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Hundred is one of the fascinating shows that you can get on Hulu. The show has one of the best gems that you can find, and the action is quite surreal, which is one of the best things I Iike about it. Hundred is an action and a anime like hundred show which is quite exciting, and there are so many things which make it stand out from the crowd. 

The thing that makes this show stand out first is the strong romance it entails, which is excellent, and it makes the show so interesting. If you are an anime romance fan, then you will love this show because it has one of the best romance scenes that you can find which is so exciting. The other thing that you will love the show for is the strong characters that are there. The creators of the show ensured that this show has one of the best characters that you can get, which make it so interesting. 

The action sequences are also great, and they are catchy, which is one thing that you will note great about the show. In this show, you will also note that the main character is romantically interested in only one girl, which is not like most shows. If you happen to have finished watching Hundred, there are a few shows which I will recommend to you similar to Hundred. This article will, therefore, highlight other anime like Hundred, the number of episodes they entail and so much more.


One anime like Hundred that I will recommend right away is IS: Infinite Stratos. This is one of the most entertaining shows that you will get glued on the screen all day long. The anime originally aired between January 2011 to April 2011. This is an action anime which has about 12 episodes which will leave you wanting more. 

The show is about a disrupted world, and the world has become a completely different place to live in. The world is piloted by women alone, and that discover there is one male capable of doing so, and that is Ichika Orimura. He is then taken to IS academy and being the only male things start getting quite impressive at the academy. 

The first things that you will note with this show are the weapons, and even the battles in this show play out quite the same. Weapons are quite similar, which is something interesting about the show and if you happen to love the girls in Hundred, then the ones in IS won’t disappoint. This is one awesome show that does not disappoint at all, and this is one anime like Hundred that you need to get.


Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is one of the most entertaining shows that you will love to watch. This is another anime like Hundred that will keep you entertained because it entails some of the best gems of action, adventure and even romance to it. The show has twelve episodes, and it was aired between January 2016 to March 2016. 

The show starts with the Price of the Arcadia Empire who falls into a tab of women while trying to retrieve a purse. The Princess of the New Kingdom of Atismata is not that happy with the intrusion of the Prince. The Prince then ends up joining an Academy as the new male student after they went on a challenge. At the school, the training is all about the use of battle suits which the women are the ones that normally operate. Since this cast is full of women, it means it’s in favour of Bahamut. 

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 The show starts with a duel between the protagonist and the school’s top girl. This is a good show with one of the best and solid stories which are brilliant. So, if you are looking for an anime like Hundred, then this one will get you glued to the screen.


This Japanese anime is also one of the most intriguing shows that you can watch, which will keep you entertained.

With this emergency, schools are created to train those kids with young abilities. Some of the schools created are like Seidoukan Academy. The anime show starts with a new student peeping at Julis Riessfeld changing. With this, Julis challenges him to a duel to kick his ass. The main objective of Ayato is to find his missing sister. 

There are some ups and downs with the journey that the character goes through, but it’s pretty impressive. This is one anime like Hundred that you will be excited to watch, and it does provide some excellent insights which are perfect. The show has twelve interesting episodes, and it aired between October 2015 to December 2015. There are cool battles in this show pretty girls, and this is one show that is worth your time.


The other anime like Hundred that you will find interesting is World Break. This is an interesting show to watch, and it involves people trying to protect the world from evil creatures. Saviors are the people responsible for protecting the world from evil creatures which are known as Metaphysical.

 It becomes clear that Moroha has no one past life but two where there appears a girl who was once his ancestor’s little sister. The show is one anime like Hundred even though it focuses much on magic rather than science it has a similar setup with an amnesia ridden protagonist. 

You will note that the fantasy plays out clearly within the first few episodes, like in Hundred. There are duels, the protagonist finds out his incredible powers, and even girls need saving. This is a quiet, intense show to watch, and it tends to focus more on fight scenes and some great magic battles. The show has twelve episodes, too, as it aired between January 2015 to March 2015.


The Irregular at Magic High School is one of the most entertaining shows that you can watch. This is one anime like Hundred that you will love a lot. The show is set in a world where magic is so real, just like science. Some so many people know how to practice it, and those who know how to practice it well have more power than those who don’t know how to practice it. 

You will be able to see how Tatsuya goes from zero to hero with no apparent difficulty and how he kicks ass without any trouble. This is one anime like Hundred that you will genuinely enjoy with some sci-fi gems to it, which can be so exciting. You will see how he deals with bad guys and even terrorist organizations while outside the classroom. The show has one of the best factual stories that you can find, which is fantastic, and it’s somehow more intense than the Hundred. You will enjoy this anime, and it entails 26 episodes, which aired between April 2014 and September 2014.

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Set in a magical world, Chivalry of a Failed Knight is one anime that can give you lots of chills when watching it. In this world, some humans can use the magical power to materialize weapons, and these humans are Blazers. There is an academy of Blazers where there are best and worst-performing students. There are duels, too, where the Winner between the two will have to take charge of the loser. This is so similar to a Hundred in the plot, and they even aired at the same time. 

The battles are so brilliantly choreographed, and the plot themes look similar to that of Hundred, which makes this one anime a good one to watch. The one thing that you will note when you continue watching this show is that the show will start getting darker. The romance is more in this show, which is excellent even though few cute girls are in it. This is a solid series I will recommend if you happen to want an anime like Hundred. It has twelve episodes, and it aired between October 2015 and December 2015.


High School DXD is the best anime that I think should also be on this list because of some of the great gems. 

 Issei also ends up marrying Rias after her graduation ceremony. This is one of the most exciting shows to watch, keeping you so intrigued and engaged. It might not sound like a Hundred, but this is one anime that entails so many gems like Hundred, which is brilliant. 

The show has been running for a long time, and it even has around four seasons. It has been around since 2012, and it’s one show that will give you lots of goosebumps when watching it. So, if you are looking for an anime like Hundred, then better get this one too.


One other show set up in a world full of magic is Quanzhi Fashi. This show is impressive as it follows a high schooler Mo Fan who finds himself in a parallel universe and yet so different from his own. In this universe, magic has replaced science, which is pretty impressive. There is an institution where students are taught to master their skills of magic. 

Students from every background are exciting, and Mo Fan even comes from a poor experience. All kinds of situations put him at a disadvantage, but all this does not seem to stop his determination. 

However, this does not stop him in whatever way as he ends up harnessing one of the most potent fire element and even the rare lightning element also. This gives Mo Fan dual abilities, which is pretty awesome. This anime is pretty much like Hundred with exciting fight scenes and many more, which is brilliant.


To conclude, we have highlighted some of the best anime like Hundred, which you can get. This anime is interesting with great romance in it and also great fight scenes that can keep you glued to your screen.

 The plot is interesting, just like the one for Hundred, which is why I love these shows. If you were wondering what anime is like Hundred to watch, then the above ones are some you should try out.


Is Hulu great for anime?

Hulu has a wide range of anime to choose from and watch, which is one exciting thing I love about the show.

What is the best anime to watch?

There are so many animes you can watch, and it all boils down to the genre you like watching. Hundred is one great anime I will recommend to anyone.

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