How to repair windows 10

how to repair windows 10

We do a lot of things in our daily lives that are part of any desktop or laptop. Most of our work is done on laptops. I do all the work or accounting of the business starting from the office. But what if we suddenly come to a page and our computer is no longer working? Today I am going to talk about this problem. If you work with computers, you will know about this problem.  Many people spend money to solve this problem. But if you know how to repair windows 10,

you can solve it yourself. It is not a difficult task. You can solve it if you want. If you do not know how to repair windows 10, you will get that benefit from here. You will benefit if you look at the whole thing with patience or fix it with ideas.


The Process of how to repair windows 10


When we see that our laptop or computer is not turning on or is stuck on a page, we need to take steps to repair it. This is one of the many problems in laptops that many of us may know about. There are specific rules that you can quickly fix your Windows 10 if you know. Here I am going to tell you how to repair windows 10. You must pay special attention so that you can get your problem solved.


1st method: Firstly Windows Startup Repair

When you see Windows 10 not booting or when you see a screen showing something similar to your login screen. Then your first task will be to work with a Windows startup. When this problem occurs, you can’t turn on your laptop in any way; that is, it comes to a page and is fixed. First, click on your computer’s Windows 10 Startup menu. When you click F11, it will bring you to this menu, which will be the first step of your Windows repair. 


Now select the Troubleshoot option from the Go option. After choosing the Troubleshoot option, you will see a face. There you can see the Advanced option next to the PC reset. When you see the advanced option, select it, and click on it. Click here to see a startup repair option under the All Advanced Options menu. Now Windows will take some time from you. In this case, if you are a new user, it can be solved. But if not, then you can see the next methods.


2nd method: Next Step Windows Restore


If your first step doesn’t work, click on your computer’s Windows 10 Startup menu again. When you click F11, it will bring you to this menu, which will be the first step of your Windows repair. Now select the Troubleshoot option from the choose option. After choosing the Troubleshoot option, you will see a face. There you can see the Advanced option next to the PC reset. 


When you see the advanced option, select it, and click on it. Now click on system restore, the first option of the advanced option. Through this, the computer will become a robot then you select your name. If the name is specified, ask for your password and enter your password. Then you will see a little recovery point on the menu; if it has nothing, it will not work. For this, you can go to step by step.


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3rd method: Now scan the disk     


After all, if you see that you cannot start your Windows 10. It takes nothing to worry about; now, you can do the next thing. It could also be that your Windows 10 is not running for a virus file on your computer. Your job, this time, is to work on a boot safely. If you know how to boot, it will be easy for you. After booting, you can check the files you have to find your problem. 


Maybe you can solve the problem by checking the file. Now you go to the search box and click on cmd. Then a command prompt is the first option that will come from there run as administrator name click there. Then you click SFC from the command prompt, which will help you to get your malicious files. It may take a while for you to scan it and help you find your files.


4th method: Reset your Windows 10


After all, you have done, and when you see that your window is not starting, you need to reset your window. You may be able to resolve this issue by resetting the window. For this, you will first go to settings. From there, click the Update and Security option. Then click on Recovery from the Update and Security option; there will be a written Reset on this PC.


If you go there, you will get started. When you click on it, you will see whether you will reset with the file or the rest of the files will be said. To keep your files, click the Except Files option. But one thing to keep in mind is that everything on your laptop will be formatted or deleted if you reset. The whole PC will start a new one.


5th method: Windows 10 installed from scratch


You saw it too, but you failed. The solution is not over yet. There is another system that can help you. For this, you need to keep some things in mind. For instance, you can reinstall your Windows 10 again and don’t have to provide any proof for this. Now, you just put some space for your file then you get started. Go to Microsoft and click on download Windows 10. 


Then an interface will appear in front of you. If you want to write something there, that is the application notice. Go to it and click on the Accept button below. Then you will be told what you want to do. You can click on Crete Installation from there. If you are asked to select some words, including language, complete them, then click, then click the iso file. 


After clicking, click on the Next button below, and a box will appear. Type a window in the box and save. Then click on the Finish option in the interface. Now open the iso file from the window. Go to the setup where you will get important updates. Click on the Next button, and then click Except Finance. It will come with the install button; click on it and install it. This is 

The Best Windows Repair tool Windows 10


You can use a variety of tools to keep your windows safe and to avoid any problems. When you can find out your problems, that is, you can find out the solution to your Windows 10 problem, you can use the tool if you want. Windows repair tools can solve your problem. Here I’m going to tell you about some Windows Repair tool Windows 10:


  1.  System Mechanic Ultimate Defense


If you want to further enhance and enhance the performance of your PC, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense may be a good choice for you. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is one of the best tools for Windows 10. This will keep all your online activities secret and will keep your PC’s performance safe. It can recover your deleted files if you want to get the files on fire again. This works to speed up your windows. It makes your system more sustainable. When problems arise, he can solve them himself. It works so that your PC does not have any problems and does not get into any chaotic situation. It improves your performance when you download something. But you have to pay for it.

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 Windows Repair by Tweaking is a solution that solves all the problems of Windows. It plays a perfect role in increasing the efficiency of the PC. Windows Repair By Tweaking finds and fixes registry errors on your PC. Updates Windows. Windows Repair By Tweaking Cleans up extended drivers. It cleans the memory. This can increase the speed of your PC. This will allow you to find all the other Windows solutions that can protect your PC. It has several advantages. It will cost you something.




 FixWin works very well for Windows 10 and good for portable Windows 10 works. It can return the sticky notes. It works to keep its automatic updates up to date. This will allow you to delete your work quite carefully and get it later if you want. This tool can guide you much better. If you have a problem, it will guide you to do what you need to do. You can do things accordingly. That’s why it’s so easy to work at Fixwin. One of the advantages of this is that you will benefit from it for free without any money.


Snappy Driver Installer


 Snappy Driver Installer is one of the best Windows repair tools that work with open source driver updates. It not only updates the main components of your operating system, but it also updates your drivers. For your drivers, you have to face a lot of problems in many cases. Snappy Driver Installer gives you solutions to these problems. It always assures you that it will always be in the updated state, and you will benefit from it at any time. It keeps you updated with the drivers for installing anything. Snappy Driver Installer finds the missing drivers of your PC and then installs it again. Then it will help to find Illegal drivers from all the drivers. Moreover, you can use it for free.




How can I repair Windows 10 on a PC?

There are many ways you can repair Windows 10 on your PC. Even if you are using a new PC, you can easily do the job. If your computer is new, you can repair it in the first step. But if there are more problems, there are solutions, and here are some steps, each of which will be useful to you. If you take these topics from here later then you will be able to repair it. 

  1. Windows startup repair
  2. The next step is to restore Windows
  3. Now scan the disk
  4. Reset your Windows 10
  5. Windows 10 is installed from scratch.


What are the best Windows repair tools?

 If you want to find some of the best tools for you, you need to look at its functionality and then buy it. You can choose several Windows to repair tools for the benefit of your PC. You need some Windows repair tools that can update your windows and find solutions to your problems independently. There are several paid tools and free tools for this. Here are some Windows repair tools that can help you:

  1. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  2. Tweaking
  3. FixWin
  4. Snappy Driver Installer


What are the best free windows repair tools?

Some of the Windows repair tools are free tools, and some are paid tools. If you want to get the services of Windows Repair Tool for free, you can use the following Windows Repair Tools.


  1. Snappy Driver Installer
  2. IOBit Driver Booster
  3. Missed Features Installer


Final thought

If you take a closer look at all the above, I hope you will find a solution to your problem. You used to go to an expert for all these problems, but now you can solve this problem without any expert. Instead, become an expert yourself. So you have to learn first how to repair windows 10. If you complete the way I gave you, I hope you can.


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