Reach Your Great Career Heights as a PR Manager

a PR Manager

After reading this article, you will find out who PR managers are, what they do, get acquainted with the requirements needed to become one of them, the average salary of a PR manager in the US, and free resources to find vacancies for PR managers.

Public Relations Managers  are individuals engaged in forming and maintaining a positive image of a company, brand, or a particular person. Nowadays, the position of PR manager is a part of almost every big company. In some companies, you can even meet a whole department of PR managers engaged in promoting a particular brand or company.

Creative work as this implies constant activity, a large amount of communication and new acquaintances. The income is pretty good, but the stress level is quite high. PR managers have to communicate with the media and often speak in public.

How to become this?

You can get a diploma in public relations at many US universities. If you have a degree in economics, sociology, advertising or psychology, then you can also try yourself as a PR manager. People who don’t think about acquiring knowledge at universities can consider different paid courses for PR managers.

You can also attend various lectures and seminars to improve your skills and learn something new. Students are encouraged to start their careers during university since practical experience is the most important thing while working as a PR manager.


Some of the main requirements to work as a PR manager are:

  • Higher education.
  • Oratory skills.
  • PC skills (MS Office, graphic editors, etc.).
  • Copywriting skills.

Knowledge of other foreign languages will be a plus.

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Job responsibilities of the PR manager include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of different PR campaigns.
  • Creating a PR activity plan.
  • Development and implementation of the company’s PR strategy.
  • Monitoring of the competitors.
  • Organization of events, specialized seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Promotion of the company’s brand in the market.
  • Working with social media (SMM).
  • Writing and posting articles, press releases, news, interviews and official announcements in the media and on the company’s website.


The average salary of a PR manager in the US varies from $70.000 to $110.000 and depends on the type of employment, the specialist’s schedule, and the number of duties performed.

How to find a job offer for a PR Manager?

There are lots of good job search websites on the Internet. Constant monitoring and analyzing open positions will lead to profitable employment. One of the best job search websites in the world is Jooble. Check out Jooble to find your dream PR manager job. Apart from Jooble, you can also visit Indeed, Monster, and Ladders.

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