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pete rose net worth

Pete Rose is an 81 years old retired professional baseball player with a net worth of $3 million. Rose played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1963 to 1986 and is considered one of the greatest players in the game’s history. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.

Rose’s net worth is largely the result of his successful baseball career. He was a three-time World Series champion and named the National League’s Most Valuable Player in 1973. Rose also holds the record for the most hits in a career, with 4,256.

pete rose net worth

Despite his success on the field, the team embroiled Rose in controversy. In 1989, he was banned from baseball after being accused of betting on baseball games. Rose always denied the accusations, but Major League Baseball never reinstated Rose.

However, despite his troubles, Rose remains one of the most popular figures in baseball. His autographed memorabilia is highly sought after, and he frequently makes appearances at baseball events. Rose’s net worth is a testament to his status as one of the greatest players in baseball history.

Pete Rose Net Worth and Early Life

Pete Rose was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 14, 1941. He was the youngest of four children. His father, Harry, was a semi-professional baseball player and manager, while his mother, LaVerne, was a homemaker. Rose grew up in a working-class Irish Catholic family. He attended Western Hills High School, where he played baseball, football, and basketball.

The Cincinnati Reds signed Rose as an amateur free agent in 1956. He began his professional career with the Reds’ minor league affiliate, the Geneva Reds. In 1960, the team promoted Rose to the Reds’ Major League roster. He made his Major League debut on April 8, 1963.

Rose became one of the most prolific hitters in baseball history. He was a three-time World Series champion, a 17-time All-Star, and the 1973 National League Most Valuable Player.

Pete Rose won two Gold Glove Awards and three Silver Slugger Awards. Also, he holds the Major League records for most hits (4,256), games played (3,562), and at-bats (14,053).

Rose was also popular for his colorful personality. Fans nicknamed him “Charlie Hustle” for his aggressive style of play. He was famous for betting on baseball games, eventually leading to his lifetime ban.

Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball has prevented him from earning any money from his Hall of Fame induction or his many baseball records. As a result, his net worth is only $3 million.

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Personal Life

Pete Rose is one of the most controversial figures in baseball history. His on-field accomplishments are legendary, but his off-field antics have resulted in a lifetime ban from the sport.

Rose grew up in a working-class neighborhood and was a Western Hills High School star athlete. He was signed by the Cincinnati Reds in 1963 and made his major league debut the following year.

pete rose net worth

Rose quickly established himself as one of the best players in the game. He was a three-time World Series champion with the Reds and was named the National League MVP in 1973. He also holds the record for most hits in a career, with 4,256.

Despite his success on the field, Rose’s personal life has been plagued by controversy. He has been married three times and has had several high-profile relationships. He has been accused of cheating on his taxes and has been linked to gambling on baseball games, including those of his team.

In 1989, Rose was permanently banned from baseball by then-Commissioner Bart Giamatti for his involvement in gambling. Rose has been eligible for the Hall of Fame since 1991 but has been denied entry due to his ban.

In recent years, Rose has attempted to rehabilitate his image. He has written several books, including an autobiography, and has made numerous public appearances. He has also been a color commentator for the Cincinnati Reds radio broadcasts.

However, despite his efforts, Rose remains a divisive figure. His supporters believe he has paid his debt to the game and should be reinstated. However, his detractors believe his actions are unforgivable and that he does not deserve to be associated with baseball.

Whatever your opinion on Pete Rose, there is no denying that he is one of the fascinating figures in the sport’s history.


Pete Rose is one of the most accomplished players in baseball history. A switch-hitting infielder/outfielder, he played for the Cincinnati Reds from 1963 to 1978 and helped lead the team to World Series titles in 1975 and 1976. He also played for the Montreal Expos and the Philadelphia Phillies. In his 24-year career, Rose amassed 4,256 hits, more than any other player in history. He also holds the record for most hits in a season (262) and most career hits by a switch-hitter (3,215).

On April 8, 1963, Rose made his Major League debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates and drew a walk in his only plate appearance. He appeared in only two more games that season, on April 13 and 14, getting one hit in five at-bats. Despite being the Reds’ first-round draft pick in the 1963 Major League Baseball draft, the team sent Rose back to the minors and did not receive significant playing time until 1964.

Also, Rose was a three-time National League MVP (1973, 1975, 1976) named to 17 All-Star teams. He won two World Series titles, four batting titles, and three Gold Glove Awards. However, his aggressive style of play earned him the nickname “Charlie Hustle.”

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In 1989, authorities banned Rose from baseball for life after an investigation revealed that he had bet on baseball games while managing the Reds. Despite his ban, Rose remained popular with fans, and in 2016 he was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.

What was Pete Rose’s highest salary?

Pete Rose is a former Major League Baseball player who has had a long and successful career. He has been a member of many teams, and his highest salary came from his time with the Cincinnati Reds. His highest salary was $8 million per season, which he earned in his final season with the Cincinnati Reds. It was the highest salary of any player in baseball at the time. Rose’s career spanned over two decades, and he was one of the most popular players in the game. He was popular for his hard-nosed play style and was one of the most consistent hitters in baseball history. Rose is the all-time leader in hits and the only player in history.

Pete Rose was one of his most popular and successful baseball players. During his career, he was the highest-paid player on his team for many years.

His salary was a record salary for a baseball player at the time. Rose earned a high salary as a broadcaster and author in his post-baseball career.

How much does Pete Rose make?

Pete Rose is the all-time hits leader in Major League Baseball. However, the basketball team banned Rose from the game for over 30 years. Nevertheless, he still makes a living by appearing at autograph signings and other public appearances. However, Pete makes between $1,000 and $5,000 per appearance. While this may not seem like much, it adds up, considering that he makes dozens of appearances yearly.

In addition to his appearance fees, Rose also earns income from his various business ventures. He has a clothing line, a wine club, and a sports memorabilia business. Also, Pete writes a column for a sports website. He earned several hundred thousand dollars each year from these various endeavors.

FAQs on Pete Rose Net Worth

Who is Pete Rose’s wife?

Pete Rose married twice. Pete’s first wife was Karolyn Englehardt. They married in 1964 and got separated in 1980.

His second wife was Carol J. Woliung. They married in 1968 and got separated in 2011.

How much is Pete Rose’s rookie card worth?

Pete Rose is one of the most iconic baseball players of all time. His rookie card is one of the most coveted cards in the hobby. Rose’s rookie card was released in 1964 and is worth an estimated $61,900. The card features Rose in a batting stance with the Cincinnati Reds. The back of the card has Rose’s stats from his rookie season.

What is the Net worth of Pete Rose?

Pete Rose has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2022.

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