Archiving Software For Mac Os: Guide to Compress File

Archiving Software For Mac Os

Archive software is essential when working on your Mac. Without the archiver and unpack files, you cannot open file formats like RAR, 7Z, GZIP, and others.

The built-in compression files on Mac systems can’t help you regarding this issue. That built-in application on Mac only works in ZIP files but not in 7Zip downloads and any other existing formats.

For this reason, we prepare this article to help you regarding the archives problem on your Mac. Here we also listed the archiving software for Mac OS.

What is Archiver?

Archiver is a program for the immediate packaging of one or more files so that you can send, copy, and store it easily. Thanks to these compressions systems, achievers help to reduce the size of data that is attached to them.

Another advantage feature of many archivers is that you can set a password to your created archives. Your files will be secured and not easily extracted by anyone.

Archive Format

The archive format in the world began with PKWare. I can’t imagine life without this archive format. Here is an overview of the popular archives formats today.

Zip – This format helps to split the archives into parts, adding comments, and password protection. The main advantage of this ZIP is universalized and supports even the program that has an indirect relation to archives.

GZip – GZ (GP, GNU ZIP) has the same file compression algorithm as regular ZIP. It only supports compression and can’t help other files.

TAR – this format backs up the GZip. When GZip cannot pack some files, that means TAR is allowed to combine the different data inside.

RAR – The compression quality of this format is higher than in ZIP. The main advantage of RAR is it has more effective compression, given by the expertise of the algorithm and the capability to compress the files in the Archive as a single data stream. Also, its excellent resistance to different damages, especially if during archiving particular information was added to restore it.

7Zip – This format serves a high compression product. It compresses thoroughly, but it requires more memory.

Why do you need to Archive the files?

There are five reasons why you need to compress files on Mac. Here they are.

  1. Cataloging. While archiving, the whole file compressed into one. When unpacking the Archive, you will get the same folders, subfolders, and data. It will take more time to transfer the files.
  2. Compression. Any files on the computer can compress. They were reducing their size using unique algorithms. Archiving is the best way to save disk space.
  3. Data . If you are hiding some files, archiving is best for you. Some archiving programs have a feature where you can set a password to protect the specific data. But you need to remember the password because there is no way to recover it if you forget the password.
  4. Space-saving. You can store files by archiving it to reduce the disk space consumption of the data.
  5. File transfer. Transferring files is convenient when you archive it first. Large files can’t be transferred via email. To do that, you must archive that file to reduce the size. The transmission will be faster than usual.

Built-in Mac Archive Utility is Not Enough

Mac users have some difficulties regarding the archived data. The built-in Mac archive utility only supports the GZIP and ZIP format. They can’t create an archive or open a file in any other format. Therefore, Mac users have to install additional archives to be able to work in other archive formats.

Archive Software

Here we enumerate some archiving software for Mac. We also provide the description and pros and cons of each app. Take a look.

Commander One

The best archiver for Mac. In the setting, you can choose the compression ratio and the output in different formats like ZIP, TBZ, TGZ, TXZ, TLZ, TZ, and 7Zip. This application is effortless to use and can be customized depending on your needs. You can simply press the following hotkeys.

 CTRL + ALT + F5 to see the quick setting window.

 CTRL + F9 to extract the files.


  • Broad support for archive types.
  • You can search the contents of files in the Archive
  • Advanced settings
  • It can operate with cloud storage and a remote server.


  • It can extract but can’t create RAR archives.


The utmost multifunctional archive software for Mac users. This application has watermarks on some types of compressed objects. Includes the built-in converter for converting office documents to PDF files, and can alter the size and other parameters of images. WinZip has a fantastic feature integrating with the cloud storage where you can easily place the created libraries.


  • Easy to use through additional tools.
  • Good compression ratio.
  • Speedy data packing and unpacking.
  • It supports the ZipX, RAR, LHA, and 7Z formats.
  • It can change the contents of archives quickly.
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  • Resilient developer licensing policy.
  • Expensive.


It is a powerful archiver with a beautiful, and most significantly convenient interface. The utility lets you add files to the Archive, extract, and also separate them into components. If it is needed, users can quickly remove all the essential files individually from the Archive. Also, it is possible to unpack several archives in parallel streams. This program can support almost 30 different formats.


  • Drag and drop support when transferring data.
  • Support for the unique format of archiver, which can suggestively reduce file size in data compression
  • Supported more than 30 supported formats
  • Fast extraction and archiving.


  • Pricey

Hamster Free Archiver

A fascinating Mac archiver software with support for most popular archive file formats. This software compresses files more times quicker than other similar programs. Apart from that, the app has full multicore assistance. This Mac file archiver can brag about great modern design. All the main options carry to the forefront, and you can easily create an archive with a password or cut it into several parts.


  • Latest design.
  • Convenient control buttons.
  • Right combination into the operating system
  • Speedy works with a good compression ratio.


  • Functionality is not that much.
  • It can slow down the program.
  • Difficulties in unpacking some files.


Powerful high-speed archive Mac app that a lot of Mac users find a bit attractive. The program indicates high speed when archiving large files and unpacking of archives. Also, the app supports AppleScript, which allows you to create archives with specific parameters. Besides that, when compressing data, Entropy will enable you to choose the format and level of compression, divide the Archive into its parts, specify the encryption algorithm, and set a password for the Archive.


  • The capability of fast editing of specific files and archives;
  • no need to unzip files from the Archive to see its content;
  • support for all popular archive file formats.


  • to work with RAR archives, you will need to install an external utility.


More archive software is available on your Mac. Now it’s up to you to choose what you think can be useful. Leave a comment below and tell us what software suits you most.

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