Love Wins: Here are 7 Heart Emojis and Their Meanings

7 Heart Emojis

Today’s generation gives people a bunch of creative and unique ideas. Individuals who are living in this generation are digital natives. Digital natives refer to those who have grown under the influence of the internet, specifically social media. These people understand the world in different and modernized ways. It allows them to comprehend worldwide matters and adopt certain norms. Emojis are genius and revolutionary creations for messaging and social media. Besides smile emoticons, the heart emoji is a popular and commonly used 7 Heart Emojis . Anyone can use this to express love and feelings of affection to someone. 

7 Heart emojis also differ like different colors and types of flowers on Valentine’s day. The red heart emoji conveys true love, while the arrow with heart emoji represents falling in love. Heart emojis come in various forms because we must admit that love is a wide spectrum. You’ll be surprised to know the real meanings behind these heart emojis. 

1.The White Heart Emoji  – 7 Heart Emojis 

Each colored heart emoji has a different connotation and symbolism. The meaning reflects the color of each heart. A red heart signifies true love, but a white heart represents a more profound love. The colored white heart emoji expresses a parent’s love for a child that can’t be destroyed. 

It signifies purity, like the color white. This colored heart stands for the purest of love for family and close relatives. It is best to show support to someone you genuinely care about. 

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2.The Sparkling Heart Emoji

The Sparkling heart emoji depicts glimmers of sparkle around the heart. It means “you make my heart sparkle” or “you make things wonderful inside. It is the heart to send for showing affection in a sweet or playful tone. Use this to appreciate an adorable thing that your partner made. 

Everything is light when people are in love. The sparkling heart emoji spreads positivity, goodwill, and peace to everyone, including themselves. Indeed, love makes eyes and hearts sparkle!

3.The Red Heart Exclamation Mark Emoji

The Red heart exclamation mark signifies excitement and enjoying the company of each other. It is perfect for casual talks and giddy conversations. It is the heart to express when you are excited to talk to or see your special one through FB messenger or zoom calls. The exclamation point on the heart conveys the manic energy and thrill of love. Who can’t resist the magic of L-O-V-E, love! 

4.The Two Static Pink Hearts Emoji 

The entry-level for this heart needs to be highly cautious. Two static pink hearts signifies super flirtatious. It also expresses mutual understanding between friends, like the two static hearts. At the same time, it gives a great BFF energy vibe. 

However, the majority still see this emoji to show flirtatious love. Use this when you are sliding into your crush’s DM, or you want to pursue someone. Avoid sending it without a context attached to it.  

5.The Revolving Hearts Emoji 

This type of heart emoji illustrates two tiny hearts orbiting each other. It signifies a reciprocal love for another person and a compromised love. At the same time, it expresses joy and affection toward the person you genuinely love. Use this to tell how thankful you are for sharing the same love.  Everyone deserves a give-and-take kind of love!

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6.The Anatomical Heart Emoji 

Yes! This emoji exists, and you’re wondering when to use this anatomical heart emoji. This heart does not express love, but maybe a love for fellow medical students or health practitioners. This heart appears weird on your chat box compared to other heart emojis. However, this emoji helps set up your online biography if you’re a medical student. People will assume that you like science or work in the health field. 

Avoid using this in love conversations or telling anatomy jokes because some may not get your humor. 

7.The Beating or Vibrating Pink Heart Emoji 

This heart emoji describes the same vibe towards someone you admire. It shares a wavelength of energy, or gen Z will call it  “passed the vibe checked.” Use this emoji to communicate and receive good vibes. 

The beating heart emoji expresses passionate love and happiness. A heart with vibration/movement lines above or around it, implying that it is beating. Most platforms display this one in pink or red.

Concluding Thoughts 

Indeed, there are various ways to express your love using these emojis. Each heart significantly reveals its true meaning. The uniqueness in color and elements makes one heart emoji stand up from the others. It prevents awkward conversations by transforming them into exciting chat messages.

We hope that this article helps you select the right emoji for your feelings. Do not hesitate to explore more about the emoji world. Visit for more surprising and interesting emoji facts.

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