How Enchroma has revolutionized the color vision science

enchroma glasses technology

Several people are suffering from color blindness, and very few get it rectified or find solutions to it. But as technology has evolved and newer methods employed to make your life easier and your vision better. With the help of Enchroma glasses technology, you will be able to pick the right colors this time around.

How this product works for color blind people

The product gets specially made for people who have color blindness and wearing these glasses. The vision gets a boost of red and green light saturation. The glasses look like any other pair of sunglasses, and people will not tell the difference from the outside, the wearer can feel the change and perception level of color immediately. The glasses don’t need getting used to; you can be recognizing the colors right away without trying too hard.

According to the survey, one among twelve men and one in 200 women have color blindness. Colour blindness is a congenital disability, and it is when the color sensing cones of red, green, and blue capture the overlapping wavelengths of these colors, you can differentiate different colors. If the cone malfunctions, it can result in color blindness, which is for life. The person will have difficulty in discriminating colors.

What makes people colour blind

The glasses help cut out overlapping wavelengths. Enchroma glasses technology gives the wearer a better perception of each color. The vision is more distinct such as the reds and the greens. A  lot of studies have taken place and research involved to get here and achieve this feat of being able to make color blind people lead normal lives.

These glasses first did the rounds when they were used by eye surgeons performing laser surgeries. Accidentally when a color-blind person made use of such glasses, he was able to differentiate the colors vividly. This led to further trials and research on how the glasses can be improved upon and can be used as a tool to aid color blind people.

It took a lot of time, effort, and money to work on these glasses that you see today. They have borne fruit and a lot of happy customers who never knew the joy of color for a very long time. And people learned to live with color blindness as a permanent disability with no form of cure for many years. These glasses have given them both hope and joy. These glasses are now commercially available for the public to buy and wear. They are found in both adult and child sizes and in an affordable price range.

Hope in the form of Enchroma glasses

If you must know that cure isn’t what you should be searching for when you buy these glasses. They just help you cope with the situation better. They are like any other glasses that you wear for shortsightedness or longsightedness. You will see things properly as long as you wear them. It’s just an aid to your eyesight, and people shouldn’t jump to the conclusion of having a found a cure.

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There is research going on, and soon there would be a cure for this anomaly. The gene therapy is being worked on and still in nascent stages until an actual cure could be worked on real patients. Till then, people can view the world perfectly fine with these glasses.

But these glasses still won’t help secure the jobs that need perfect vision such as

  • Operating ships
  • Operating planes
  • Public transportation

In the above jobs, the need to differentiate colors is important, especially navigating traffic lights and other issues. Not all people at present who are color blind are able to purchase these glasses as some feel it’s little pricey, and they feel it isn’t a permanent cure. But it enhances life quality and helps the color blind person in many ways than one, and it is a good option to try out.

Do these glasses work on all kinds of color blindness

The lens is specifically engineered to being one of a kind, helping to have better vision when they are facing trouble differentiating colors. We take normal vision for granted, as you find that three kinds of photopigments  act with the photoreceptors  so that the person can visualize different colors of the spectrum. But people with color blindness don’t have an opportunity to distinguish the hues in front of them, and the range of just picking them up would be down by as much as 90%, which isn’t good news.

We have the best technology which can help so many color blind people. At present, its new and not many people are not aware of it. there are still people grappling with their color blindness. Enchroma comes with a caveat that the glasses that are made for color blindness do not cure the anomaly but aid vision to distinguish color better.

The cones in the eye, namely M and L, are altered and cause color blindness. The person exhibits the confusion in the colors. Now you can experience the world and its myriad of colors without having to withdrawn. You not only can find out how wonderful colors can be but get to see them first hand when wearing these special glasses.

These lenses are made to industry standards after years of research and trials, the applications from various streams such as

  • Science
  • Optics
  • Mathematics
  • Many other streams

Using this glass cannot help all color blind people as they have different levels of color blindness from mild to extreme. Colour blindness is categorized, and Enchroma glasses technology cater to one of the kinds of colorblindness known as the anomalous trichromacy, which a  certain number of color blind people face. Larger denomination of the color blind populace has protanomaly and deuteranomaly. Here the people have a complete inability to distinguish red from green. Reduced color differentiation or partial can be called tritanomaly, which allows the person to find out the shades of blue and yellow to some extent.

The properties of Encroma glasses

with the help of spectral lens technology, which allows the vibrant color perception and light The glasses are made to assist people who have a problem in the red-green distinguishing area and help such peopleas well.

We perform the color blind test in a couple of minutes and let you know the severity of the anomaly is possessed by the person. When they know whether you have a proper vision or color blindness, they will use state of the art technology to help check the color blindness type you have and decide the kind of the lens for you.

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These glasses have a 60-day money-back guarantee as well. it has to know that it may take several days for the brain to adapt to the changes in the visual perception after using the Enchroma glasses. But if you still feel that the glasses don’t work for you can return them and get your money back. To get and use the glasses, you can consult a professionally trained eye doctor and find out if you are suitable enough to use the glasses and resolve your color blindness.

The mission of Enchroma glasses technology all along was to help color blind people. They have been able to reach out to a lot of such people and changed their lives and made them realize the importance of color, and what an amazing sight it would be for them to view colors that they along found hard to distinguish.

Why they breakthrough for the colorblind

These glasses look like any other sunglasses and come in a wide range of contemporary designs for the wearer to incorporate with the styles they like. Enchroma has worked on this technology for several years and made it possible to help have a color-blind a ray of hope so that they can have a chance to see colors like others.

We have an excellent team in place who work day night for improving on the designs and features of the glasses.

There aren’t many people out there who sell such glasses with very little competition in the market, and catering to a niche populace has made this brand unique. The mission of this brand is to enhance and work at groundbreaking inventions in the science of color vision. It will help the entire mankind in some way.

If you happen to purchase from Enchroma, they offer you a guarantee which many brands don’t, so it’s a great opportunity to go buy a pair if you have color blindness. The glasses also provide

  • 100% UV protection
  • Swift worldwide shipping
  • Two-year warranty
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Enchroma glasses technology has been using the light filter technique and to establish this cutting edge technology has been adopted so that there is a perfect finesse to the glasses. The lenses come in both

  • Indoor lenses
  • Outdoor lenses

Protan color blindness is because of the absence of red cones. And this results in the person detecting and the rest of the colors such as the greens, yellows, and oranges them become sensitive for the color blind person. The person may see all of them as one color, perhaps just appear red for him/her.

In Deuton color blindness has the green cones are absent, and the yellows and greens appear different in low light and sensitive to the other colors.

The outdoor lighting is different, and the indoor lighting will be different. Also, to match it up and help the color blind person to adjust to the lighting. Before, see colors is what this technology has been able to achieve. The indoor lightning will definitely will less bright and vary in different spaces when cooking, watching tv, computers, etc. hence our team will help you pick the right lens for your usage.

  • Lightness
  • Clarity
  • Impact protection

The anti-reflective lens es if the lights are too harsh, and your eyes can damage because of the powerfulness of the light. The lens is made to increase clarity and reduce haziness.

The surface reflection is reduced considerably and is useful in many ways such as

  • Repels water
  • Dust-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Repels sweat

The lens is quite easy to clean and maintain. They are durable and compact and light to walk around in which is the most interesting aspect of the glasses. The glasses are made of premium glass material.-

Enchroma glasses technology has an exclusive guide to the lens they sell

For the Deutan color and the Protan blind people

  • Mild anomaly
  • Moderate
  • strong

So, the lens will vary with the indoor and outdoor light conditions


  • Even if the bright sun
  • partly cloudy


  • So, artificial lighting
  • Before, digital screens

there are four kinds to pick from

  • Even if Cx3 SUN
  • Cx3 SUN sp
  • Cx1 indoor DT
  • Cx1 indoor

A shaded circle that you see against the condition. You are suffering indicates the kind of lens. It will be needing.

A fully shaded- primary lens

Partially shaded- a secondary lens

No shade- severe color blindness and will have very little or no effect at all.


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