Online Sports Betting in India | Basic Information

Online Betting in India

What Is Online Betting in India Like?

India is one of the most densely populated countries on our planet.

Residents of the country are gambling people, so sports betting has become popular here for a long time. In addition, the financial well-being of Hindus is improving every day. Any resident of India allows himself to bet on sports more and more often on cricket betting site. In this regard, the business of local betting companies is also developing rapidly, providing the most modern online services, applications, and, of course, favorable offers from world bookmakers.

If someone doesn’t know, cricket is considered one of the most fashionable sports in India. It is adored here no less than football or basketball in other countries. And, of course, online betting cricket is of the greatest interest among the population. At the moment, every online bookmaker wishing to work with India provides the opportunity to bet on cricket.

Cricket has a special place in the hearts of the locals.

Without a doubt, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the country. Hindus consider themselves experts in sports and often advise players during matches. Mobile cricket betting is a popular type of betting among Indian people. When betting on cricket, locals are always surprised by the variety of odds for various tournaments. Cricket is a team sport and according to some sources, the second most popular sport in the world after football. Matches take place all year round, and betting opportunities are almost unlimited.

Types of Online Betting Cricket

You can make various bets on cricket. Below you can look at the most popular types of bets and you will be able to choose what you like the most!

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On the Outcome

A draw does not happen as often as in football, but still, its probability is relatively high and comparable to hockey. Usually, bookmakers offer two-way outcomes without the possibility of a draw.

Double Chance

The same as in betting on the outcome, only in a double chance you can sum up two outcomes for a smaller coefficient — for example, that there will be no draw or that one of the teams at least will not lose.

For a Head Start

Usually, this is a forecast of the advantage with which the team will win or why it will not concede to the opponent.


A bet on the number of runs per match or for a single period of time for each team.

Player Statistics

These are usually bets based on the personal achievements of the players. The indicators are very diverse: various titles based on the results of the match or the best player of the meeting.

Match Statistics

Cricket is rich in various statistical indicators and minor events. It will not be difficult to find quotes for the number of run-outs or the best result of the first partnership in the lines for big matches.

For the Draw

The most primitive prediction that can be made at all major matches. The chances of guessing the attacking first team are 50-50. Do not forget that cricket is a sport that depends on weather conditions, the psychological state of the players, and the spirit of the team. Taking into account all these factors, with proper study and analysis, a forecaster can earn a lot of money.

Football as the Most Popular Game for Sports Betting

Football is also a popular game in India. Football betting is also hard to predict. Sports fans should analyze the results of games on previous matches, and the sports achievements of the team in all.

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The football betting market is well-known all over the world, and the Indian market isn’t an exception. You should be a good football expert if you want to succeed in online betting.

Kabaddi as an Ancient Game for Online Betting

You can bet not only on cricket or football in India. Kabaddi is a very unusual and ancient game. Kabaddi has been considered the national sport of Bangladesh. It is loved by all Indians, and many people are interested in playing. If you do a good analysis of Kabaddi games, you can correctly bet on this sport.

Advantages of Online Betting in India

Bookmakers all over the world are trying to make many conditions and opportunities for Indian online betting. Online bookies’ development is due to many reasons:

  • Comfort is the main reason why Indians play and make bets with their favorite bookmakers online. 
  • The variety of online games makes Indians interested in online betting. Promos help players to achieve good results in online betting. Bookmakers are rich in bonuses, wagers, and VIP Rewards.
  • Simple payments are also a reason why online bookies are also popular in India. They provide many quick payment methods. Players can deposit a bookmaker account within a few clicks.

Is Online Betting Legal in India?

India, as the biggest region in Asia, has always been attractive for various businesses, and for betting too. A legislative act was passed by the Government of India in 1867 prohibiting all types of betting. Most bookies and other games of chance were totally blocked. Currently, this law is in force, but there are still no laws banning online betting. India is a federal country and each state decides on its own to introduce online betting laws. The law’s system of the states is imperfect.


Cricket betting is a worldwide hobby. In this article, there was some information about online cricket betting in India. Different cricket betting markets were described in this review and that will be useful for everyone interested in betting on this sport. Online betting is not prohibited in India, so you can be sure that it is legal.

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