The Best Apps For Guaranteed Data Privacy

Keeping your personal data secure is of the utmost importance these days, no matter what device you’re using.

For instance, if you want to make sure your smartphone is as well-protected as possible, there are plenty of effective privacy apps you can install to help. Read on to find out all about them!


Keen to keep your web browsing secure? Using the Mozilla Firefox web browser is a great place to start, as this browser has a raft of additional privacy features compared to others. It also offers various helpful add-ons that you can use to block tracking cookies or block unwanted ads. 


As well as using Firefox to heighten the security of your browsing experience, you may wish to consider trying DuckDuckGo. This alternative to search engines such as Google provides users with an advertisement-free browsing experience. In addition, there is no data recording and no sharing of your browsing activity to third-party sites – which is something that can happen with Google. 


If you would like some extra help with keeping synced files secure as you transfer them from one device to another, why not give Syncthing a try? This helpful app can be installed on your phone and any other device you require so you can easily sync files between them. Its encrypted connection and the lack of any third-party connections – which you will find with the likes of Dropbox – ensures the security of your transferred files. 

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If you have some technical skill and you would like to make sure your messages are encrypted for added security, then Openkeychain may just be the privacy app for you. Capable of integrating into the K-9 email app, Openkeychain allows you to create public ‘keys’ that you can send to your contacts so they can encrypt messages emailed to you. You can also generate private keys so you can decrypt messages you receive if need be.  

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Last but certainly not least on our list of security-boosting apps is Bitdefender, a top-rated protection app that will guard your smartphone against everything from malware to malicious websites. It even has an anti-theft feature and a Scam Alert function that can flag up suspicious links appearing in notifications and messages. While this app isn’t free, it isn’t pricey either, making it a solid investment for anyone who wants complete peace of mind when it comes to their android phone’s security.

Bolster your smartphone’s security today

These are just a few of the various highly rated privacy apps you can install to protect your phone. You can even find protective apps for specific functions, such as downloading music. Download a variety of these helpful apps to your phone and, hopefully, you’ll never have to fret about your device’s security ever again!  

Final thoughts 

Data brokers are constantly trying to procure as much personal information as possible, shadow profiles hover in the background trying to use your sensitive data for their own purposes, and hackers are always attempting to breach the privacy of your accounts.


While you can keep your smartphone safe using the apps we’ve mentioned, there are other ways to regain control of your data in the unfortunate event that it has been acquired by individuals such as data brokers. A cost-effective subscription to a data removal tool like Incogni allows you to reclaim sensitive information using a fully automated opt-out process. In turn, you won’t have to handle any of the opt-out requests yourself and you will receive regular progress reports.

Using a data removal service can also help to make sure that, once you have your data back, it is not reacquired by the brokers a few weeks or months down the line. 

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