Top 10 Latest Computing Innovations

computing innovations

What is Computing Innovation?

Computing innovations are innovative ideas generated and implemented by mind-blowing people around the globe. Any innovation consisting of a computer or program code as its core component of its functionality is a computing innovation.  Further, we have two domains of computing innovations.

These domains are physical computing innovations, such as google glass; and non-physical computing innovations, such as e-commerce. These latest technologies have changed the course of human life. Thanks to the greatest inventors of all time. The world is moving faster than ever before. Let us dig in to find the top 10 latest computing innovations, changing our lives and will influence future technology:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the topmost computing innovations of the modern technological era we have ever encountered. According to the report of McKinsey Global Institute, AI is a trillion-dollar industry and will give an annual boost of $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion annually across 19 industries. Artificial Intelligence is influencing every industry.

Smart speakers, Self-driven cars, Application Speech Recognition, Application Machine Translation, Robotic Arm and Robots like Sophia all come under the umbrella of AI. There are two main categories of AI Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI). There is a lot of progress in ANI. Almost every computing innovation made in AI is in the field of ANI. However, Artificial General Intelligence is the real goal to build.

All the big technology giants like Google, Amazon,

Apple, Baidu, and Microsoft are investing millions of dollars to achieve the goal. Top-notch universities around the globe are making AI part of their curriculum. Moreover, AI technique is a miracle in the world of computing. In conventional computing techniques, you have to program each and everything that you need your application or device to operate.

On the other hand, using AI computing techniques you just have to program and train the basic features. The machine will learn and adapt from the environment itself. The AI-based devices will respond more intelligently when they interact more. Furthermore, Artificial Narrow Intelligence is a single task computing technique and can automate any task you can think and is progressing at a greater pace.

On the other side, we still require many advancements to achieve AGI. There is no way to jump and achieve AGI in a day because of its complexity and unification for computation. However, if we steer carefully, we will have a fantastic future. AI is the topmost latest computing innovation because of the vastness, agility and broad range of opportunities for everyone.

 Quantum computing

Quantum computing is the next level computing innovation that you never have imagined. Our classical computers use bits, where every bit is either zero or one. On the other hand, in quantum computers, that is not the case. Every bit is uncertain. It can be zero, one, both or any other combination. In other words, a bit exists in the band of spectrum.

For example, if you play the game of head and tail with a normal computer or your friend, there is a 50% chance that you win the game. On the other hand, if you play the same game with the quantum computer. There will be more than 95% chance that you lose. The quantum computer knows every particle of the coin at the atomic level.

Therefore, it will try to select the winning possibility.

Quantum computing has the potential to influence many aspects of our lives. For example, private keys will be more secure using quantum computing. It will be impossible for hackers to make a copy secretly because of the uncertainty of the bits.

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Quantum computing is impacting the field of medicine as well. The design and analysis of drug development is a challenging issue today. However, with the help of quantum computing, it is possible to diagnose or even suggest a drug.

Because the quantum computer operates at the same molecular level. With Quantum Computing, teleporting information without any physical network is also possible. IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are working on it and providing cloud-based platforms to experience or work using quantum computing innovation.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is another top latest computing innovation we will go to experience very soon. This computing innovation blend in our physical world with the digital world. Before mixed reality, we were bound to the flat 2D screens to access the digital world.

After this innovation, now we can see the virtual world inside our physical world. In 2D screens, it is a little difficult to analyze 3D models more efficiently. Thanks to mixed reality, now it is easy to view and analyze 3D models. Mixed reality is a computing innovation to achieve. Holographic devices like Microsoft HoloLense, Google glass, etc. are available in the market to experience mixed reality.

See-through display allows you to interact with the physical environment while wearing them. Mixed reality is in the developmental phase. Just wait for a little bit and you will find a breakthrough very soon.

Computer Vision

This is another breakthrough in the world of computing innovations. Its vision helps us identify, analyze, acquire and give a high-level understanding of the object we encounter. For example, a person over speeding a car gets a ticket right on his mobile device. This is only possible because of computer vision.

In this case, the computer vision identifies the number plate, checks the speed of the vehicle and sends ticket to the car owner. This computing innovation also helps self-driven cars to identify the objects, estimate the motion of other vehicles and hurdles.

Moreover, scene reconstruction and image restoration are other domains where computer vision systems are working. This computing innovation is a breakthrough, helped in many industries for technological advancement. Because of computer vision, Vision Processing Units are emerging as a new model of processor, to accompany CPUs and GPUs.


Blockchain is another computing innovation, which has secured, decentralized and distributed public ledger. In other words, Blockchain is a powerful and incorruptible digital ledger in which you can record transactions. These transactions are not only limited to financial transaction but it can be any transaction of value.

This technology has changed the concept of single entity control over all the data. Among the cluster of computers, data of high value is distributed and bound to each other using cryptographic principles. Blockchain contracts to help doctors and patients in attaining or sending sensitive medical information securely.

BURSTIQ is one of the applications of the blockchain mechanism in healthcare. Moreover, apps like Mediachain use blockchain to secure music. Other applications of this computing innovation are; supply-chain and logistic monitoring, Voting mechanism, cryptocurrency exchange, real estate processing, content creation, etc.

Blockchain made payment processing and money transfer secure and faster.

Transactions can settle in few seconds. Blockchain allows businesses and consumers, to view the whole supply chain process from a quality-control perspective. Moreover, Food safety is another aspect of blockchain computing innovation. As already told you that blockchain data is immutable, you can trace the transport of food from origin to the retailer.

If food is contaminated, you can find the source. In the weapon industry, a transparent and unchanging registry network will keep a record of weapons sold privately. This will allow law and enforcement to keep track of gun and weapon ownership. Lastly, blockchain computing innovation can secure wills or inheritances. The banking system is also implementing blockchain computing for confidentiality and security.

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5G Wireless Mobile Networks

The next computing innovation we are going to tell you about is 5G mobile networks. It is remarkably fast. Through this computing innovation, you will have 100 times faster communication. Moreover, 5G can handle 1000 times more data than 4G LTE. 5G has lower latency than 4G. The end-to-end latency will get as low as 1ms. The expected speed of the 5G network is from 50Mbps to 2Gbps and can extend up to 100Gbps.

You can download a couple of movies in a minute. Self-driven cars and our gadgets like smartwatches will work in a better way after the implementation of 5G wireless Mobile networks around the globe. The key objective of 5G mobile is to lower the cost per bit as compared to 4G. 5G is using mm-Wave range that can help in leveraging a wider spectrum in higher bands.

It is possible because of the lesser cost per bit the mobile operator can offer unlimited data plans to the consumers. 5G will boost every industry, business, and marketplace.

Internet of Things

The new era of connectivity is extending beyond computers and smartphones. Everything is going to be connected. According to the estimation of HP, by 2025 we will have 1 trillion connected devices. With the help of this computing innovations, every daily use product will be inter-connected soon. With the help of IoT smart home is possible. Smart home products will save energy, time and money. Life will be better than ever before.

Wearables like smartwatches help us maintain our healthy lifestyle by giving us all the information from sleep time,

heartbeat rate, to burned calories at any time of the day. Moreover, Industrial IoT, connected cars, smart cities, the Internet of Things in agriculture, dairy and poultry farming have revolutionized the whole lifestyle.

Smart Grid for energy management is getting popular all over the world. With the smart grid system, we will be having lesser power loss, easy alternate resource and can detect source affected by outage in seconds. Things are getting more manageable and easy. The Internet of Things will organize our future and help us in living a more luxurious, healthy, comfortable and secure life.


That refers to a calculation based on the human body and characteristics. It is another footstep in the advancement of computing innovations. There are many options available in human physiology and behavior for biometric authentication. For example, fingerprint, DNA, eye, face, palm print, retina, iris recognition, etc. Many airports are using iris recognition for the passenger for fast and accurate identification. Moreover, it can pace up the verification process. Many hospitals, offices, and institutes around the world use thumb recognition authentication for the time and attendance of the staff and students.

Thanks to biometrics that now, we can use our ATM without having our debit/credit card.

Most of the law enforcement agencies are using biometrics for criminal records within the database. Even our smartphone uses biometrics for security and privacy. Biometrics can also help identify the parentage. We can say that biometrics is a revolutionary computing innovation that has changed the course of security, accountability, and convenience. Biometrics is still developing and new eye-opening breakthroughs are yet to come.

Digital Color Eyedroppers

These new computing innovations are a very useful tool for individuals and professionals. This tool works the same as the eyedropper tool we use in Photoshop, illustrator, etc. The sensor in this device detects the color and tells you the perfect match for your existing color.

You can implement it on your walls, doors, home or industrial appliances, vehicles and any other object you can think. For example, Dulux Color Sensor is available in your local market. Connect eyedropper to your PC or smartphone and is perfect to use. This computing innovation is a lifesaver.

Genetic Fate

Soon a time will come will when a newly born will get its report card right after birth. This report card will extract from the DNA of the newly born. This DNA report or Genetic Fate report will tell you about the IQ, behavior traits, interests, chances of getting majorly common diseases like Heart Attack, Diabetes, etc.

This Genetic Fate is using the data from ongoing genetic studies and creating a polygenic risk score. According to the researchers, these DNA test offers the probability of having a certain disease, not diagnoses. However, if the probability of certain disease is high, is easy to counter in early its early age. This will also help pharmaceutical companies to go for preventive drugs.


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