Windows Movie Maker Download- Your Fastest Way of Downloading Video

Windows Movie Maker Download

 Introduction of Windows Movie Maker Download: 

 Windows Movie Maker Download can be the right choice for you if you want to edit videos. The easy options and easy configuration lets anyone edit their videos quickly. Many of us think about video editing Windows Movie Maker Download. Those who are professionals or have good knowledge of editing video they do that. Now those who don’t know how to edit videos they can’t.

For this reason, Windows Movie Maker download can be helpful for them. You don’t need to be professional in video editing. But how can you download it? Here we will guide you about ‘Windows Movie Maker download.’

About Windows Movie Maker:

Windows Movie Maker download information can be necessary information for you for editing. Many of us wish to capture a beautiful and lovely video. Sometimes, after catching a video, we wish we could edit our video, which would have been better. But not knowing much about editing and seeing all those complicated options in other apps, we don’t proceed further. In that case, we want simple, understandable, and straightforward software for video editing for us.

For this reason, the name of ‘Windows Movie Maker’ software can be a good suggestion for you. You have seen different video editing software that is hard for editing and not free. But ‘Windows Movie Maker’ is simple, better audio quality, and lastly, it is free. Plus, you don’t have to be a ‘pro’ to edit your video on this excellent software.


Thus, we recommend you Windows Movie Maker download. But before knowing about Windows Movie Maker download, first, let us know about the software. On September 14, 2000, the initial release of ‘Windows Movie Maker’ was introduced with the ‘Windows Me.’ The ‘Version 1.1’ was included in Windows XP a year later and supported creating WMV 8 files and DV AVI. The ‘2.0 version’ got an introduction as a newer update in 2002 that added several new features. The ‘Version 2.1’ was a minor update included in the ‘Windows XP’ in Service Pack 2. The ‘Windows Movie Maker’ in older Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 had more impressive options. In 2009 an upgraded version of this software was renamed as ‘Windows Live Movie Maker,’ then introduced as a ‘Beta‘ version. Plus, in 2009, it was introduced as an independent product as ‘Windows Live Essentials’ officially. 


Why is Windows Movie Maker, right?

Windows Movie Maker is a useful software where those who used it earlier knows the benefits and cause. Many people in 2020 still search and download the Windows Movie Maker on their PC. YouTubers or project video makers can make high-quality videos with better audios. Also, it offers tons of features with simple options. However, let us see the following reasons why ‘Windows Movie Maker’ is so right.’


  1. Windows Movie Maker is simple, easy to edit videos & one thing; it offers 130 effects.
  2. Users will be able to make excellent and high-quality videos. 
  3. Consists of good sound quality.
  4. It has a green screen feature where the background can be changed easily.
  5. Compatible for Windows Vista,7,8,8.1, and 10.
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Finding Website for Windows Movie Maker:

For Windows Movie Maker download, you will be able to find different websites available out there. Though on the ‘Microsoft’ website page, the Windows Movie Maker can be unavailable. But, other than the ‘Microsoft’ website, you may be able to find it on other websites. Windows Movie Maker download is free. Some websites have extra cost that is not real Windows Movie Maker and its scam. Because this software is completely free. To get the real version, you have to be careful about those websites that claim free-trial & have extra costs. Some may even claim the 2020 version that is not the original one. Please remember there is no 2020 version of this software because Microsoft discontinued it after 2017. But, you can find the older version as classics or as ‘Windows Essentials.’ 

Again, you may find some websites that allow downloading & contains the real free Windows Movie Maker. Plus, these websites will allow you to download Windows Movie Maker free of cost. You have to search carefully because some websites don’t have the originals while some have. The websites which don’t have Windows Movie Maker nay have removed it. Or else they may have changed the link & so it is not workable now. Thus, if you want to download the windows movie maker for free, you need to find these websites. However, you may see ‘Windows Movie Maker classics’ written on some websites. That is the real and original Windows Movie Maker software. We provided a link here to help you with Windows Movie Maker download free of cost and safety. You can download from this safely, & it is free of malware. Even it also has a tutorial. 


Windows Movie Maker Download: 

For Windows Movie Maker download, you have to follow the following steps. We will guide you through these steps-

Downloading the software: 

When you find the website where your software is free, check-up, and browse the whole website. Many of the websites will generally contain ‘Windows Movie Maker’ or ‘Windows Movie Maker Classics.’ Some include other pages or take you to new pages. You will go up to finish and will standby there for a few minutes or two. You need to click the ‘Download’ option. There will be some delay till it is downloaded just after tapping a legit link to your software.


Opening the Setup File of Movie Maker after download

Completing the download, the ‘Windows Movie Maker’ setup file should be opened up after your download. The download takes several minutes. Then, to open this, you have to ‘double-click’ on the ‘setup-all’ file. You will find the file in your PC’s default download location. 

Selecting the Options

Just clicking two times on the ‘setup-all,’ till the other options come, you have to wait a bit. When a box containing ‘setup-all’ appears, you tap the option ‘Yes.’ After clicking on the right, it will start the Installation window of ‘Windows Movie Maker.


Clicking on the ‘Show-Details’ option

In order to view the details, you have to select the option’ Show-Details.’ In your window you can search it on the left corner and in the bottom side. Selecting this, we will see a bar will appear in front of us. There we can see the progress in percentage will be visible. Moreover, the bar shows you the required information on what program the software is now installing.

Some other procedures:


Wait till the installation is complete:

After previous procedures and seeing the details, you will wait to install the software ‘Windows Movie Maker’. Generally, this software needs to install that has to be the first task. It will be helpful if you wait until such tasks complete the installation. You can proceed that time when you can see the program name changed. The program name will later switch to a different task like the ‘Mail.’

‘Start-Menu’ Opening:

It takes several minutes of waiting but the process is still remaining. The task will continue but some other things will go on. So, you will open up the ‘Start Menu’ in this following step. We can find the ‘Start Menu’ in the bottom portion, and on the scrscreen’s left-cornerfter being able to find it, clicking the logo looks like ‘Windows,’ this will open up your ‘Start Menu’.

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Searching the Windows Movie Maker after download and starting installation:

When you will open the ‘Start Menu,’ you will search out by typing the ‘Windows Movie Maker‘ on your PC.When your typing is done the PC will search for you the installed software on your PC.


Clicking the ‘Windows Movie Maker’ file:

After the search is complete, & your software is in front of your screen, select ‘Windows Movie Maker.’ For opening the window of the ‘Windows Movie Maker’ conditions & terms, this will be helpful. So, you have to find a ‘camera reel icon.’ You gonna see it over the ‘Start Menu’ of your respectable windows. Then just click that after you see it and the task is done.


The terms and conditions of installation window:

We included this section as some don’t know what to do here. Here you will do the following steps. During installation you will follow them.

 Accepting Options

Search for an option that is named as ‘Accept’ and select on that ‘option.’ After selecting the option of acceptance, the program or software will open up. If software does not open even after accepting, it should repeat abothem ve, procedures number-1,2,3 & 4. You have to remember here one thing that is, ‘without opening the file do not close or stop installation.’

Closing the tab of the installation

After getting all of these above steps complete, the installation step will be complete. The ‘Installation’ window will open up with a message saying ‘Finished.’ You will select on the ‘Close’ option that can be seen on the right and down side. Then confirming your decision you can now easily advance with the opening of ‘Windows Movie Maker.’


So, following the above processes plus steps your task is complete about ‘Windows movie maker Download.’

Installing All of Windows Essentials in Windows 10

It is an essential option for those who are using Windows 10 now. Windows 10 is latthe est verWindows sion of,d many of them cannot run ‘Windows Movie Maker’ in Windows. Again, most of the programs like Windows Movie Makers, Windows essential programs are not installable in windows 10. Again many of them can’t find it in Microsoft page because it was discontinued after 2017. But you can download ‘Windows Movie Maker’ that is Windows 10 compatible. To make this compatible with Windows 10, you have to click on the “Install all of the Windows essential.” You will find it on upper side of the screen. This will make the Windows Movie Maker compatible with windows 10. You can download from here.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Is Windows Movie Maker cost free or trial ?

Ans: Actually, Windows Movie Maker download is totally free. Some websites have extra costs that is not real Windows Movie Maker and its scam. Because this software is completely free. To get the real version, you have to be careful about those websites that claim free-trial & have extra costs. But, the older version of 2012 can be found as classics or as ‘Windows Essentials.’ Again, you may find some websites that allow downloading & contains the real free Windows Movie Maker. 

 Is ‘Windows Movie Maker’ usable in 2020?

Ans: Yes, of course. Windows Movie Maker download is possible in 2020. Though, may be a little bit difficult to get this cool software. But, if you want to use this, you just have to carefully browse it all over the internet.


Did it release any latest version recently? Is there any latest version of the Windows Movie Maker software?

Ans: No, Microsoft didn’t release any Windows Movie Maker recently.  So, there is no latest version of this software.


Which company invented the ‘Windows Movie Maker’ software?

Ans: Microsoft took the first initiative, created the windows movie maker, and released it first in 2000. After that, Microsoft included this with the other two newer versions of windows.



We tried our best to give you every type of information through this writing ‘Windows Movie Maker download.’ There were some easiest way & available tricks in our sleeve to guide about Windows Movie Maker download. We gave you the most notable steps for making the software compatible with Windows 10. In this article our readers will get all the details and needed infos of Windows Movie Maker download. If you face difficulties, then it would be helpful for you to save it. We hope you find it useful. Besides, keep following our website for more amazing tips.

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