What Makes Vape Mods so Popular?

The peak of popularity of vaping mods was about 10 years ago. The ancestor of these devices was invented on the verge of the XX and XXI centuries. Despite the device being relatively young, it has gained enormous fame worldwide. It happened partially because people have been afraid of the possible negative effects of vaping and tried to make others concerned about this topic as well.

The key questions are what a vape mode is, why the device has become so popular, and whether vape mods are long- or short-term trends.

What is the Best Vape Mod?

Vaping mods are sometimes called box mods because, visually, they are similar to a small plastic box. They are the third generation of vaping devices, the descenders of cig-a-likes and vape pens. Specialists consider vape mods quite an advanced device that pioneers of the hobby cannot use. Instead, professionals recommend beginning with a vape pen starter kit, and only when a person learns how to use a vaping pen properly can they move on and buy a mod vape.

Characteristics of various vape mods vary. These devices were invented to meet users’ needs and diversify their vaping experience. Users wanted a more powerful device, a more interesting one, and less monotonous. Also, vape mods allowed further diversifying substances for vaping. If previously only special e liquids were used, then with the mod vape, it became possible to use wax, powder, dry herbs, etc. Such changes also attract users’ attention and contribute to their immersion in vaping.

Vaping Devices Variety: Cig-a-likes

Talking about cig-a-likes, these were the very first e-cigs, which were invented to substitute smoking and make the smoking experience less dangerous. The inventor of the device, Hon Lik, wanted to prevent people from exposure to cigarette tars and other consequences of tobacco combustion. The story of the cig-a-likes invention is quite sad. Hon Lik was an ordinary Chinese pharmacist, and his father was a heavy smoker. Nothing extraordinary seemed to be in their lives. However, one day Hon Lik’s father got cancer as his diagnosis. After that, there was no hope, and the reason was smoking. After his father’s death, the inventor wanted to save other people from the grief and despair that he had gone through.

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Being inspired by an inhalator that people were able to buy in his pharmacy, Hon Lik created a device for tobacco consumption without its actual burning. This was to change the world completely. With time, the original invention underwent various changes to become more powerful, less dangerous, more profitable, and fit for being sold. Nevertheless, without Hon Lik, we would never be able to experience vaping in the modern understanding of this activity.

Vaping Devices Variety: Vape Pens

Cig-a-likes were substituted by vape pens, which seemed to be the peak of excellence. One could not only choose between nicotine-containing and nicotine-free vaping devices but also between an extensive range of e-liquids. Apple, banana, cappuccino, peppermint, bubble gum, cherry, and chocolate are only a few of the existing flavors for e liquids. Some of these were more popular, some less popular, but vapers adored the variety of choice.

One of the greatest problems for vaping industry appeared at that time. Children got attracted to funny and tasty names of vape liquids, and since there existed no clear regulations about vaping first, many of those underages became vapers. Sometimes they even managed to reckon with their parents that vaping is fine. That was when many governmental organizations became concerned about children’s tobacco consumption.

Returning to the progress of vaping devices, we must note that after the variety of e-liquid flavors, many vapers wished to improve other vaping characteristics such as battery, coil, or mouthpiece. In addition, puffing out thick clouds of vapor was extremely popular then. Unfortunately, modifying vape pens yourself is unsafe, and many people get injured using self-modified vape pens.

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Vaping Devices Variety: Vape Mods

Thanks to people trying to change vape pens, mods appeared on the market. They were not just self-modified devices, but the ones developed by professional engineers, tested before being sold, and thus safe for proper use. A wide range of functions was introduced. Firstly, one could easily change wattage and voltage. Secondly, most batteries have become more powerful, allowing users to change the heating temperature, creating thicker clouds if needed. Different types of existing mouthpieces also contribute to this task.

Social Roots of Vaping Devices Popularity

The social roots of vaping devices’ popularity lie in people’s habit of consuming tobacco. This habit lasts for most of human existence. Even though tobacco was brought to some regions only during the Age of Enlightenment, tobacco has always been one of the herbs people used for medical and relaxation purposes. For some people, it is impossible to give up tobacco consumption, even when they understand the probability of hazardous consequences. Being a vaper has been in fashion for a couple of years already, and some teenagers do it not because they like it but because they want to be ‘on the same wave with their contemporaries.

Individual Reasons for Vaping Devices Popularity

Using a vape mode can also be rooted in some individual motivation. Some people genuinely believe that vaping is a safe, fun habit with no negative side effects, which is not true. Some people use it to relax; they find vaping cheaper and more convenient than smoking. Some people vape because they feel its weight in society. For some vapers, it is important to be a part of the group, and while they can find friends in other spheres of their lives, they often become a part of the vaping community.

Scientific Reason for Vaping Devices Popularity

Vaping is addictive. Firstly, for those using nicotine-containing substances, it should not be a surprise that with time they get nicotine addicted and cannot help vaping or smoking unless they undergo therapy. Secondly, vaping can become addictive on the level of habit. For example, some people just need to go out and puff for 5 minutes during work. Their habit is drinking coffee, reading the morning newspaper, or wearing a bag on their left shoulder.

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