Tom MacDonald Net Worth: Career, and Controversies of Rap Life

Tom McDonald net worth

In this article, we dive into Tom MacDonald Net Worth, a controversial Canadian rapper who said he wants to “show people I’m not just some brainwashed right-wing zombie.”

He is undoubtedly one of the most controversial, thought-provoking, and politically incorrect rappers in the hip-hop industry.

This wrestler-turned-rapper is also a prominent social media celebrity and YouTuber. Let’s find out how he made his fortune, his career, his personal life, his discography, and more.

Who Is Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald is a famous Canadian rapper, songwriter, social media personality, and former wrestler.

He gained popularity through his song “Dear Rappers” and is known for songs like “Fake Woke,” “Brainwashed,” and “Snowflakes.”

Stage NameTom MacDonald
Birth NameThomas MacDonald
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1988,
BirthplaceBritish Columbia, Canada
Sexual OrientationStraight
ProfessionsRapper, Songwriter, Singer, Record Producer, Former Professional wrestler
Years Active2003-present
GenresHip-hop, Trap, Political hip-hop
Height1.85 m ( 6 ft 1 in)
Country of OriginBritish Columbia, Los Angeles, U.S
LabelsHangOver Gang, Ngry Whiteboy, Tom MacDonald
Instagram Account1 Million Followers
YouTube Account4.25 Million Subscribers
Net Worth$3 Million

Early Life

Tom MacDonald was born on 21st September 1988 in Vancouver, Canada. He has had a passion for rap since he was very young.

MacDonald spent most of his life in British Columbia and Alberta. Before his rapping career, he worked as a professional wrestler. Tom dropped out of high school and moved to Alberta to pursue wrestling.

He was well-known under his ring name Allistar. Throughout his life, he struggled with alcoholism.

In 2017, he had a mental breakdown, and he confessed this time to be the “darkest period” of his life.

Tom also went through a nine-month period where he battled with anxiety, depression, and overall bad mental health.

He had to go through a whole treatment of rehabilitation through pills, therapy, and other procedures.

MacDonald had been making music for almost a year at that time and moved back in with his mom to Canada.

He returned to making music and released “Dear Rappers,” which went viral and changed his life for good.


Tom MacDonald started his career in professional wrestling before becoming known for his rapping. He began wrestling back in Canada.

Between 2004 and 2009, for almost five years, he wrestled for the Real Canadian Wrestling Federation.

He even appeared on a popular wrestling show that airs on Alberta State TV consistently.

MacDonald also participated in various WWE Pay Per View shows and events along with many popular WWE stars of that time.

Making Debut in Hip-Hop

However, even after spending years in wrestling, Tom got bored of the career and shifted towards rapping in 2009.

Instead of going with traditional rapping, he experimented with a unique style and sense of music.

At the age of 18, MacDonald began rapping. However, he became famous after releasing his single “Dear Rappers” in February 2018.

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Controversial Songs

Throughout his career, MacDonald has been known for writing controversial songs. He released a song titled “Straight White Male,” which was about Tom’s beliefs or opinions about white men.

As per him, straight white males in society are demonized. His song, as well as his opinion, was strongly criticized on social media.

Again, in 2019, he released another controversial single called “Clonned Rappers,” which talked about how Illuminate is cloning rappers and getting rid of the original ones.

In 2020, MacDonald released 20 singles, most of which were quite thought-provoking, controversial, or based on societal issues.

A few of them were “Sellout,” “White Trash,” “Angels,” “Best Rapper Ever,” and “Cancer,” which fit into this list.

He also released a single, “Coronavirus,” in March 2020, which was about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Then, a single, “Fake Woke,” came out in January 2021. This song blew up, making its debut at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In June 2021, he released “Snowflakes,” another track that made the Billboard Hot 100 list at number 71.

Another controversial song he made was “Brainwashed,” released in August the same year. This one ranked at number 89 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Personal Life

MacDonald’s personal life remains in the spotlight as much as his controversial songs.

Even though details remain under the blanket, the fact MacDonald is currently in a relationship with Nova Rockafeller is entirely public.

Unlike other celebrities, his name was only linked to one girl, i.e., Nova Rockafeller. They have been dating since 2009.

She seems to have a strong bond with his family, which is reflected in the photos she shares on Instagram.

Nova, like MacDonald, is also a Canadian rapper and online streamer, so they’ve become this powerful couple in the Hip-Hop industry.


Studio Albums

TitleRelease DateLabelFormat
All Growed UpDecember 15, 2012Self-releasedCD, Digital download
See You TomorrowDecember 21, 2015Self-releasedDigital download
DeathreatsAugust 1, 2018Self-releasedCD
GhostoriesAugust 30, 2019Self-releasedCD
Killing the NeighborsFebruary 15, 2020Self-releasedCD
GravestonesAugust 14, 2020Self-releasedCD
As far as the StarsApril 9, 2021Self-releasedCD
Us Against The WorldSeptember 3, 2021Self-releasedCD
The BraveFebruary 8, 2022Self-releasedCD,Digital download
RenegadeNovember 18, 2022Self-releasedCD
The RevolutionNovember 18, 2022Self-releasedCD
The Brave 2September 8, 2023Self-releasedCD, Digital download


TitleRelease YearLabelFormat
“Killeville”2008Self-releasedDigital download
“Demo”2008Self-releasedDigital download
“Young and Crazy”2009Self-releasedDigital download
“Creature From The Rap Lagoon”2010Self-releasedDigital download
“A Glorius Future”2010Self-releasedDigital download
“Feet Up”2011Self-releasedDigital download
“Infidelity In The Throne Room”2012Self-releasedCD,Digital download
“Bad Dream Mad Again”2013Self-releasedDigital download
LeeAnn’s Son2014Self-releasedDigital download
“Bad Dream Mad Again II”2014Self-releasedDigital download
“Dream People & the Whiskey Wars”2015Self-releasedDigital download
“Teacups”2016Self-releasedDigital download
“Flowers For The Dead”2020Self-releasedCD
“No Guts No Glory”2021Self-releasedCD
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Tom MacDonald Net Worth

You may wonder what is Tom MacDonald net worth. Is Tom MacDonald net worth $25 million? Because there are some rumors of this figure.

But if you evaluate his career, calculating his assets, earnings, and sales, $25 million doesn’t make sense.

As per Forbes and many other known media sources, Tom MacDonald Net Worth is currently estimated to be $3 Million.

Most of his net worth comes from his YouTube channel and Instagram, and not much from his musical career. Tom also considers himself more of a social media influencer.

Also, you will see more of him on TV and social media than in the recording studio. He is one of the most successful personalities from Canada, as a rapper and social media celebrity.

So far, we know that he owns one property in California and has yet to expand his investment portfolio.

YearNet worth
Tom MacDonald net worth 2023$3 Million
Tom MacDonald net worth 2022$2.8 Million
Tom MacDonald net worth 2021$2.5 Million
Tom MacDonald net worth 2020$2.1 Million
Tom MacDonald net worth 2019$1.8 Million

Sources of Income

Here are different sources for Tom Macdonald earnings and net worth:

  • Brand Deals & Sponsorships: Even though Tom is selective in choosing the brand he wants to endorse, he gets immensely paid for the ones he secured. Some of them are massive and popular brands, such as Black Rifle Coffee Company and Bang Energy.
  • YouTube Ads:  With 4.25 million subscribers and a large viewership on YouTube, he earns a substantial amount of money from YouTube ads.
  • Merch Sales: Tom MacDonald also runs a successful online merchandise store selling branded accessories, apparel, and more. This also contributes well to the net worth of Tom Macdonald.
  • Live Performances:  Tom generates significant revenue from his live performance shows and concert ticket sales across North America.
  • Album Sales: Many of his albums made great sales within days of release. For example, his recent release, The Brave with Adam Calhoun, moved 48,000 physical copies in just three days.
  • Music Streaming:  Since he operates as an independent artist, he generates much revenue through his 3.3 billion+ streams on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.
  • Independent Label: He owns his own music label, NgryWhiteboy Music, through which he retains ownership and publishing rights to his own music. This also adds a significant portion to his net worth.


Tom MacDonald is one of the most controversial rappers of current times. His songs are political, satirical, and controversial.

While he rose to fame with his single release, “Dear Rappers,” he is mainly known for his controversial songs like “Fake Woke” and “WhiteBoy”.

Overall, the themes he explores in the songs are issues routed in society. He voices his opinions through his songs that are thought-provoking, to say the least.

As we concluded, Tom MacDonald net worth is up to $3 million, which comes from his YouTube brand deals, sponsorships, streaming, YouTube ads, and album sales.


1. How Much Is Tom MacDonald’s Net Worth 2023?

Tom MacDonald net worth in 2023 is around $3 million.

2. Why Is Tom MacDonald Famous?

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and songwriter known for his song “Dear Rapper,” released in 2018.

3. How Does Tom MacDonald Make His Money?

Tom MacDonald majorly earns from his successful hip-hop career and YouTube, which includes sponsorships, brand deals, streaming, concerts, and merchandise sales.

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