Everything about Emma Chamberlain’s New Boyfriend 2022

emma chamberlain boyfriend

We all know almost every part of the internet sensation Emma Chamberlain. Right? But how much do you know about Emma Chamberlain personal life or her new boyfriend?

As she has always kept her love life private, there’s always has been a curiosity among her fans about it. However, recently in a TikTok video, she revealed that she is in a relationship. After that, her fans are dying to know about the mysterious man who stole their favorite Emma’s heart.

In today’s article, I will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about Emma Chamberlain’s boyfriend.

Emma’s new boyfriend is Tucker Pilsbury. It created a stir among her fans when she walked the red carpet of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with Role Model aka Tucker Pillsbury.

It was also stunning for her fans because of her previous comments on public relationships. She always likes to keep her love life private.

However, Emma’s boyfriend’s Role Model is a 25 years old American singer. He has wined the hearts of thousands of his fans with his amazing songs like “Play the part” and “Blind.” He has a huge fan following on social media.

Scroll down to know more about Emma Chamberlain’s boyfriend!

Emma Chamberlain Boyfriend: Who is Role Model?

Role Model is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. His birth name is Tucker Pillsbury. He has amassed thousands of fans with his amazing songs, including “Play the Part,” ” Hello,” “Oh, How Perfect,” For the People in the Black.”

Besides singing, his fans are obsessed with his tattoo and fashion. He has earned a great online following in just a few years. Now he has 208.3k followers on TikTok and 696k followers on Instagram.

This rising star was born in Portland, Maine, on 15 May 1997. He started his career with rapping in 2016. His first album was Moth, released in June 2016. In 2017 he changed his stage name to Role Model.

A huge career turnover came in 2018 when he sinned to Interscope Records through the late Mac Miller. Since thenhe has gifted his fans several marvelous singles and extended plays.

Recently his debut album Rx was released. In an interview, he revealed that this album is dedicated to his “love for this woman.”

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There has been a lot of discussion about his song “Blind.” His fans claim that the song is about Tucker’s love of Emma. It seems like the lyrics are a compliment to her lady. He sings, “I think I’m going blind, I hope it doesn’t change, I’ve never seen something quite like you.”

His songs behold heavy feelings like depression, loneliness, and self-doubt. His songs reflex his feelings, and he has been very open about his mental health throughout his career.

Emma Chamberlain and Tucker Pillsbury’s relationship

Emma Chamberlain and her boyfriend Tucker didn’t officially announce their relationship. But they made it quite obvious walking together on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March 2022.

Both Emma and Tucker are not expressive about their love life. In 2019 in an interview, Emma said, “I don’t like to give too many details on very, very personal aspects of my relationships with my family or friends.” She said she didn’t know if she would ever go public with her relationship. It seems like Emma had to give much thought to decide to go public with her boyfriend.

Emma Chamberlain and her boyfriend Tucker’s fans have been speculating about their relationship since 2020. In June 2020, Emma’s best friend Olivia posted a photo where she was seen hanging out with Emma and Tucker. The rumor started from there.

Emma’s regular comment on Tucker’s Instagram post created a stir among their fans. Emma had also posted tucker’s picture on her Instagram story this year and wished him a happy birthday.

In February, Emma admitted that she is in a relationship on the Call the Daddy podcast. But she didn’t disclose the name of her boyfriend. During the podcast, she said that her partner is incredible and supportive, and she doesn’t have any complaints from her partner.

In a recent interview, Tucker revealed that this relationship is his first girlfriend. He was always close to relationships because he was worried about how that would influence this music. He said, “I’m just so happy with this person, though. She’s the best”.

Role Model’s recent concerts

Role model recently performed at Coachella 2022. He said there were far more people than he would have ever expected. He was touched when the huge crowd was singing along with him.

The tracks of his recently released album Rx has wined the heart of thousands of his fans. In an interview, he expressed that he dedicates this album to the love of his current girlfriend.

His performance in New York and Chicago concerts amazed the audience. His energy and on-stage persona take the excitement of his fans to another level.

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He is currently touring across several countries and has 11 upcoming concerts. Recently he is going to perform in Netherlands, Germany, Uk, France, Spain, and Switzerland.

Role Model’s Debut Album Rx

In April 2022, Role Model’s album Rx was released. This album consists of love songs. He has dedicated this album to the love of his life, his current girlfriend.

The songs of this album, “If Jesus Saves, She’s My Type” and “Never Let You Go,” made a place in the audience’s minds. But there’s been a lot of discussion among his fans on the music video of the “song Never Let You Go.”

His fans say that the girl seen in the music video is Emma Chamberlain. But throughout the video, she didn’t show her face.

Role Model said it was one of his favorite songs and videos.

Role Model’s Acting

Besides music, Role Model has a passion for acting. He had even started studying film as a major at Point Park University in 2016. But later, he got busy with his music and dropped out in 2018.

He had given an audition for the role of Elliot in Euphoria. However, he said he locked himself in his apartment for two weeks and prepared for the audition.

He sees himself acting in the future. Lately, he has expressed that probably his dream role is Elvis Presley. Baz Luhrmann directs this upcoming film.

FAQs on Emma Chamberlain Boyfriend

When did Emma Chamberlain and Role Model start dating?

As Emma and Role model, none of them officially announced their relationship; it’s not clear exactly when they started dating. However, they have known each other since 2020. In an interview with QG, Tucker said, “I knew I was in love before I met her.” He also revealed that he first DMed her current girlfriend. Finally, they went public in March 2022 at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Are Emma Chamberlain and Role Model still together?

This couple went public with their relationship in March 2022, walking together on the red carpet. In April 2022, in an interview with QG, Role Model explained his relationship with his current girlfriend. He said that their dynamic works. They can even say what the other person is thinking without speaking. Their constant likes and comments on each other’s social media posts prove they are still together.

Conclusion on Emma Chamberlain Boyfriend

Though Emma Chamberlain and Role Model didn’t officially announce their relationship, their actions speak it all. They showed off their relationship, appearing together at the Oscar Party.

In the recent interviews, both confirmed that they are happy in their current relationship and partner. I think it’s totally fine if they are happy together in their personal lives and don’t wanna share every detail of their love life.

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