Blanket Jackson Net Worth, Early Life, Career [2023]

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Blanket Jackson, the talented son of the famous singer Michael Jackson, has an enormous net worth thanks to the money he inherited from his father. Blanket is the son of a world superstar, so a big chunk of his father’s money was given to him. This gave him a good financial standing. Almost everyone agrees that Blanket’s fortune has given him money. This money shows how successful his father was in his work, and it offers Blanket the means to follow his interests and goals without worrying about money.

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

Blanket Jackson net worth as of June 2023 is about $100 million. He got a lot of money from his famous singer-father, Michael Jackson, who was also a part of the Jackson family. In Michael’s will, he said that his three children would each get 40% of his belongings. Also, 20% of the money went to charities for children, and the remaining 40% went to help his mother, Katherine. When Katherine dies, her kids of Michael will get that 40%. This means Blanket and his brothers will reach 80% of their father’s fortune.

Early Life

Blanket Jackson was born in La Mesa, California, on February 21, 2002. He is Michael Jackson’s third kid. Because of health problems, Michael and his wife at the time, Debbie Rowe, decided to have a child through IVF.

Michael died when Blanket was only seven years old. Prince and Paris, his bigger half-brothers, grew up with him at the famous Neverland Ranch. Michael dreamed that their grandma, Katherine Jackson, cared for them for good.

Blanket’s father gave him the name Blanket to show how much he loved and cared for him. Blanket and his brothers wore masks and veils when they were kids to hide from the media and live more normal lives. They all went to Sherman Oaks’ Buckley School and did well enough to finish.

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The Blanket was always in the centre because his father was a big star. When he was only 11 months old, his father held him on the balcony of their hotel room in Germany, drawing much attention from the media. Blanket was only seven years old when his father, Michael Jackson, died, which was sad. The loss hurt him, and it took him years of sadness and hard work to return to everyday life.

The Blanket went to the 2010 Grammy Awards with his siblings to honour the Lifetime Achievement Award given to their father. Later, in 2015, he changed his name to “Bigi Jackson” because his old nickname, “T.J. Jackson,” based on the name of his father’s nephew, led to bullying at school.

Bigi worked as an assistant director on the 2013 movie “Kingdom Come,” which was nominated for and won many awards at the Long Beach International Film Festival. He has also been on many TV shows, such as “Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special” in 2003, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2010, “The X Factor” in 2011, “Life with La Toya” in 2014, and “The Jacksons: Next Generation” in 2015.

Personal Life

Unlike his brothers and sisters, Michael and Paris, Blanket likes to keep a low image and stays out of trouble. Since he is the son of a famous person, he gets a lot of attention and fame. Michael loved Blanket and took care of him in every way he could.

Michael called him “Blanket” because he thought the word meant “Blessing,” he thought he was a gift to their family. Blanket lives in Calabasas, California, and attends Buckley School in the same city.

Blanket Jackson Net Worth

With Prince Jackson and John Muto, Blanket’s brothers planned a special event 2021 called “Thriller Night.” This event was meant to raise money for the Heal Los Angeles Foundation, which Prince Jackson helped to start. The foundation aims to give young people in Greater Los Angeles more power by giving them valuable programs that help them reach their goals and learn essential life skills. After the event, Bigi, who is usually quiet, made a rare appearance on the famous TV show “Good Morning Britain.” During the chat, he talked about how important it is to bring attention to the problem of climate change and work together to solve it. Bigi said that our generation has an essential duty to deal with this problem well.

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Real Estate

In 2020, Jackson paid $2.6 million for a house in Calabasas, California. The place is significant, with 6,382 square feet of space. It has six bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, so there is much room to live and be alone. The house is in a safe neighbourhood with guards at the door to keep people safe and give them peace of mind.



Has Blanket Jackson made any public appearances or interviews?

Blanket Jackson has stayed out of the public eye and has yet to do many interviews or public events.

Is Blanket Jackson connected to Michael Jackson, who died in 2009?

Yes, Blanket Jackson is Michael Jackson’s real son. He is the famous singer’s youngest child.

What is the actual name of Blanket Jackson?

Blanket Jackson’s actual name is Prince Michael Jackson II. He is often called “Blanket” because his father called him that.

Are Blanket Jackson’s brothers and sisters also in show business?

Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson, who are Blanket Jackson’s brothers and sisters, have been interested in and worked in the entertainment business.

How does Blanket Jackson get along with his other brothers and sisters?

Blanket Jackson seems to get along well with his brothers and sisters.


Blanket Jackson, the much-loved son of the late Michael Jackson, has built up a sizeable net worth that shows how much his father’s reputation has lasted. Even though the exact amount isn’t known, it’s clear that Blanket has an excellent financial situation thanks to the money he got from his famous father’s estate. Blanket’s net worth shows how influential and successful the Jackson family’s music has been as he grows up and finds his own way. With a bright future ahead, Blanket’s net worth gives him the freedom to go his own way and add to the rich singing history of his family.

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