How to create a subreddit and what are its benefits

how to create a subreddit

In 2005, two graduates promoted the development of the site with a straightforward idea: they let online networks choose newsworthy content instead of allowing them publish their contact information to know how to create a subreddit and data content. By then, they will allow customers of the site to decide on these posts, and the absolute best ranking may rise.

For twelve years, Reddit is still centered on a similar way of thinking, with about one billion customers registering on the “first page of the Internet” every month. However, if you have never been involved in the field of voting and balloting, subreddit and multireddits (and the essential “reddiquette”), then the page may look a bit overdone. Below, we have all the basics you need to set up, and vote comment, and post in the blink of an eye.

Set up Subreddits

Similarly, for most destinations today, to participate in Reddit, you will have to record through a quick and straightforward process (login and account arrangement tips can be found in the upper right corner of the login page).

After finishing, you need to add some subreddit to the record. Subreddit is similar to a single message table, giving a specific point, and there are many messages on the site, including everything from r/news to r/showerthoughts. All sub-Reddit names begin with a lowercase “r” followed by a cut, then the sub-Reddit name. Each sub-arbitration is assisted by an arbitrator and follows the principles of its relevant position.

To discover the subdirectories that appeal to you, enter a subject in the query, then place it in the upper right corner of the landing page, and press Enter.

At that time, you will enter a page with a summary of the proposed subreddit. Find the food you like, then grab the green “Buy-in” catch, and you are done.

Currently, when you click “Reddit” (or a small outsider) in the upper left corner to return to the login page, the posts in this Reddit will be recorded. Including more subreddits will make this page more luxurious because it will display a feed of posts from all the subreddits you have purchased.

When you purchase a subreddit, you will see them recorded at the highest point of the Reddit landing page. If you need to monitor a specific subreddit, basically click the name and go to the carrier to that particular point. All posts on the subreddit are arranged according to the number of votes they received, but Reddit will also give the post a clear place in the feed so that they can see and decide.


The possibility that the network chooses to sink or swim on Reddit still constitutes the premise of the site. If you like a particular post, you can thank it by clicking the upward bolt or “vote”. If the position does not entirely run your engine, you can express disappointment by tapping the down bolt or “vote down”.

On the side of each post, you will see a dark number with a bolt above and below. The number represents the position of the position-the number of approval votes minus the number of approval votes.

Similar frameworks are also applicable to comments. You will find the bolts here and there near each note below the post.

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Although many people like to read Reddit, the real fun starts with an adventure of yours and starts to be interested in yourself through posting, voting, and commenting.

You can post three main posts on Reddit: share connections, post videos, or post pictures.

To share a connection or insert a video or picture, click the “present another connection” button on the right side of the screen. You will be taken to a structure where you can enter the connected URL or transfer your picture or video document and add a title to the post. Similarly, you will need to enter the subreddit where you want to display the connection.

Before doing so, it is wise to add a straight line to the subreddit page and carefully read the publishing rules displayed on the right side of the screen. This will ensure that you adhere to the specific spirit of the subreddit.

For example, on the r/science subreddit, any connection you share must investigate less than half a year of history. The r/lego website requires “no photos of deprived individuals”. In the terrible secondary transaction, the client was told: “There are no photos of choirs, cosmetics, or professional photos of scary children that anyone knows terrorist organizations do not approve that.”

When all fields are rounded, click “Submit” and your post will go online.

To show your unique ideas, start with “present another content post” from the right side of the landing page, and then round up the structure that will appear.

Read carefully

Carefully reading the posts in Reddit may be somewhat unstable. This is because most of the substances you will find contain connections to different regions. Therefore, if you click on the name of the post, you will go directly to the site and leave the primary Reddit site.

If you need to stay on Reddit to find out what other people think of the post, then you will have to click “Remarks” under the title of each post. Also, you can also share posts in your web-based life in this area, keep them in your records or hide them from your feed.

If the post contains unique content explicitly written for Reddit, you will see the realism of the page close to that page. This means that when you accidentally click on the substance title, you will remain on the Reddit website to understand it.

Exit from Subreddit

When you are away, you maybe passionate about specific topics. You can exit any sub-directory by clicking on the content in the upper left corner of the screen to connect to “My Sub-directory”. Look down at “Change Subscription” and then bring the red “Exit” button close to all the subreddits you no longer need to find in the feed.

Many reddits

Multireddit is one of the little-known but valuable parts of the site. They are similar to shared assets – the aggregation of different reddits for specific topics. (For example, if you follow some unusual health arrangement sub-categories and need to assemble them all for simple reading, this is the method you can use.)

To perform multiple classifications, you will be on the left side of the screen. See a small dark bar on the side. Capture it, then a menu will open. Click “make” under “Multireddits”, when you can scan the sub-Reddit and include it in the case on the left, it will take you to a page, and click to remove the image when you find the image you like Other content.


Reddit has a specific set of rules, and they require their members to take action. You can find them here.

Therefore, once you have little chance of joining Reddit, it is possible that you will connect the published content to stories that are beneficial to you here and there (for example, stories only from the distros where you work), and you will quickly be hailed as garbage The sender of the message, and you will be rejected to benefit your website. If you set up a lot of posts in a usually short time, very similar things will remain the same.

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Other important re-routine rules include searching for the first source of a story, rather than connecting to a blog that gets it from another blog. Search for a copy of the story before publishing it; propose the most appropriate consideration; generally follow the motto “Recalling People” and act like a tolerable individual.

After everything is said, using the website in a respectful, wise, and predictable manner is the best way to guarantee Reddit’s success.


Interested in various sub-Reddit, show excellent Reddiquette, in the long run, you will start to get excellent karma on this site. To find out how much karma you have, click on your username in the upper right corner and your karma will be displayed.

Although karma is a kind of “road reputation” on Reddit and can influence the opinions of others, it actually has little effect on how you use the site-unless you need to make and review your own subreddit. 

Reddit Gold

If you have the opportunity to become a Super Reddit customer, you can also choose to register for Reddit Gold. This brings you certain advantages, such as the ability to have redo symbols. Then turn off promotions, use various themes to change the way the website. That is displayed on your PC, and make sub-awards that must be won by other gold individuals, And then some. The cost is $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year. In addition, the site is free.

Although we have determined the basic functions to start with Reddit, in fact this is just a starter assistant. For example, we have not yet protected AMA, IamAs, RES or pizazz. Even so, these are other times.

Can I make my own subreddit?

If your account has been in use for more than 30 days. You have received a small amount of positive causal compensation. Then you can create your own sub-cash. To do this. Go to your reddits list. You will see a button called “Create your own subreddit” at the top of the right sidebar.

How do I create a rule for a subreddit on mobile?

To set up rules for the community, go to the “Review Tool” list on the right side. This bar of the child reddit and click “Rules”. Enter the rules in the order you want them to appear on the community rules page. Find out the name of the rule and the reason for the violation, and provide detailed instructions.

What is Reddit karma?

Karma This is reddit’s scoreboard-a reward for posting popular content. It also has two styles: link karma and comment karma.

How do I make my Subreddit popular?

Do you have an audience you can promote subreddit to? It’s easy, but you can share your subreddit with your audience. Share the most interesting posts and discussions in your subreddit. If you have a website, please link to the sidebar of each page or a subdirectory in the main menu.

How do I invite someone to a private Subreddit?

Make sure the subject line is short and relevant. Write a message how to create a subreddit expressing your desire to join a private subreddit. In the “Mail” field, politely explain why you want to join. This is a private subreddit and request an invitation from the host. There is no guarantee that your joining request will be approved.

Do you need karma to post?

Unfortunately, your account does not currently have how to create a subreddit karma to submit content. To /r/videos. /r/videos requires users to have at least 10 links and 10 annotation karma. We recommend that you post comments on some popular topics how to create a subreddit. Submit comments to other sub-comments to build your karma, and then come back.

Why do I have 1 karma on Reddit?

-1 What does karma mean? It does nothing, they are just the main how to create a subreddit on the Internet. Reddit praised the collection and rejection of “karma” received by users. You will automatically get +1 karma to publish content. Therefore, if you have a how to create a subreddit -1 karma, it means that 2 people voted against your post or comment.


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