Top 5 Shoe Brands For Men, Women, and Kids

Buying shoes is one of the most frequent selection processes, due to the continuous change of seasons and weather conditions. In order not to get lost in the great variety of shoes, we bring to your attention the best shoe brands from where you can buy single or bulk shoes. Our review has collected key shoe brands known around the world.

The Best Shoe Brands Price/Quality

1. Vitacci

The family business, founded more than 12 years ago by three brothers, today is a diversified fashion holding. The collection of the largest Russian-Italian shoe brand Vitacci pleases its customers twice a year with seasonal collections: 3,000 items of shoes and accessories.


In its production, the company uses the latest polymeric materials with low shrinkage fibers. This provides a high level of thermal insulation properties and increased durability for the entire model range of the Vitacci brand.


In addition to men’s and women’s shoes, the company sells Vitacci Kids capsule collections for children.

2. Rieker

The famous German brand for more than 150 years, producing shoes not only taking into account gender and season, but also based on the characteristics of the age and individual structure of the buyer’s foot.


The companyoffers a huge selection of anti-stress shoes with characteristic features that have become the hallmark of the brand: lightweight soles, breathable uppers, orthopedic or anatomical insoles with a cushioning effect.


All Rieker brand shoes are made using the piercing fastening method and have a wide range of models: sneakers and sneakers, moccasins and sandals, as well as a separate line of shoes for children and teenagers “Rieker Teens”. These shoes can be bought from dhgate wholesale website or any other online store.

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3. Marko

The largest shoe holding in Belarus with more than 20 years of history. Initially, the company specialized in the production of exclusively men’s shoes made of genuine leather. This is the reason for the visual similarity of the image of the first letter of the “M” logo with a model men’s low shoe.


The range of Marko offers customers more than 2000 items of the model range, updated up to 80% per year. All brand products are produced in three different areas: a collection of fashionable women’s and men’s shoes “Marco Collection”, a status series “Marco Premier”, and to meet the demand of the middle segment, a collection of shoes “Marko City Style” made of artificial materials is offered.


The world’s largest footwear and accessories company is known for using waterproof and breathable materials in its production.


The main advantage of the GEOX brand is patented technologies that make shoes comfortable to wear regardless of the season. Among the latest innovations: an innovative moisture protection technology for shoes with leather soles, which allows you to keep not only the sole, but also the upper of the product dry.


The brand’s sports shoes are unique in their ventilation system, which is a special design of the sole with functional holes that ensure air circulation during movement.


For more than half a century, the brand has occupied one of the leading places and is one of the three world leaders in footwear production. The maximum verified lines, executed in the Scandinavian style, provide comfort and convenience of wearing ECCO shoes. The company exercises full control over all stages of production: from leather dressing to the sale of products to a potential owner.

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The main direction of ECCO shoe design is natural materials in a classic design. Such shoes are not tied to age and are suitable for people who value practicality and comfort.

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