published spin-off games of animal crossing. The name of the first game (spin-off) of animal crossing is “Animal Crossing: Happy Home designer.” Nintendo released this game in 2015. This game was about designing houses based on the villagers requests.

The second spin-off game is “Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.” Also, Nintendo released this game in 2015. But this game was not a success for the animal crossing series. Critics gave negative reviews to this game.

Nintendo released all their games for their own products. For example, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Switch, and many more.

How famous is Animal Crossing?

Nintendo is a famous Japanese company that releases the game series “Animal Crossing.” Animal Crossing is a famous game series. But how would you know this game is so famous! Well, no one has to explain that. Because, the statistics will do that for you.

In 2020, Nintendo released their latest version of animal crossing. People around the world bought 26.04 million units. Even, this version of animal crossing has the highest rating on Metacritic. And it scored 91 out of 100. The second highest-rated animal crossing game is “animal crossing new leaf.” It scored 88 out of 100 on Metacritic. Even people bought 12.82 millions of units of this game.

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Nintendo earned millions of dollars from animal crossing series.

Animal crossing switch bundle

The famous company Nintendo released their new product Nintendo switch. The Nintendo Switch supports the final version of animal crossing, “Animal crossing new horizon.” And that makes the animal crossing switch bundle more famous. During covid-19 pandemic, people stayed in their home. They worked from home. So, whenever they find free time, they wanted to enjoy the time. Hence, the right choice for them was animal crossing switch bundle. So, you can play a fantastic game. And enjoy your free time. 

The animal crossing switch bundle contains many things. for example, Nintendo Switch console, Nintendo Switch dock, joy-con, and many more. Even the animal crossing switch bundle comes with joy-con wrist straps 

and joy-con grip. And not to mention the high speed HDMI cable, and Nintendo Switch AC adapter come with the box. 

But a animal crossing switch bundle may cost you 199$ to 299$. And that depends on which model of animal crossing switch bundle you want to buy. 


Animal crossing switch bundle vs PS4 vs Xbox One

Animal crossing switch bundle is a product of a famous Japanese company Nintendo. On the other hand the ps4 is a product of Sony. And Xbox one is a product of Microsoft. But all these devices serve the same goal. And that goal is gaming. People use these devices to play video games. But which one is the best among them?

The Nintendo Switch is kind of a mobile device. But on the other hand the PS4 and Xbox is like computer. Because they have more computation skills. The Nintendo Switch runs at 720p 60fps on its own integrated screen. But both Xbox and ps4 run at 1080p nowadays. Even Xbox and ps4 is capable of running a game in 4K resolution. But Nintendo switch cannot do that.

Now if we talk about storage. Then Xbox and ps4 are clear winner. But Nintendo is comparatively new in the business. Hence, you can not match with the boss. But still Nintendo is giving a good fight. 


Frequently asked question and answers of animal crossing switch bundle

Question 1: what is animal crossing?

Answer: Animal crossing is a famous game. A popular gaming company, “Nintendo” developed this game. Nintendo first published this game in 2001. And after a great success of the game, Nintendo released more versions of the game in the later years. 

Question 2: How famous animal crossing is?

Answer: In 2020, Nintendo released their latest version of animal crossing. People around the world bought 26.04 million units. Even, this version of animal crossing has the highest rating on Metacritic. And it scored 91 out of 100. The second highest-rated animal crossing game is “animal crossing new leaf.” It scored 88 out of 100 on Metacritic. Even people bought 12.82 million of units of this game. So, you can now understand how famous animal crossing is. 

Question 3: Is Nintendo switch better than PS5?

Answer: Nintendo is like a very good mobile phone. But PS5 is like a computer. There are many games that you can run on your ps5 and can not run that on your Nintendo switch. But Nintendo is portable. Hence, if you are looking for a portable gaming device. Then Nintendo switch is the choice for you. 


Question 4: can Nintendo switch run video games in 4K?

Answer: Nintendo switch is a really good device. But it has some limitations. It can run video games in 720p 60fps. And maximum 1080p 60fps if it’s connected to a TV.


Conclusion of animal crossing switch bundle

In a situation like this, when we all are in mental stress. We need something in our life that can cheer us. Because, if we don’t have something like that in our life we might lose our mind. And video games are great things. And they can cheer us. Video games can put a smile on our face. Animal crossing is that kind of video game. It is a famous game. And people around the world bought 5 million units of the latest version of the game just in one month. And animal crossing switch bundle game the experience more beautiful. Even that makes the game more enjoyable while playing. Video games helped many people mentally. It is important for our mental health.


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