what is a mobile hotspot

what is a mobile hotspot

What is a mobile hotspot?

While staying out of your home and needs internet, you can’t rely on the public Wi-Fi due to slowness and insecurity. Surprisingly, every smartphone comes with a nice feature named hotspot that helps to make the phone as Wi-Fi hotspot. After that, you can use the internet on your preferred devices easily. So, a question may come naturally to you, like what is a mobile hotspot. Well, the mechanism herein is it works after taking the LTE connection then produce a Wi-Fi signal. With that Wi-Fi signal, the user can connect his smartphone, tab, or laptop. Moreover, with the mobile hotspot, the user can’t make a phone call because the hotspot is all about data. 

Hotspot meaning

A WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) hotspot is a physical location where you can access the internet by using your devices (Mobile, Laptop, or others) via a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). This connection requires a router connected with the ISP (Internet Service provider) that will provide services that you need to access and use the internet.  

Many business organizations, public places offer the use of public WIFI hotspot. Every day millions of people use WIFI hotspots rather than mobile data. Because WIFI hotspots have no data limit but in mobile or modem you have to purchase limited data for limited use only. With a WIFI hotspot, a person can always be connected and access the internet.  

Types of WIFI Hotspot 

As a part of what is a mobile hotspot, you have to know the types of hotspots, and here are those.  

Public Hotspot: 

 A public hotspot can usually found in restaurants, airports, coffee shops. Public hotspots provide access to the internet by WAP (Wireless Access Point), by which you can access the internet by connecting with your mobile, laptop, or another wireless device. This type of hotspots is not always free to access. For places like hotels or airports, you may have to pay for the hotspot connection.  

  1. Private Hotspot: 

To get this type of hotspot access, you need to pay for that. Most of the hotels and lounges use this type of WIFI hotspot. This type of hotspot connection can be expensive, so you don’t have to access that without certain needs. 


  1. Mobile Hotspot: 

You can also call it a portable hotspot. You can use your smartphone or iPhone as a Wi-Fi router and connect another device or computer to access the internet. But at first, you have to buy a data plan to access the internet, and it has data limits. You can fully control this type of hotspot, and if anyone wants to connect with your network, this will need your permission. You can call this type of connection, “Tethering.” If you travel a lot for business or any other purpose, this is the connection you have to rely on.  


  1. Pre-paid Hotspots: 

This type of hotspot connection is similar to mobile hotspots. But you have to pay for the data first, which has certain data limits according to your paying. When you are out of data, you have to pay for more data to access the internet.  


The process of connecting a WIFI Hotspot 


Perhaps, this is the most crucial part of what is a mobile hotspot. You can connect to a WIFI hotspot easily at home or office. It is one of the ways to get connected with social media in your busy life. But at first, you need to know how to connect a WIFI hotspot!  

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Suppose you are in the airport waiting for your flight or in a restaurant and waiting for your friend. That waiting time is so much boring than any other thing in this world. If you know how to connect to a WIFI, you can easily pass your time. Or suppose you are at the airport and you have to answer an emergency mail. You need not buy data for this short period. If there is a WIFI then you can easily connect your device and complete the task. But first, you need to know how to get connected with a WIFI.

Here is the procedure: 


  • You will need a smart device that can connect with the wireless network. Such as Smartphones, iPhones, laptops. 
  • Pull down the mobile window. You will see a WIFI icon. Tap the icon to connect with a WIFI. If you do not see an icon, you have to go to settings and open the WIFI manually. 
  • After taping the WIFI icon, a few seconds later, you can see a list of available WIFI’s around you. If the list of WIFI does not come automatically, tap, and hold the WIFI icon. Then it will show the list. 
  • In public places, you can find free WIFI’s that you can connect without any password. But, this free WIFI can induce security risk. If the WIFI needs a password for connection, you can ask and collect it from the owner. 
  • If you are on a laptop or any Windows device, you have to choose the network type (work, home, or public). Other devices can discover your device if you choose “work” or “home”. But if you are in an airport, restaurant, coffee shops, or any other public places, always choose the public network option. 

You are all set. Now, you can surf the internet. 


How to use a Smartphone as Hotspot?


As we discuss what is a mobile hotspot, so, definitely, we have to discuss how to use a smartphone as a hotspot. Suppose you are in an emergency where you have to use your laptop. But you cannot find any WIFI hotspot nearby. Or, you found some hotspots that you are not allowed to use and do not know the password. In that situation, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot. Your smartphone will work as a router. This process is also called “Tethering”. Here are some steps that you need to follow if you do not know how to use: 


  • First, you have to make sure that you have purchased data on your SIM card. If you do not have any data, you need to buy some first. 
  • Then open your mobile data and also tap the hotspot icon. You should find this “Hotspot” icon somewhere near the “Mobile Data” icon. If you cannot find it, go to the “Settings” and then tap the “Connections” option. You will see a “Mobile hotspot and tethering” option. Tap it, and you shall see mobile tethering is off and turn it on. Done! 
  • You can now connect your laptop using your mobile as a hotspot. But make sure you give a password in your mobile WIFI, or someone will take advantage of it and use your data. Most of the smartphone has a default WIFI password. If you can find it, just tap and holding the hotspot icon. 


The speed of your WIFI will depend on your SIM network. So, choose and purchase data according to the better network connection. 


The Security of a Mobile Hotspot 


Are you concerned about data security while connected to a WIFI network? If it is your WIFI, then you have nothing to worry about that. But if you connect to an unknown free WIFI then it can induce security risk. 

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WIFI users do not usually buy a data package. If you are a WIFI user, then you already know that. You came outside for work or any other reason; sometimes, you may need a network connection. If you are worried about your security risk, then do not connect with any free WIFI network. If you connect your device with some free WIFI network, the hackers can easily access your device and hack or corrupt your data. Nobody wants that. So, it is preferable if you use your data if you are outside. 


If you detect a well-known internet service provider like in a restaurant, hotels, or coffee shops, you can connect with their WIFI network. These connections are secured like your WIFI network connection. 


The importance of VPN while connecting with public WIFI 


If you need to connect over a public WIFI network, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Using a network with a VPN will secure your data by encrypting your connection. Though you are connected to a public network, the hackers can’t access your data because of the encrypted connection. There are many free VPN’s that works pretty amazing. Or you can purchase as a premium user which ensures most security. 

Note: VPN needs processing power to encrypt and decrypt your data transmission, so the internet connection will slow down a little. 




What is a mobile hotspot and how does it work?


So, let’s see what is a mobile hotspot at first. Basically, a mobile hotspot offers a strong, secure, and fast internet connection from anywhere you stay. It is similar to a mobile phone but you can’t make a phone call rather you can only use the internet. Moreover, the mechanism herein is it works after taking the LTE connection then produce a Wi-Fi signal. With that Wi-Fi signal, you can easily connect your any Wi-Fi compatible devices like smartphones, laptop, etc.


Why would I need a mobile hotspot?


As I mentioned earlier that a mobile hotspot offers a strong, secure, and fast internet connection from anywhere you stay. With this mechanism, you can turn your mobile device into a Wi-Fi router and then use the internet by connecting your devices. Here those devices include tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TV, and other Wi-Fi compatible devices. 


What is the difference between WIFI and hotspot?



Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi is basically used in Local Area Network or LAN. Moreover, for wireless communication, this wireless communication technology uses electromagnetic waves under the radio frequency bands 2.4GHz. However, naturally, Wi-Fi is more flexible to use and secure. You can also connect your printers, gaming console, computer, and so on.



The hotspot is created using Wi-Fi. The hotspot provides internet to wireless devices by using Wi-Fi. A hotspot is created using an access point device, but a hotspot and an access point can mean the same in normal use. An access point is usually connected to a gateway or router that is connected to the internet. The hotspot is less secure than private Wi-Fi because it is commonly used in public places.


Is it bad for your phone to use it as a hotspot?


As I have noted, the mobile hotspot offers us multiple amenities like using the internet anywhere you want. But, there are some drawbacks to the mobile hotspot, and here are those.

  • When you connect multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, and tab in one hotspot, the internet will slow due to sharing.
  • When you use your device as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the device’s battery will drain faster. Here you can continuously plug the devices until finishing your tasks.
  • If you don’t use a strong password, you possibly fall into security-related risk in the future.


Can mobile hotspot replace home internet?


Naturally, we need to spend a fair amount to get cellular data from the provider. On the other hand, home broadband is less expensive than cellular data. Moreover, in terms of reliability, the home network is more reliable than the mobile hotspot. So, you can replace the home network with a mobile hotspot when you need otherwise to rely on the home network. 


Final Thought


As a Smartphone inside feature, a mobile hotspot lets us connect with the internet from anywhere. Hopefully, we can quickly clear you all details on what is a mobile hotspot.


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