5 Ways to Grow your Smoke Shop Sales

Grow your Smoke Shop Sales

If you have recently entered the smoke industry or want new strategies to increase your smoke sales, you must first study your competition. Nowadays, the smoke industry is getting increasingly popular offline as well as online. A few years ago, the smoke industry was not that organized, and it was not very popular as well. But, today, smoke shops are using marketing gimmicks to attract more customers. But, if there are so many players in the market, how do you break the clutter so that your brand stands out? It is very important for a product to make its mark in the industry if they need to increase sales. Without advertising, digital promotions or social media marketing, it is challenging to sell your products on mere word of mouth. Gone are the days when people sold their products on the streets, and it was enough to attract a crowd. Today, you need to be different and present on various platforms to differentiate from the rest. There are 5 Ways to Grow your Smoke Shop Sales.

1. Get Noticed with Brighter Signs

Most smoke shops play bold when it comes to displaying their signboards. Bright, neon colors and other psychedelic patterns are preferred over other subtle colors. You should also try to paint your shop in brighter colors and put it up on the digital platforms so that when consumers visit tobacco shops online, they are attracted towards you. You must mention your contact number is you are putting up the sign on the street and also give your website if possible. If you are not a very good artist, you must hire a professional graphic artist to do the job for you. You may think that just drawing a bright sign for your brand will not do anything. But you are mistaken! Smoke shops are recognized by their display boards and how creative and funky they can get.

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2. Make it Easier to Shop

If you want to make the shopping experience easier for your customers, you need to consider a few things. A smoke shop could be intimidating for people who have never visited one. So, you must make sure that the products are displayed properly in your smoke shop and are very much visible to the customer. Instead of keeping it plane, try to build a theme for the smoke shop. You will notice that customers will return because they have got something much more than just a buying experience. You must make sure that your customers leave the shop satisfied and are happy with their purchase.

3. Grow a Customer Database

The most important aspect of a smoke shop is its customers. If you have a list of customers, make sure you make a database of their email and contact numbers. You could send out special discounts and offers to these customers and keep them informed of the new products available in the shop. Using e-mail marketing, you can directly reach out to your customers, and it will take some time to build a rapport with them. You can’t lure them into buying your products overnight. So, just stay patient and don’t expect anything overnight. Sometimes, people get frustrated with unwanted emails and may also end up unsubscribing to your mails. But, there are other marketing techniques that you can implement and keep as a backup plan. 

4. Get Online and Promote on Social Media

Majority of your audience is young, and they are present on social media. So, why not get out there and reach out to them? You can create an Instagram page or a Facebook page and spend some money on ads to reach out to your target audience. Engage with them on social media and initiate conversations. Also, check whether your shop is visible on Google as customers who search for smoke shops nearby may be able to track yours. Another way to add credibility to your shop is to have a website. Hire a web developer who will design a website for you to display your products. Nowadays, a business is judged by its website, and if you have one that is up to date, you will be able to draw in more customers. 

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5. Hire the Right Employees

All the employees in a smoke shop should be friendly and approachable. If a customer is visiting your smoke shop for the first time, he may not be aware of your products and service. Your employees need to guide him through the process and help him choose the best product for his needs. They should not sell a product only because it’s expensive but should cater to the needs of the customers. A smoke shop could be intimidating for someone who has no idea what to buy! But, with friendly staff, it is possible to make your customer comfortable. 

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