4a Pixel Release Date

4a Pixel release date

What inspires people to get excited about the Google 4a Pixel release date? From time to time, Google is bringing something new to keep pace with the technology era.

 It may be a software update, application, or device. This time google got a new device, i.e., 4a pixel, which created an interest for the user toward 3a pixel.

The fan of this pixel series was waiting eagerly for the 4a pixel. Finally, Google launched this device on August 20 in the USA, September 10 in Australia, and October 1 in the United Kingdom. 

The price of this product is $349. It is an unbeatable phone and the best in camera quality if this is your primary priority.

4a pixel release date

Google unlocked it to retailers like Amazon. Besides, you can also purchase it from Verizon, Google Fi, US Cellular, etc. 

They have launched it with a black cover, but you can hardly find a blue cover from an online store. In all the pixel phones, google didn’t give the slot for an extra memory card.

 So, the microSD expandable option is not present. But the get-go, the choice of the pixel phone will give you a lot of space available for necessary photos and documents.

Anyone looking for a 5G connection after 4a pixel release date will not get that option. Google again launched Pixel 4a 5G after it. 

The product is on sale now. Both of them have nearly the same properties, excluding the network system.  

Google has lowered the price of 4a pixel so that the maximum can afford it. But it is not close enough to iPhone SE. iPhone SE is mighty than Pixel 4a. In budget condition, google pixel 4a has a flagship-caliber camera, high built-in software, and an excellent built-in body.




Google always try to make outstanding design for market competition. Every single product of google comes with a stylish outlook. 

During 4a pixel release date, many Pixel users were waiting to see the view. Every individual has their likings. 

So, google thought of upgrading the outlook instead of the inside one. And Google did it.

At the time of the 4a pixel release date, many other software companies also released their product. Many of them upgraded the camera lens, but google didn’t give that much effort to that. 

They mainly focused on the outlook of this device. If you observe, 4a pixel does not doubt in terms of their appearance, materials, and gave a finishing color.

 You wouldn’t believe it until looking face to face. Surprisingly the outlook looks nearly like Pixel 4, but the 4a Pixel has plain and light slim bezels.

 Instead of a metal and glass combination, they inserted a plastic-clad chassis. The mate texture satisfies the user with a smooth touch.

 The straight solid body

makes the user more touchable. As they didn’t give that effort in the visualization part, the user will see only one lens with LED flash. 

The camera has a square patch in the back, which looks merely silly. Naturally, this specification phone will have a fingerprint sensor at the end. 

But the manufacturer didn’t make its in-screen fingerprint sensor. They made the Imprint scanner rear-mounted, which is not an upgraded one.

 But it functions not only in the lock but also in toggling up, down, and checking the notification. Thus, it made the scanner productive.

The manufacturer has included a headphone jack and stereo speakers additionally, which seems quite impressive. You will also find the bottom-firing speakers influential, which gives a loud sound.

It is not water-resistant, and the charging style is wired. Height is not that much insufficient for Pixel users, which is 5.8 inches.

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One thing about Google products is that they hold some previous features with a little change. But some features remain as usual as it was before. 

With an OLED screen of 5.81 inches, Pixel 4a has a full-HD panel that gives the user a realistic color. The slim black panel makes your look a dark one and makes your mood streaked with gray contrast.

 The Natural color of Pixel 4a renders 105.8% of sRGB. With less saturation, Pixel users can have more lively hues from Adaptive color settings.

Not all android phones hit that brightness level even after keeping it in the full mod. The pixel user was hoping for that proper peak full-screen brightness before the 4a pixel release date.

 Through a manual setting, you can hit a maximum of 433 nits. Don’t worry while you are in an outdoor position in sunlight because after enabling adaptive mode.

 Its panel can reach 681 nits.

You will find creepy looking at an angle as it’s a bit of red and blue polarization. But within this price range, they provide an outstanding panel, an essential part of every android phone.

The auto-adjusting brightness level will not hit that many likes for the Pixel user because they didn’t upgrade it. Comparing to Pixel 3 and 4, the adaptive brightness tuning of Pixel 4a is a mess.

It is a kind of disturbance when you need to waste a lot of time handling only one phone function. Yes, your guess is right about the tuning of the brightness setting.

The brightness of the device changes whenever you rise or fall. So, it would help if you fixed every moment manually.

 Adjusting the brightness level on your own gets interrupted by this auto software setting. We hope that goggle will update this issue.


It is terrible news for the Pixel user that Pixel 4a didn’t upgrade the camera’s hardware lens. As many of them were waiting from the 4a pixel release date for seeing the camera quality, goggle made it as simple as it looks.

 It seems like the camera quality of pixel 4a is not as well featured as Pixel 3 and Pixel 4. The manufacturer put 12.2 megapixels and an f/1.7 aperture in the only lens. 

The user frankly didn’t expect this old version camera quality, but they supported this feature after using it. Though google put the old lens, they upgraded the software internally. 

This twist in Pixel 4a inspires a lot of user towards it. There are many premium versions of the camera in most premium phones that you need to purchase.

 But you will find all of them to use for free in Pixel 4a. The feature includes Super Res Zoom, Live HDR+, Dual exposure sliders, and Night Mode. 

The Super Res Zoom

helps you to improve the digital zoom quality. For those who like to see HDR processing before tapping the shutter, you can do it with Live HDR+.

You can also improve the brightness of a photo using Dual Exposure on the fly. From the capturing of starry skies, oversaturated scenes with imaginary hard contrast to the natural rendition, google has inserted a lot of unique features in it.

The Night mode helps you to illuminate far more images in the dark. You will see a sharp and exceptional contrast even late at night. 

So, Google has made the night mode powerful by updating its software. As the camera is one of every user’s priorities, Pixel 4a improved it by placing special features.


One of the most internal essential things for every user is to observe the performance. Google knows how to update the performance level in their products. 

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They are providing outstanding and flawless performance since the Pixel series start. So, why not the Pixel 4a!

Many of us are a fan of Snapdragon chipset and always tries to find out this category phone. A well performs chipset will someday become the hero among other processors. 

Snapdragon is one of the finest chipsets that gives an outstanding performance from all sides. The Pixel 4a has a Snapdragon 730G chipset with 6 GB of Ram. 

It gives you smooth use in working with all the applications you installed. From lock to unlock, you will find better running performance in all-rounder.

During gaming

You will observe that it lacks a little in high resolution. But if you play in low resolution, then smoothly, you can run the game without lacking.

Photography in lower resolution will give you a good shot with stable performance. As for the chipset’s power, you need to wait longer to process the images after taking pictures. 

In this case, Burst shots or the shutter’s continuous tapping won’t give you the result immediately. While testing through benchmarks, we observe that Pixel 4a achieved a multi-score of 1647 points. 

 During the running video in Adobe premiere, we saw that it took some time to dispatch. To covert a 4k clip to 1080p, it took 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

So, overall, the performance was satisfactory throughout every feature that has been tested before the release date.

Battery and software with unique features

In every series of android in Google, they try to give a long-time battery performance for satisfying the users. So, as usual, the battery life of Pixel 4a is 3140-mAh. The size of the battery is standard like the previous google android phone.

Pixel 4a lasts an average of 8 hours and 55 minutes, where the device continuously refreshes the web pages, and the brightness was set to 15 nits. Talking about its recharging capacity, it quickly recharges with an 18-watt adapter. 

It’s a plus point for the Pixel user because quick charging is necessary for emergency cases. So, the demerits come to the longevity of battery life, but it balanced the condition with its fast-charging capacity.

Google made a twist in the camera by keeping the old hardware and upgraded the software. You will see many wanting Pixel features that make the Android ten better than before.

The special features are included in the Call screen, Recorder app, and messaging apps. Call screen helps you pick up your phone through robocalls and telemarketers, just to be duped.

 For not writing text

You can use the Recorder app as it transcribes voice to text. You will enjoy the bubbles and notification grouping from the messaging apps. 

Besides, there is other special software like one-time permission granting for apps and a built-in screen recording. Moreover, you can get quick access to your Google Pay cards and passes with a new power menu.

After the  release dateGoogle explained in a conference that they would give a minimum of 3 years of software and security update in it. This news is relatively better for all the Pixel users as not every phone gives that much update.


Throughout the whole of 2019, Pixel 3a nailed the other android phone with its fantastic performance. Keeping that constant pace, Pixel 4a is the successor of Pixel 3a throughout the whole of 2020.

With its top-notched camera, you can capture the real beauty of nature easily and faster than before. Its battery is reliable to use, and a headphone jack is present for listening to music. 

The fans of the smaller phone can quickly get it attractive by its outstanding design. The performance is overall better throughout the use of every single function.

 So, the Pixel user will get inner satisfaction by using 4a Pixel special features.  Thus, in updating technology, google remains always in a forward position through branding their products. Next fall, they release Google Pixel 4a 5G, which is the most upgraded version than Pixel 4a.


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