Clint Eastwood Net Worth: How Wealthy is Dirty Harry?

Clint Eastwood Net Worth

Clint Eastwood is a silver screen legend, a former politician, and one of the richest celebrities. Famous for his iconic roles in Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby, Clint has won Oscars four times. So, it won’t be difficult to guess that Clint Eastwood net worth is a huge amount.

Clint Eastwood bio

NameClint Eastwood Jr.
DOBMay 31, 1930
Place of birthSan Francisco, California
Place of residenceCalifornia
EducationPiedmont High School, Oakland Technical High School
ParentsClinton Eastwood Sr. (father) and Ruth Eastwood (mother)
SiblingJeanne Bernhardt (sister)
SpouseMaggie Johnson, Maggie Eastwood
ChildrenScott, Francesca, Morgan, Kyle, Alison, Kimber, Laurie, Kathryn
Political PartyLibertarian
Production CompanyMalpaso Productions
Net Worth$375 million

Now stay tuned to learn in detail about the net worth of the ‘Man with No Name’.

Clint Eastwood net worth

In 2023, Clint Eastwood net worth is $375 million. From movie profits to real estate investments – he has various income streams. Have a look at his net worth timeline and you’ll notice that it witnessed constant growth:

Net Worth of Clint Eastwood in 2023$500 million
Net Worth of Clint Eastwood in 2010$380 million
Net Worth of Clint Eastwood in 2000$150 million
Net Worth of Clint Eastwood in 1990$90 million
Net Worth of Clint Eastwood in 1980$16 million
Net Worth of Clint Eastwood in 1970$3 million

Clint Eastwood early life

Clint Eastwood was born in 1930 and his birthplace is San Francisco. His parents were Clinton Eastwood/ Clinton Sr. and Ruth Runner. Clint and his sister Jeanne are of Irish, English, Dutch, and Scottish ancestry. In the 1930s, his family kept changing jobs and the family had to relocate thrice.

Eastwood Sr. worked as a manufacturing executive at the reputed institution, Georgia-Pacific. As her children grew older, Clint’s mother worked as a clerk at IBM. In the 1940s, the Eastwoods started residing in a posh area in California’s Piedmont. They owned multiple cars and enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle.

As far as Eastwood’s education is concerned, he went to Piedmont High School and Oakland Technical High School.

The beginning of Eastwood’s career

Like most young adults, Clint explored various occupations before he found his true calling. For brief periods, he worked as a truck driver, hay baler, lumberjack, and gas pumper. However, it was the job of an Army swim instructor that changed his life forever.

During this phase, Clint got to interact with well-known actors like Martin Milner, David Janssen, and Richard Long. All of these successful stars were from the Army background and this motivated Clint. After his discharge, he joined Los Angeles City College to attend acting classes, and the rest is history.

Clint Eastwood movies

After struggling for 5 years, Eastwood got the role of the protagonist in Rawhide and this was his breakthrough. A Fistful of Dollars, released in 1964, was a major success. He secured his position as a Hollywood icon with his superb acting in For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

If you are a Clint Eastwood fan, you can also watch The Bridges of Madison County, Flags of Our Fathers, American Sniper, Paint Your Wagon, A Perfect World, and Invictus.

Clint Eastwood relationships

With his charming smile and amiable personality, the young Eastwood could easily impress pretty women.

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In 1953, Eastwood exchanged wedding vows with Margaret Neville Johnson, a fitness instructor. The two met on a blind date and while engaged with her, he had an affair and the outcome of it was a daughter named Laurie. Clint has never revealed the identity of Laurie’s birth mom.

As Eastwood and Johnson had an open marriage, he had affairs with other women as well. Between 1959 and 1973, Eastwood was inseparable from Roxanne Tunis, a famous stuntwoman. Their lovechild Kimber was born in 1964 and Eastwood and Tunis are in touch.

In 1975, Clint started living with Sondra Locke, a director and an actress who was also married. Locke said that She Made Me Monogamous was their song and he told her that he had never been so deeply in love.

After Eastwood divorced his first wife in 1984, he remained unmarried for many years. In 1996, he tied the knot with Dina Ruiz, a famed anchor, and their marriage ended in 2014.

Since 2014, Clint has been spotted on numerous occasions with Christina Sandera, a restaurant hostess. Neither of them has acknowledged publicly that they are in a relationship.

Clint Eastwood children

According to rumors, Clint Eastwood has dated many women and has eight children from his amorous adventures. Many stories have surfaced over the years about his illegitimate children. However, he has never confirmed the exact number of his offsprings and therefore, the number is not known. Another controversy that circulated in many ads in 2010 was that Clint Eastwood net worth left his family in tears after his demise.

Patrick McGilligan, Clint’s biographer has stated that the number of kids Eastwood has is not clear. However, he has mentioned that when Eastwood became a father for the first time, he was only a high-school kid.

Clint Eastwood as a politician

Eastwood was always interested in the politics of California and is presently a registered Libertarian. In April of 1986, he became the esteemed mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea after winning the election. His monthly salary from that position was $200 and he donated the entire amount to the Carmel Youth Center.

As the mayor, he reformed several ancient laws like permitting the consumption of ice cream on streets. From constructing public restrooms at the beaches to expanding the city library – he completed several construction projects.

Real estate interests of Eastwood

When he was a part of the US Army, Clint fell in love with the Carmel area. He purchased 283 acres of land beside Malpaso Creek and this has contributed to Clint Eastwood net worth. That’s because he sold the land for $3.08 million in 1995. In May 1968, he bought more land with James Garner in Carmel Valley by paying $640,000.

Eastwood spent nearly $20 million in 2010 to build a lavish mansion covering 15,949 sq. feet. His real estate portfolio in California includes the following properties:

  • A 6,136 sq. foot house in Bel-Air with opulent Spanish-styled architecture
  • Rising River Ranch (with an area of 1,067.5 acres) near Cassel
  • A modern home featuring tastefully decorated interiors in the heart of La Quinta
  • A Burbank apartment
  • A 5,700 sq. foot mansion in Idaho’s Sun Valley
  • An ocean-front manor covering 1.13 acres in Hawaii
  • Previously occupied houses in Sherman Oaks, Pebble Beach, Studio City, and Tiburon

So, all these prove why Clint Eastwood net worth has soared to $375 million in 2023.

Stock market investments of Clint

Clint invests 20% of his money in stock markets. He has invested in big brands like Apple, Walmart, and General Motors. He even has shares in McDonald’s, Alphabet, Tesla, and Mastercard.

Profits from movies

Most of Clint Eastwood’s income comes from his acting career. He produced and acted in the movie American Sniper and his net profit from this masterpiece was $30 million. His financial gain from Million Dollar Baby was $26 million. Films like Mystic River, Unforgiven, Sudden Impact, and True Crime also performed well at the box office.

Child support and alimony

As Eastwood had two divorces and is the father of several sons and daughters, he had to pay millions as alimony and settlements. His tax documents prove that so far, he has given $100 million to his ex-wives.

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The amount he paid as child support is around $29 million. Additionally, he also had to pay millions more to ladies who bore his babies outside of wedlock. Clint Eastwood net worth dented by 18% because of these extra expenses.

Clint Eastwood honors and awards

Eastwood has received multiple awards and has been nominated many times for his work in TV, music, and movies.

  • The film star has been awarded Academy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Golden Globe Awards.
  • On 22nd Aug 1984, Eastwood attended a grand ceremony that took place at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. There he recorded his footprints and hand prints in cement.
  • In 1996, Clint took home the AFL Life Achievement Award and the AFI also gave him an honorary degree in 2009.
  • 2009 was a great year for Eastwood as he won the Lumiere Award at the Lumiere Film Festival. This award honored his successful career as an artist.
  • Eastwood is such a celebrated actor that Barack Obama gave him the Arts and Humanities Award in February 2010. The US President remarked that Eastwood’s movies capture the true essence of being an American.
  • Eastwood also received several honorary degrees from colleges and universities. The University of the Pacific, the Berklee College of Music, and the University of Southern California are three such institutions.
  • The Cannes Film Festival is the most popular award ceremony hosted by France. In 2009, Eastwood was invited to Cannes and he got the Honorary Golden Palm Award.
  • In 2013, Eastwood was seen posing with the Golden Pine Lifetime Achievement Award. He was at the International Samobor Film Music Festival at that time.

Interesting facts about Clint Eastwood

Now that you know Clint Eastwood age and net worth, these facts about the veteran actor will make your day.

Clint Eastwood was a big baby

Clint Eastwood is a big star and you will be amazed to learn that he was born a big baby as well. Weighing 5.2 kg, he was the biggest baby at St. Francis Hospital, and the nurses gave him the nickname ‘Samson’.

Eastwood was a plane crash survivor

In 1951, the 21-year-old Clint used to serve in the army and he was in a military plane that went into the shark-infested ocean surrounding California. The pilot and Eastwood swam for some time and finally reached the coast on life rafts. Later he found out that the place was a breeding ground for white sharks.

Clint’s healthy lifestyle is awe-inspiring

In the late 1950s, much before the world was obsessed with fitness trends and fad diets, Eastwood inspired his audience to become a fitness fanatic. In an interview, the young actor revealed that he detested smoking and drank alcohol in moderation. His diet comprised lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other sources of minerals and vitamins.

Eastwood practices transcendental meditation

Clint’s love for a healthy lifestyle is not limited to maintaining a balanced diet. He is a spiritual person whose days begin with meditation. Clint has been practicing transcendental meditation for more than 50 years and says that it gives him inner peace. He even convinced Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to appear on The Merv Griffin Show with him.

Clint could have been James Bond and Superman

Can you picture Eastwood in Superman’s robe: the classic blue and red tights? Had he accepted the offer of Warner Bros., you would have seen him as Superman. He also got the offer to become the iconic character, James Bond.

Final Thoughts

Clint Eastwood’s life’s journey from a small-town body to the heartthrob of Hollywood to a mayor is extraordinary. Even in his 90s, he is among the most affluent personalities in the film industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Clint Eastwood?

Clint Eastwood is an American actor, producer, director and politician.

2. What is the net worth of Clint Eastwood?

Clint Eastwood net worth 2023 is $375 million. He has built this fortune through his wonderful performances in leading films and investments in real estate and stock markets.

3. Where does Clint Eastwood live?

Currently, Eastwood stays in his home in Bel-Air, California and the house is the epitome of luxury. At 82, he paid $25 million to build his dream home that has three swimming pools, a tennis court, a bowling alley, and a gun range.

The dining room is so huge that it can easily accommodate at least 100 guests. And yet, this fantastic property accounts for less than 10% of Clint Eastwood net worth.

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