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Custom PC building is rapidly in popularity these days among professional gamers and also computer enthusiasts. The reason for this popularity is the more power, graphics, and smooth experience that the custom-built PC offers you. Also, the rise of online gaming platforms like Steam have made it accessible for anyone to play these games if you have this powerful machine. Some people cannot afford these high-end computers; therefore opt to use cheap but powerful components to build their powerful PCs.

Many game developers are now developing games that are demanding in graphics power and the processing speed. You can easily play the games at 60 frames per second with a high-end graphics card. Also, a monster gaming PC with many cores can make the game run so smooth compared to just regular PC. A solid-state disk can easily make your games load fast at almost a lightning speed.

Since people are demanding these high-end computers, they opt to make their custom-built PC that can easily ensure that your computer does not overheat.

Custom-built PCs use an advanced and innovative cooling technology that enables you to push your computer to its limits. Also, the clarity that you get from the custom-built PC is unbeatable due to the excellent graphics card.

As we have pointed out some reasons for a custom-built PC, I want to lay the ultimate cheat sheet to building it. Firstly to build a PC, you will need some tools like a screwdriver. This is a primary tool, but it can help you navigate around easily on your computer. So, let’s dive into building the PC.                         


The very first ultimate cheat in building a custom-built PC is a motherboard. A motherboard is an essential part of building your computer. The motherboard is one of the components in a machine that holds all the vital parts of a computer. The crucial elements of a computer include the central processing unit commonly referred to us the CPU. Also, the motherboard holds the memory sticks and all the connectors for devices, either inputs or outputs.

Since this is a crucial part of a computer, you will, therefore, need to get a good motherboard for a your PC. Custom-built PC requires high-end motherboards so that they can provide stability to your PC. Motherboards don’t affect your PC that much, but a cheap one can easily break down and cause your system to breakdown.

If your motherboard is faulty, then it can result in causing irreparable damage to your other components like the CPU or the memory sticks. Therefore for a custom-built PC, you need a solid one to avoid the possibility of one that can break your whole build. There are a few motherboards that I can suggest that you get your hands on for your build. These motherboards include; ASRock B450M PRO4 MicroATX, MSI Z70 M5, and Asus ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming. There are several other good ones that you lay your hands one if you do your research. The good thing about these motherboards is that they allow you to replace newer CPUs or even that they possess extra USB ports.


As we all know by now that the CPU is the main component of a computer that processes all the instructions. The CPU runs the operating system and all of the software on a computer. Once a user has given it a set of instructions, the CPU processes the instruction and then delivers them to the software that displays on the screen. CPU has cores or processor which helps in performing these instructions. For a custom-built PC, whether high end, you will need a CPU that has many cores.

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This will enable you to easily game on your computer or even stream easily without having lag issues. The more the cores in your computer, the more you can efficiently multitask with no problems. Therefore having a CPU that has many cores is an added advantage to how you are going to use your computer. I would hugely advise you to take on a CPU that has cores above four to eight, as this is a high-speed machine.


 RAM or a memory stick is also one of the main components of a custom-built PC. RAM is a type of computer memory that you can access randomly. RAM is for holding storage for a short term for all the active softwares. For a custom-built PC, you will need a RAM that has an excellent capacity to hold on some data for the running softwares. The RAM can have a capacity of probably 8GB for a decent RAM or even 16GB. You can opt to go for 32GB or 64GB if your motherboard can hold that capacity of memory sticks. RAM is so vital less memory on your PC can undoubtedly make it so slow in the performance. Therefore a reasonable amount of RAM on your PC can cause it to be effective a certainly improve its performance.


A power supply unit in a computer is vital, and this supply ensures that the machine has the right amount of power. What the power supply does is it pulls the required amount of electricity and converts it from an AC to a DC. A power supply point is a critical point in a custom-built PC.

If you happen to have a bad power supply point, then the chances are you are likely to experience faulty voltages. A good power supply for a custom-built PC regulates voltage to curb surges and spikes. Since these power supplies have their ratings, it’s essential to the watts. Powerful custom-built PC requires you to have a power supply that has more watts to supply enough power to the PC. This can be a crucial part when shopping for building these parts.


 For any computer, you will need to have a hard drive or a solid-state drive. The drive store any type of data as it’s written on it. A hard drive or an SSD helps provide a point where the operating system can be stored. There is a difference between a hard drive, HDD, and a solid-state drive, SSD. A hard drive has some moving parts that move to write the data on the drive for storage. SSD, on the other hand, are flash storage spaces that are usually fast and light.

We all know how the operating system is the centerpiece of everything as it helps interpret the inputs and give out the outputs. The hard drive or SSD is generally the storage point for all the files and programs. Without a hard drive, you are going to do nothing; therefore, this is a must piece for your computer. A custom-built PC will be ideal if you have a big capacity of storage for your PC, probably one terabyte. The least that you can go with the storage is perhaps 500GB.


A graphics card or a video card is one of the things that you will need on your computer, and it can help improve your system. If you want to build your custom PC, then it’s definite that a good graphics card is handy. What a graphics card does is to generate video images to display in your device.

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A graphics card is the one responsible for rendering good images to your monitor. Therefore its primary function is to convert data into a signal that your image can easily understand. There are several brands on graphics cards available, and therefore you need to do a little research on the brand to get a better one.


Finally, the main cheat in building a custom-built PC is the case. This component should have been at the top of the list, as it is a significant thing for the build. The case helps contain all the components at one point, which is the motherboard, power supply, and all the cables. A computer case is also crucial as it protects all the other components from kids, water, and even dust.

The components that are inside are usually vital, and when exposed to these conditions, they can spoil. Also, cases keep the area where the elements are stationed cool; imagine if the place where a computer stays is so hot, then there is a possibility of the computer crushing. A fan is a noisy part of a computer; therefore, when kept in a case, it can at least help reduce its noise.



If you custom build your PC, the chances are that it will be much cheaper compared to buying the one that is pre-built already. With probably less than $300, you can quickly source more affordable parts and build a reliable PC compared to the one you can buy with the price. This is the most significant advantage that custom-built PC has over pre-built ones. Also, the pre-built ones may not have the performance like the one that you can get from the one you build for yourself.


The other advantage of building your custom-built PC is that you can decide to source only quality parts and use them. Some computers from stores don’t usually have these quality parts in them that can provide the required efficiency. You can source quality components like the RAM, the power supply, and even a quality motherboard. All these quality parts allow for a stable computer working.


We all know how tech support can be so frustrating; you can wait for hours and hours to get help. If you can build your computer, then you are your tech guy. You can take apart all the parts of the computer and diagnose the problem and make it stable again.


The other advantage of a custom-built PC is that you can easily upgrade the system easily anytime you want in the future. You are your master of your PC, so you know where every part of the computer goes. With this knowledge, it’s easy to upgrade your system in the near future without a problem. Pre-built computers from stores can be hard to update. The reason is you might not have a clue where the parts are at hence required to ask for assistance from tech guys and end up paying.





Custom building a PC is not that hard. There are a set of instructions that, if you follow, you can easily find your way into building the PC quickly. Also, with the rise of the internet, there are so many materials and videos available that you can use as a guide to building your PC.



Custom building a PC will depend on the type of computer you want. Generally buying parts can range from $300 to around $600. This range you can build a good PC. But if you want a supercomputer, you can then decide to invest more.




Building a PC does not take that long if it’s your first time; you can generally take a few hours probably four. To get a good head start, it’s crucial to ensure watch and learn about all the things that go around building a computer once you have done all that it’s easy to custom build a PC quickly.



In conclusion, a custom-built PC is probably one of the things that any computer enthusiast should try. It’s an excellent learning process, and all of the cheats one needs for the build are all here. Hope you will begin yours very soon.


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