Scott Eastwood Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

The skilled and charming actor Scott Eastwood has made a big name in the entertainment business. Scott Eastwood has a significant net worth because he gives excellent acts and has a noticeable impact on screen. Through his commitment and hard work, he has made a name for himself, appearing in hit movies and capturing worldwide attention.

Scott Eastwood has also tried his hand at advertising and businesses, which have helped him make even more money. Scott’s lifestyle shows his success; he continues to do well and make a mark on the entertainment world.

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

As of July 2023, Scott Eastwood has a net worth of about $12 million. He got most of his money from his excellent playing job. Scott has been in more than 25 movies and TV shows. He also works as a director, a producer, and a model. Scott has made essential features, like in Taylor Swift’s music video for “Wildest Dreams.” Scott Eastwood has made a lot of money through many different things.

Early Life

When he was young, Scott Eastwood was known as Scott Clinton Reeves. He was born in California’s Monterey County on March 21, 1986, but grew up in Hawaii. His father is the famous actor and director Clint Eastwood, and his mother is a flight attendant. Scott and his sister were born from his parent’s relationship, even though they were never married.

Scott’s father’s side of the family includes Kimber Tunis, Alison Eastwood, Morgan Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, and Francesca Eastwood as half-siblings. Since Clint Eastwood has been in more than one relationship at a time, it is not strange that he has half-siblings.

Scott Eastwood went to Santa Monica College from 2003 to 2005. He went there after he graduated from high school. From 2005 to 2008, he attended school at Loyola Marymount University, earning a marketing degree.

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Scott Eastwood started playing under his real last name so he wouldn’t be given special treatment because of his famous father, Clint Eastwood. Even though he was turned down a few times, he kept trying and worked hard to make a name for himself. In 2008, he had a small part in his father’s movie “Gran Torino” and played Joel Stransky in “Invictus.”

Scott played the main character in “Enter Nowhere” in 2010, and he later had a small role in David Ayer’s 2014 movie “Fury.” He was also in Taylor Swift’s music video for “Wildest Dreams” in 2015, and he played opposite Britt Robertson in the movie version of Nicholas Sparks’s book “The Longest Ride.”

Scott Eastwood Net Worth

In 2016 Scott played Lieutenant GQ Edwards in “Suicide Squad,” based on DC Comics. Oliver Stone’s historical thriller “Snowden,” in which he played with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley, was also about him.

In 2017, Scott kept up his pace by playing a special agent in the action-packed movie “The Fate of the Furious” and an exciting part in “Overdrive,” shot in Paris and Marseille. He showed off his skills again in 2018 when he played Nate Lambert in the science fiction movie “Pacific Rim Uprising.”

He received the lead part in Guy Ritchie’s action thriller “Cash Truck” in 2019. Scott has worked in movies and TV shows like “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD.” He also played Taylor Swift’s love interest, Robert Kingsley, in her music video for “Wildest Dreams.”

Awards and Achievements

Scott Scott’s playing skills are so good that he has won awards and been nominated for other honors. He has won two significant awards; one is the Teen Choice Award, and the other is the National Board of Review Award.

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Scott has also been nominated for many other awards, which shows how talented he is and how much of an effect he has had on the business. His acts have wowed crowds and won praise from critics, making him one of the most famous artists of his time.

Personal Life

In August 2016, Scott Eastwood told the public that Jewel Brangman, the woman he used to date, had died. She died in a minor car accident on September 7, 2014, because her seatbelt wasn’t working. After that, Scott started dating fitness expert Maddie Serviette.

Scott became interested in Brazilian jiu-jitsu after Paul Walker died. He chose to learn martial arts because of this.

Real Estate

In 2018 Scott Eastwood paid $2.68 million for a unique house in Encinitas, California. The house is made to order and sits on top of a hill with a great view. It is a large 3,700 square feet with four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and much space.


The ceilings are high and decorated, and the primary bedroom is very nice. Outside is a shaded deck where you can enjoy the sun, a cozy porch, and a fire pit to keep you warm. There is also a beautiful place to eat and well-kept grounds with a swimming pool to rest and have fun.


What does Scott Eastwood like to do for fun?

Scott Eastwood likes to surf, spend time in nature, and do Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Does Scott Eastwood have any fancy homes?

Yes, Scott Eastwood does own a beautiful custom-built home in Encinitas, California.

Does Scott Eastwood do anything to help people?

Yes, Scott Eastwood is very interested in nonprofit work and gives money to many good causes.

Does Scott Eastwood like to go on trips?

Scott Eastwood loves to travel and often posts about his trips and adventures on social media. He likes visiting beach towns like Hawaii and unusual places like Thailand.


The amount of money Scott Eastwood has shown how good he is, how hard he works, and how entrepreneurial he is. Critics praised him, and he made a lot of money through his excellent playing career. Scott Eastwood is well-known in the entertainment business because of how well he does in movies and how much money he makes from advertising.

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