InVideo – Free Social Media Video Maker For Engaging Videos


Free Social Media maker for creating engaging Social Media Videos

  • Create enriching social media videos for different platforms in less than 15 minutes 
  • Explore editable templates for different purposes and add your magic to get highly converting social media videos
  • Enrich the quality of your video marketing with our intuitively created video editor
  • Get everything you need for creating marketing videos under one platform. 

How it works

Upgrade the way you think of marketing by streamlining video content in your strategies. Revamp your video content with InVideo, that’s highly flexible and easy to use. Set aside a few minutes to create a video that captivates and engages. 

Here are seven steps to creating a highly engaging social media video using InVideo. 

  1. Plan the type of Social media content you want to create. The intent could be to create an exciting product launch video, fun hype brand content, product video ads, Social media ads, brand intro or memes.  

2. Choose the social media platform that would work best for your needs. Different social media platforms reward differently to different kinds of content. Hence, it’s crucial to have clarity with the platform. 

3. We have specially curated editors to work best for specific social media. Choose from our YouTube online editor, Facebook Ad Maker, Instagram editor and other social media editors as per your needs. 

4. Get access to 3mn+ stock videos, images and tracks, animated texts, special effects, music and handy editing features. Choose from the templates and start editing. Want to be more creative? Portray your creativity on a blank canvas by creating videos from scratch. 

5. Add animations, punch and fun graphics to your videos to make them more engaging. WIth InVideo, we address all your video creation needs through one platform. Use Automated VOS, power transitions, multiple layers and frames to create captivating videos. 

6. Save the video and export it directly to your social media. Be a brand that creates mind captivating content by making resourceful use of your creativity. 

7. Use the videos to edit, trim and modify them for further use on different social media. Save your time by making smart edits and enlarging the size of your content bank. 

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Features of InVideo Social Media Maker

Create exceptional eye capturing video content in minutes with our exquisite features that are easy to use and quick in results. Let’s explore the features of our social media video editor to help you make judicious use of it. 

  • 5000+ ready to use social media templates

Explore from our wide offerings of video templates that suit your mood board. Be a creative bird, and don’t limit your choices by picking the best from our template gallery. Make brand intros, listicles, ads, memes, creative videos for your social media. Widen the horizon of your media content by exploring and experimenting. 

  • Seamless integrations

Upload files from your device. Edit them the way you desire with our easy to use tools. Create stunning videos just in minutes with UI that exudes ease and accessibility. Build your high-quality videos from scratch with our exquisite design features and intuitive mood board. 

  • Videos for every mood

Create long or short videos using our social media editor. Access Ad maker, Reel maker, Meme generator, promo teasers, Instagram Stories, YouTube shorts edit, YouTube editor and everything else through clear classifications and easy navigation. We have enchanting design assets for every kind of social media content. 

  • Endless customisations

We understand that your content needs to resonate with your brand. Hence, don’t settle in. Customise every aspect of your video with our dynamic video editing features. 

Additional Features for the social media video maker

  • Content ideas to help you get started. Inspiration could be anywhere. Let your content ideas jump in multiple directions to bring you beautiful results
  • Design assets that would help make videos in minutes
  • Perfect for beginners by offering ease and understanding of the use of varying digital assets
  • Make videos in more than 70+ languages
  • One-click animations to add punch to your basic videos
  • One-click logo integration to create brand resonance
  • Remove the background and clear of all distractions that makes your video distracting
  • Own your creation by retaining your reseller rights. 
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Download your social media videos with a click

Share your created videos on social media platforms by direct sharing. Download the videos in MP4 format and store them on your device. Embed this video in your blogs and websites to generate traffic. All your creations are backed in the cloud for easy access anytime.   

Why Social Media Videos? 

Video creates a hundred times more engagement than photos or texts. Videos are statistically proven to gain more engagement than any other content. Social media videos increase your brand reach, popularity and audience with their offbeat fun settings. 

Create highly converting videos in minutes to enrich your content quality and reach. 

Maximise the use of Social Media Video Content for all your visual marketing

Understand the impact of social media on your business. Create a media bank of GIFs, animations, slide shows, short videos, teasers, engagement activities, reels, shorts and others for your social media. Create a plan and start executing it one video at a time. 

More than everything you need in a social media Video Maker

InVideo takes away the stage of being the best with the exceptional ease it promises. It offers everything you need to create a well-captivating video from scratch. With millions of design assets, it will make creating video content easy, fun and quick. 

  • 9Mn+ Stock videos at your access
  • 5000+ ready to use templates to choose from
  • Tutorial Videos to help you get started, get better and get proficient
  • Content Ideas for different industries to brainstorm
  • Categorised topics to save your time and search better
  • 100+ categories of video content for your social media marketing
  • Match your brand content by streamlining a brand mood board
  • 24*7 help to make the most of InVideo Social-media editor

Stop thinking and start making. Take your first step towards video making and create an exceptional brand presence. 


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